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May. 13th, 2024



Xantheus Auregan @ ~vallo


A tempting offer uproots the silence, one that would allow Xantheus and his mother to live free and happy for the rest of their days. This quest ends with Xantheus dangerously alone and fighting against a darkness inside that threatens to shatter the very foundation of the Dragon Empire forever.





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May. 12th, 2024




CANON POINT: The Last Binding trilogy (end of series)
PB: Simone Ashley

PERSONALITY: Adelaide has been raised as a proper lady of the Edwardian era. She knows how to greet, how to host, how to sit, how to stand, what constitutes a woman to be considered well-bred and well-behaved. She is friendly and she knows how to put people at ease with a soft smile and a few words. Those are usually the first impressions anyone would get from her and it’s not far from the picture she would prefer to put of herself out there. Obviously, there is more to her than just that.

Addy is a special circumstance among magical families in her time, in that she comes from one and doesn’t have any magical blood in her body. She doesn’t let that deter her from being an active part of the community, working in the Office as the typist and being generally involved in her more magical friends’ quest to stop a power-hungry asshat from taking all magic. She’s adaptable, as much as she can be as a non-magical person among her friends, and that is a trait that works very well with loyalty, because if she wanted to fuck shit up for them, she would.

But, speaking of fucking shit up, Addy hates change. The smallest of it can fluster her up, such as when Gatley didn’t show up at the last minute and in his place showed up Robert Blyth who she didn’t even realize was unbusheled. Okay, maybe it wasn’t as small as she thought especially when one disappearance lead to a whole large quest for all the pieces of the Last Contract. However, things do change, and Addy still tries to deal with it in as much of a dignified manner as she can, especially when Gatley’s disappearance means having to do all the work herself. Especially when it means people showed up and rampaged through the entire office so now she has to straighten everything out for herself.

What makes her good at her job though is that Addy has superb organizational skills and is very determined to be good at her job. What makes her invaluable in her place to the other magicians is that she tends to be underestimated in her intelligence and worth, particularly by a great deal of men. She’s fully aware of this and it helps her when she needs to collect information and snoop without giving anyone any warning signs. However it also means that people often think that she can’t take care of herself and she’ll have you know that she doesn’t want to sit back and not do anything just because it may potentially be dangerous. She’s a fighter of sorts herself even if she doesn’t have magic herself and if you dare to underestimate her because of that lack of magic, she’s very quick to throw you an incredibly effective look of disdain. (You have yet to see her use a longbow!)

HISTORY: Adelaide’s story began with her royalty grandfather, a senior in their magical community, traveling from Punjab, India, to England for a visit that was supposed to remain brief but ended up being prolonged as issues with contracts and wills end up. Eventually, he stayed instead of going back and because a diplomatic liaison and one of his daughters even married Colonel Clive Morrissey. Clive had two daughters, Addy and her older sister Catherine, and both girls, born and raised in an environment that allowed them to eventually take civil service jobs, both of them even working within the Office. Catherine had all the magic and worked at the Barrel. Addy herself got a job as a typist for the Home Office Liaison.

There, she worked with Edwin and Reggie for two years before Reggie up and disappeared and his position was replaced with one Sir Robert Blyth who she mistook for someone who was unbusheled (i.e. already knew about the existence of magic). That was her mistake but once he was unbusheled by Edwin, she gave him tea and pastries and helped reassure his place among them.

The extent of Reggie’s disappearance wasn’t something she would realize later until Edwin told her the full story of the Last Contract and their search for all the pieces before it falls into the wrong hands (incidentally, one of the pieces was given to her Addy by Reggie himself. Before things went south really fast for anyone, Addy was thankfully able to help Robin find Edwin again, while also demonstrating that she clearly was more skilled than just in secretarial work.

But being fully in the know now meant that Addy was not about to stop helping the others get back the pieces of the Last Contract and in order to stay mostly unharmed from it all meant that she would have to make sure that she would be part of Robin’s household thanks to the blood oath that said that Walter Courcey couldn’t threaten any of Robin’s family. At a very convenient time because her parents were threatening to find a husband for her, Addy asked Robin to marry her and he agreed. This worked out for her only because she didn’t mind marrying a man who she only cared about platonically in order to make her family happy. And heck, Robin would know it meant she’d stay safe. Even if the woman who knows how to use a longbow doesn’t really need extra protection.

Following a whole fight on the grounds of Cheetam Hall between the good guys and bad guys (that Addy had to miss because she had to go be a speaker on Violet’s behalf for her destroyed house), she and Robin were married in the following spring. When they made a bargain with their land on Thornley Hill, a peculiar spark of magic alighted on Addy’s fingers

PLAYER: Khushi


May. 10th, 2024




Cooper Howard / The Ghoul Name ~240 | Not Shared Age | DOB He/Him Pronouns Ghoul (Human) Species 5'10" Height None Hair Hazel Eyes
Charles Whiteknife: Do you know what "fiduciary responsibility" means?
Cooper Howard: Fiduciary responsibility?
Charles Whiteknife: Yeah.

Cooper Howard: No, I have no fucking idea. I play a cowboy for a living.
  • Weathered: The Ghoul's look is like a living relic of the post-apocalyptic world. Skin stretched taut over bone, sunken eyes, and a perpetual scowl. Think of someone who's been through a lot and wears it on their face. Because, yo, dude really has been through a lot - over 200+ years like this.
  • Gruff: You can practically hear the years of smoking and radiation exposure in every word The Ghoul utters. His voice is gravelly, rough around the edges, but somehow still carries a sense of authority. He's really become a caricature of the characters he played in the movies before the War.
  • Sarcastic Wit: Despite his harsh exterior, The Ghoul knows how to crack a joke or deliver a biting remark with the best of them. It's a coping mechanism, a way to deal with the absurdity of life in the wasteland.
  • Resilient Survivor: Through all the chaos and danger of the wasteland, The Ghoul has managed to not only survive but thrive in his own way. He's seen it all and lived to tell the tale, a testament to their resourcefulness and determination. This also comes with one hellllll of a reputation. In the wasteland, he's not a ghoul, he's THE Ghoul.
  • Secret Soft Spot: Beneath the tough exterior lies a heart that's not completely hardened. The Ghoul may grumble and complain, but when push comes to shove, he'll step up to help those in need, even if he tries to play it off as begrudgingly as possible.
  • Mysterious Past: There's always an air of mystery surrounding The Ghoul. Where did he come from? What has he seen? Who was he before the world went to hell? It's anyone's guess, and The Ghoul isn't one to offer up answers willingly. (Unless, of course, you're puncturing his story or a player, then yeah, you know his history hah)
  • Loyal Companion: Despite his rough edges, The Ghoul is a steadfast ally once you earn his trust. He may not be the warmest or fuzziest companion, but he'll have your back when it counts, no questions asked.
  • Survivalist Instincts: Whether it's scavenging for supplies, navigating treacherous territory, or outsmarting dangerous foes, The Ghoul's survival instincts are razor-sharp. He's learned to adapt and thrive in even the most hostile environments.
  • Complex Morality: In a world where the line between right and wrong is blurred, The Ghoul operates on his own moral compass. It may not always align with conventional notions of good and evil, but it's what keeps him going in a world where survival is the ultimate goal.
CANON POINT: End of Season 1
PB: Walter Scoggins
ALTERNATES: Negatory, friend.

CAST PAGE IMAGE: https://i.imgur.com/yJfCHiO.png is probably the most obvious choice :D
You can read the WIKI here but I'd rather encourage you to watch the show if you haven't already!
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Character Name Relationship_info
Character Name Relationship_info
NAME. Matt TIMEZONE. Central US PB. Walton Goggins