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Jan. 16th, 2010


Has anyone seen the Doctor? Given everything going on I am simply a bit worried.

Jan. 15th, 2010


[Filtered against baddies]

Just how many people were taken
Not Morgana, please
What if I'm next

Something feels wrong here. I don't know what it is. But I am still studying.

[Filtered to witches and other magic users]
Hey, umm.. Lavender? Ruby? I understand you both work at the magic shop. Good stuff in there. I think there is a problem. Have not seen Lady Morgana in a while. Arthur didn't see her at least today. I think she's missing.. but I hope I'm wrong. Has anyone seen her. I'm wondering if there's a text at the shop about locator spells. I read about one ritual where you need an item from the person you seek. Not sure. I'm still looking in my own book, hopefully I find something.

Please, if there's any witches or wizards here that knows a magical way of finding her, please let me know. This is very urgent. I know it's a dangerous city, and Camelot was dangerous on it's own too.. but this isn't right. I just want to help find her and make sure she comes back safely. I'll do whatever it takes.

Jan. 14th, 2010


Filtered to Merlin )


Has anyone seen Morgana? Please...Please don't say it's happened to her too.


This whole thing doesn't sit well with me, aside from obvious reasons. It's far too familiar.

[Filtered; Ben]
You better not go outside without an adult...who has a weapon, and some form of magic protection.

And mace.

...and a guard dog. A magic one with really big teeth. Got it?


Filtered from Bad Guys

I'd really like it if people wouldn't be secretive about any of this. I've noticed some things sent just to us at AI and I'm sure its not just us. Now I've been out on the streets looking cause thats what I do best. I've got my best people on this but AI are not the only ones missing people and we are not the only ones in this city capable of getting information together. These people are methodical, they're quick, frankly. They're better than us right now. Maybe, thats cause they know our weaknesses. Maybe thats cause they know our strengths. Who knows?

Anyway I'm done caring about kid gloves and starting out easy with the whole Champion thing.

All of you. Every one. I want all the info we have. Here. Now. Or we'll never get our people back. Anyone who tells me they work alone stays out of the rescue. I'm not taking 'work alone'. This is too much for that. They have Buffy .Many of us have lost people we care deeply about. Any questions or are we going to come up with at least a stratagy before we loose more?

Jan. 13th, 2010


See, this is why I don't really do the friendship thing that often. I haven't found a trace of him, and I've spent a lot of time looking.

Guess I'm all yours again, Nate. Just like always, it's back to you and me.


Why do I have a sick feeling Olaf is somehow behind this? Note to self: speed up work on the alarm system.

But I'm still trying to locate the owners of the two bags I found near the welcome center yesterday.


[Filtered against baddies]

Are there any leads as to who's doing this, taking people against their will? Or about who "They" are. I know this couldn't have been easy for the culrpit to do. But let me know if you need me help in this. If you need our help.

[JL Filter]
I think maybe we need to be more careful. Probably change the locks or security codes on the building. I don't like this. Also, is two people for patrols going to be enough? Wonder if it should be three. Or if I should be the third and be above the patrols just in case.


Filtered against baddies
Too many of us are disappearing. I don't like it. You guys be careful. If you need anything, let me know.

Claire, Mary, Ben and Faith
That goes doubly for you. I'm worried about you guys. Keep me posted and DON'T go anywhere without checking in with someone.

Claire and Ben
That goes triple for you. I want to go with you any time you go out. I'm not losing anyone else here, goddamn it.


Holy Crap they got Buffy.

I don't know who THEY are yet but I found her Scythe...I was meant to meet her for coffee after patrol to try and work something out on what to do.

And I can't find Vi either. Not anywhere. She's not answering her phone or anything. Something's getting staked for this. Or at least hit a lot.

...Faith you're still around right?

Jan. 12th, 2010


[Filtered against W&H and associates]

Hey guys? Just for a comprehensive list, could you get in contact with the people you know, so we can see if anyone else is missing? Please?

As it stands right now, we're missing:



Filtered; Xander

Xander, answer this. Tell me you're not missing. Nowish would be great.


Did anyone lose a bag near the Welcome Center? I was looking for parts and just found 2 bags in the dumpster, nothing that would show who would own them but there are things like loose change and that sort of thing inside.


Neither Anya or Jack have been near the shop at all today. Whats going on?


Filtered to Angel Investigations

As well as Tara, Jack hasn't come back from his patrol either.

One could be explainable, two definitely isn't.

Tenel Ka, could you and Jacen head out on Jack's patrol route, see if you can sense anything?

Can any of the witchy types do a sensey thing on Tara?

Buffy this isn't an order. I guess this is the moment we find out how this is going to work could you swing by my pile of maps and help me work on some strategies?

Jan. 11th, 2010


You shouldn't threaten your Baristas. We can ruin your coffee. And then its just your own fault.


[Posted after she missed the check in, Filtered against baddies]

Has anyone seen Tara?

Jan. 12th, 2010


How safe is it to take a walk at night here? I feel like walking but it is rather late.

Jan. 11th, 2010


Too many questions and too few answers, but meeting the Doctor was quite nice. Now I just have to somehow make a life for myself here, just wish I knew where to start.

*Private to the 4th Doctor*

Can we meet again? Its like you understand me on some level.


Remembered I'd been here a year before I rememered I'd turned 34 two days before. Or being 2007, maybe I get to repeat 31.

One fraking fricking year.

Jan. 10th, 2010


Filtered to Faith and Angel

I've thought about it, your full time offer. I accept.

Jan. 11th, 2010


Everytime I think I can't possibly miss home more than I already do I'm proven wrong.


Filtered to Angel

I was hoping we could talk about something.


help. i am lost. i do not know how to get home. i am sir guy of gisborne. i can pay you. i am at somewhere called library.

Jan. 10th, 2010


Some help, if you would, maybe? I've been informed by an ugly as hell creature. Demon? ..individual that this board was the place to come to find out exactly what just happened to me, and why I'm in LA?


Not sure I expected heaven or hell but not LA. Friggin Hollywood Sign right up on the hill and some woman that tells me if I'm all lost and confused to log on to the internet to this weird board people keep talking about. I know people say it has all the answers but come on.

So I guess what I'm asking, while very aware how crazy I sound, is, Are there answers?, or is this actually some fucked up kinda limbo. And where is my Mom? Because if I'm here then she...she needs to be here too.

Jan. 7th, 2010


It's strange how time can lose all meaning sometimes.

Tell me I don't want to walk away from all of this. Tell me that it's a futile gesture because it doesn't punish any higher powers, just the people who need the most help.
Are you still here?

Jan. 6th, 2010


Filtered from Baddies

Just wanted to let you all know that Megan Winchester is officially here and healthy. That means that I'm a big brother again. Just remember to filter all of your bad posts from kids, as we're trying to make sure at least one Winchester is sane. Also? Nobody EVER tell her I'm not the real Batman. I'm gonna teach her that I am. She's a blank slate.

You're not the baby anymore.


I propose a game to entertain while I wait in an incredibly long line for Starbucks to make me my coffee.

Anyone ever played The Excuses Game? The person to start says something like "I want to go to the movies." and the person who responds makes up some excuse as to why they can't. It can lead to some pretty funny and creative excuses.

So...I want a donut.


[Filtered against baddies]

[ooc: posted shortly after this

You know what? Sometimes I think this city sucks. There's good parts, like weddings. That was really cool. But this business of bringing people in and then sending them back.. what the Hell. Is anyone safe. I keep trying to call someone. But it won't work. That's what's really sucking now. Oh yeah, and almost getting jumped outside a store by some testosterone heavy jock. That was a close one too. I went to high school, yeah? But never really had any problems. This guy kinda took the cake. He was like the ones in Odessa but ten times more jerky. Must be the tropical weather.

I'm fine, don't worry. There was a bit of handling. But then some guy came to my aid. That was a surprise. Had some mental thing going on, made the guy get away from me and go home. Knew things about him just by staring for a while. I'm wondering if he's special like those ones I met back home. Like my sis, West, Elle, or Peter Probably a good thing he was getting something the same time I was. Though he sure had a lot to talk about afterward. He even fixed the light so I could cross the street. I still don't understand, with all I heard. Why would a bad guy help me

Also wondering, anybody ever see that old show Greatest American Hero? Main guy was also on Perry Mason TV films. Blond teacher in red tights, got a suit from aliens, but lost the manual? So he can use power and fly, but his landings suck. And his partner is a Fed. What would you all think if he showed up here? I bet it would be funny. And hey, they came out with that "hero" song. You know.. looking for one, needs to be strong, fast.. something. I forget. I like it better than "Walking on air", though. Dude, seriously. Learn how to land.

Claire? Claire?? I hope you can see this. I guess you can, if you're still here. Please tell me you're still here. I hope I'm not interrupting a honeymoon or anything. I'm just worried. I can't reach ABC. I thought of trying to call Nathan, but I don't really know him well, never really met him in person. Unless you count the news, with rounding up all the I was hoping to see him sometime, though.

Just wanted to also tell you that I'm okay. Nothing broken or any of that crap, just got held and shoved a little before the other guy made it quit. Actually it was his idea to let you and others know I'm ok, but I'd have done it anyway

Jan. 4th, 2010


against baddies.

How am I supposed to bring up a baby in this city? ...does anyone want to adopt it? This version of LA definitely doesn't have a baby-friendly stamp on it from what I've seen.

Jan. 5th, 2010


Now that I've been here a while I would appreciate some more information. Anything that can help me here.


I'm still not use to this place and it's been a fair few weeks. Makes me wonder if I ever will.

Jan. 4th, 2010


There was a slayer thousands of years ago, in Greece, I think. She was called at a young age, 12, maybe 13, and died at around 29. She was active for about sixteen or seventeen years before she died.

In two weeks I'll be twenty-seven, and active for twelve years. Still have a while to go to be the longest activated. But damn, watch out, I'm coming to beat your age record.


[Filtered to the Hyperion/allies]

I just went past Nathan and Heidi's room. It seems they and the boys have been sent home. Kriff.


Filtered to friends

There is something exceptionally satisfying in hunting down a nest of vampires and taking them all out. Even if I did end up spending most of the past week down the sewers and suspect I won't get the smell out of my hair for days.


Went home to pick up some things and the place is empty. Skys stuff is all gone. I don't know.. I guess I should be happy hes probably gone home but I'm not. Not completly. why am I always left alone? he was a resistant pain in the ass but he was still my partner.. Even if we fought all the time.. Him gone is harder than I thought it'd be..


This is curious....

No sign of Klaus and Sunny but no sign of Count Olaf given what year this is. But at the same time given that factor I can not take any chances.

Can anyone offer some insight please? I seem to have found myself in what appears to be a junkyard (I actually am making full use of that to restock my kit).

My name is Violet Baudelaire.

Jan. 3rd, 2010


Business cards made: almost a check
Computer gear: check
Business finally getting off the ground: work in progress

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