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29th April 2014 23:02 - FIC: How Much Do You Love Me Right Now? (Harry/Pansy/Draco) NC-17
Title: How Much Do You Love Me Right Now?
Author: [info]thusspakekate
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Pansy, Harry/Draco, Harry/Pansy/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Happy Birthday DD!!!
Other Warnings: threesomes, sexual cunning and trickery, implied past use of polyjuice to deceive sexual partners
Word Count: 4,700
Summary/Description: When Potter approaches Pansy, hinting that they've been recently intimate, she knows exactly who Potter actually slept with. Draco is lucky that she's such a good friend.
Author's Notes: This is a sequel to [info]alisanne's wonderful Private Practice. I highly suggest you read it first, a) because it's awesome and b) because this fic will make a lot more sense. I'm just glad I'm not the only person who lives in a world where Pansy and Draco are BFFs with absolutely no sense of boundaries.

It was a warm, spring afternoon, and all Pansy Parkinson wanted to do was read the latest book in the 'Bloodsuckers' series and enjoy her scone on the patio of Diagon Alley’s newest coffeeshop )
29th April 2014 22:16 - FIC: Once A Good Morning, Minerva/Severus, NC-17
Title: Once A Good Morning
Author: [info]mindabbles
Pairings: Minerva McGonagall/Severus Snape
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Daily Deviant’s Birthday!
Other Warnings: none
Word Count: 1100
Summary/Description: Severus and Minerva still have few words to say to each other and maybe that's just fine.
Author's Notes: This is a part sequel/part prequel to [info]kelly_chambliss’s lovely story That One Goodnight. Kelly, I hope you enjoy it. I certainly enjoyed revisiting yours. I tried not to mess with the lovely feel of it too much—so I stopped when I did. You don’t strictly have to read Kelly’s to get this, but I would if I were you.

She's gone before he wakes )
25th April 2014 18:37 - FIC: The Lion's Share (Regulus/Sirius, NC-17)
Title: The Lion's Share
Author: [info]pauraque
Pairing: Regulus/Sirius
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Happy birthday, DD!
Other Content: Teen sexuality, masturbation, sibling incest fantasy, het fantasy
Word Count: ~1400
Summary: Regulus knows he's not allowed in his brother's room, but something keeps him coming back.
Author's Notes: Loosely based on [info]osmalic's art piece A Good Big Brother Always Shares. Thanks to my beta [info]_hannelore!

A Muggle car hisses past in the wet street outside, covering the sound of Regulus clicking open his brother's bedroom door. )
23rd April 2014 20:03 - Fic: Chosen One (Severus, Voldemort NC-17)
Title: Chosen One
Author: [info]unbroken_halo
Characters/Pairings: Severus Snape, Voldemort
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Daily Deviant's 8th Birthday! Again!
Other Warnings: Bondage, branding, possible dub-con, wanking, implied voyeurism
Word Count: 1,359
Summary/Description: "I asked you here for a specific reason, Ssseverus."
Author's Notes: Inspired by [info]akatnamedeaster's Marked Man. Thanks to [info]witchwere for the once over; any remaining mistakes are my own.

Chosen One )
21st April 2014 11:43 - Midnight Delights
Title: Midnight Delights
Author: [info]tryslora
Characters/Pairings: Draco/Pansy, Draco/Theodore Nott, Draco/Pansy/Theodore
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Happy Birthday again! (a prequel this time)
Other Warnings: prostitution, pegging, oral sex
Word Count: ~6k
Summary/Description: Sixteen months, two days, and eighteen hours after he is granted parole and absolved from all wrong-doing by the Wizengamot, Draco Malfoy still has no idea what to do with his life. Blaise, however, has an idea...
Author's Notes: Happy birthday again to Daily Deviant! Back when I first wrote Simple Gifts Make For Complicated Nights, folks (I don’t recall specifically who, I’m sorry!) wondered aloud what Draco’s story was prior to that—how he came to be the man that Luna hired for Neville. So I decided to step backwards in time and take a look. Hope you enjoy! And of course, I do not own the world or characters of Harry Potter; I just like to play with them.

Midnight Delights )
17th April 2014 09:25 - FIC: "How to Bag Harry Potter" (Harry/Teddy; NC-17)
Title: How to Bag Harry Potter
Author: [info]train_tracks
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Teddy
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: DD's 8th birthday!
Other Warnings: cross-gen, godfather/godson, unreliable narrator, body morphing, second person (Teddy) POV
Word Count: ~3,000
Summary/Description: Teddy's trying everything he can think of to attract Harry. None of it is necessary.
Author's Notes: This is a sequel to How to Resist Shagging Teddy Lupin. Big thanks to [info]birdsofshore for the beta!

How to Bag Harry Potter )
5th April 2014 13:47 - Fic: All in the Family (Harry/Lily Luna, James Sirius/Lily Luna, NC-17)
Title: All in the Family
Author: [info]alisanne
Characters: Harry Potter/Lily Luna Potter (sort of), James Sirius Potter/Lily Luna Potter.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest, dubcon, underaged sex.
Themes/kinks chosen: Happy Birthday, Daily Deviant! This was written as a response to [info]sdk's incredible Kinky Kristmas story Sweet Girl, and I hope this one does her fic justice.
Word Count: ~2050
Summary: Lily's persistence finally pays off, only not in the way she expects.
Author's notes: Thank you to [info]sdk for being so gracious when I asked her if I could do this. *smooches* Thanks also to [info]lilyseyes for the emergency beta. ♥
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

All in the Family )
31st March 2014 18:18 - Fic: Where Do You Get Your Ideas From? (R,)
Title: Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?
Author: [info]inamac
Prompt: [info]kelly_chambliss asked me to show what happens when Severus finds out the uses to which Minerva puts some of her art collection in my March 2010 story A Birthday Present.
Characters/Pairings: Lily Evans, Alice Ogden (Longbottom-to-be), Minerva McGonagall, Frank Longbottom/James Potter
Rating: R
Content/Warnings: suggestive artwork, bad fanfic
Word Count: 600
Summary/Description: Relaxation in the Order of the Phoenix, Circa 1970s.
Author's Notes: I'm afraid that I've been too engrossed in The Archers radio drama this month to give the prompt the attention that it deserves, but I did end up with this surprising sidelight on life in the Order of the Phoenix, and how Severus found out the source of some of Minerva's art collection. (Not quite what Kelly asked for, but I hope I'll be forgiven.)

For the purposes of this story I've used a minor canon reference to 1920s Auror Bob Ogden to give Alice a family name and history which JKR denied her.

Happy Eighth Birthday, Daily Deviant!

Where Do You Get Your Ideas From? )
30th March 2014 08:47 - It Didn't Matter
Title: It Didn't Matter
Artist: [info]iwao
Media: Sketching pencils. SAI
Characters/Pairings: Draco/Harry!doll
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Daily Deviant 8th Birthday.
Other Warnings: Fornicatory dolls.
Artist's Notes: Inspired by Take Me Down, by [info]sdk. Dearest [info]sdk, I hope you like this drawing, though I couldn't do the doll's face. *blushes* I did try and it looked sooo creepy! But your fiction is stunning and I had a real pleasure drawing for it. Thank you for allowing it, darling.

And a big big hug to my long-suffering beta, [info]capitu. I certainly couldn't have done it without you! <3!

It Didn't Matter )
23rd March 2014 20:21 - Fic: Beautiful Mess (Draco/Harry NC-17)
Title: Beautiful Mess
Author: [info]unbroken_halo
Characters/Pairings: Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Daily Deviant's 8th Birthday!
Other Warnings: masturbation, sex toys, anal inserts, orgasms, coming untouched, dirty talk
Word Count: 1,027
Summary/Description: "Go slow, I like to watch."
Author's Notes: Inspired by [info]iwao's La Petite Mort. Iwao, your art was absolutely gorgeous and I hope these thousand words do it justice.

Beautiful Mess )
23rd March 2014 22:58 - ART: Miss Kitty Lets Her Hair Down [Minerva/Bill - NC-17]
Title: Miss Kitty Lets Her Hair Down
Artist: [info]thilia
Media: Tablet, MyPaint, PS CS5
Characters/Pairings: Minerva/Bill
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: DD's birthday!
Other Warnings: Femdom, leather, corsets, ...um... hand jobs?
Artist's Notes: Sooo, I was looking at people's suggestions in the post and saw that [info]kelly_chambliss wanted a second scene for Let Your Hair Down, Miss Kitty, my first Kinky Kristmas drawing for [info]pre_raphaelite1, sooo I thought I'd give it a try! I even tried to make the style somewhat similar, even though it's obviously changed a little over the years... so. Yeah. Minerva looks too young and a little like Hermione omg but. Ignore that. 0:)
Art Preview:

Miss Kitty Lets Her Hair Down )
21st March 2014 10:41 - Fic: Egg Hunt
Title: Egg Hunt
Author: [info]tryslora
Characters/Pairings: Marcus Flint/Percy Weasley
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Birthday celebration!
Other Warnings: bottoms, sex toys
Word Count: 1,904
Summary/Description: Marcus didn't realize Percy was dragging him to the Ministry Egg Hunt. He might have done things a wee bit differently if he had.
Author's Notes: [info]tamlane requested a sequel to So Sane It's Driving Me Crazy, perhaps around Easter, and Marcus's POV, so here is something set a full year after that first Christmas. How could I resist Marcus?

Egg Hunt )
17th March 2014 08:55 - Fic: "a not-quite-shameful, perfect thing" (Albus Severus/James Sirius/Scorpius; NC-17)
Title: a not-quite-shameful, perfect thing
Author: [info]train_tracks
Characters/Pairings: Albus Severus/James Sirius/Scorpius (off-screen Harry/Draco)
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: DD's 8th birthday! (Also, 'bottoms'! \o/ )
Other Warnings: incest, spit roast, double oral and anal penetration, some mentions of subspace, rimming
Word Count: 4,840
Summary/Description: Albus leaned in, his lips close to his brother's throat, James' muscular wrists warm in his hands. "Do you want him?"
Author's Notes: [info]sdk requested a sequel to nothing so ridiculously teenage and desperate , focusing on what it could mean that Al and Scorpius are 'in most things, attached at the hip', so basically some threesome action. ;-) She also beta'd it, so thank you! <3

a not-quite-shameful, perfect thing )
13th March 2014 13:30 - FIC: Goldilocks (Ginny/Harry, Ginny/Neville, Ginny/Pansy, Ginny/Luna; NC-17)
Title: Goldilocks
Authors: [info]sdk and [info]torino10154
Pairings: Ginny/Harry, Ginny/Neville, Ginny/Pansy, Ginny/Luna
Rating: NC-17
Theme Chosen: Deviant's 8th Anniversary!
Other Content: Blowjobs, cunnilingus, rimming, fingering, first time, student/student, semi-public sex
Word Count: 2335
Summary: You have to kiss a lot of frogs before you find your prince princess.
Author's Notes: Thanks to [info]train_tracks for the beta. <3 This is our fourth year running doing a collab and, as always, it's been a pleasure. Happy anniversary, Deviant! Further note at the end.

Goldilocks )
4th March 2014 21:30 - Fic: A Mutually Satisfying Arrangement (Draco/Astoria/Teddy/Victoire - NC-17)
Title: A Mutually Satisfying Arrangement
Author: [info]alisanne
Characters: Draco/Astoria/Teddy/Victoire in various combinations. :)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: See pairing(s).
Themes/kinks chosen: Happy EIGHTH birthday, [info]daily_deviant! This story is inspired by Revelation by [info]torino10154, and you should definitely read that first.
Word Count: 1450
Summary: Draco, Teddy, Astoria and Victoire come to an arrangement.
Author's notes: First, thank you to [info]torino10154 for graciously allowing me to play with her story! I loved this fic when it first posted and it proved to be quite inspiring when I was searching for something to write for DD's celebration this month. Thanks also to [info]sevfan and [info]emynn for their beta-reading assistance. ♥
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

A Mutually Satisfying Arrangement )
5th February 2014 20:52 - More on Daily Deviant's 8th Birthday
Watchers, we're back with more details for you regarding Daily Deviant's 8th birthday party in March and April! If you missed the original post, go see it here.

Part 1: This post is where you can make your requests/suggestions for things you'd like to see the members write/draw based on their previous Daily Deviant works. Remember that your requests should relate to a specific piece by the author or artist in question. In other words, rather than saying, "Oh, stealthslash007, please write more Snupin," you should ask for something like, "Stealthslash007, I'd love to see a sequel to your Snupin fic The Big Bad Wolf Blows the Potions Master Down."

Since authors aren't limited to writing full-length fics for the birthday celebration, you are certainly welcome to make suggestions for shorter pieces. "Timestamp" drabbles or ficlets are always a fun idea! What happened five minutes after the events portrayed in Art A, what Viktor and Hermione did one week after Fic B, what Harry was thinking at a precise moment during Fic C, etc.

Obviously, you're far more likely to see your request filled if you ask for something by an artist or author who's a current, active member of the comm. For the time being we've made the posting calendar page open to the public, so you can take a look there to find out who's a member, who's on hiatus, and so forth.

Part 2: Again, you're welcome and encouraged to contribute to the festivities by writing or drawing your own pieces based on previous Daily Deviant fic/art. Pretty much anything is fair game, but a few of our members have expressed some preferences regarding what they would or wouldn't like to see done with their work. Please see the list below for exceptions. It might also be a good idea to check a writer's/artist's journal for a transformative works statement or similar before you create something based on one of their pieces.

Members' requests regarding their works in March and April below the cut )

That (along with what's in the original info post) should just about cover it! Let us know if you have any questions. We're looking forward to seeing a slew of seriously creative work for our birthday!
22nd January 2014 15:58 - March/April: Opting to Opt Out
As you all know if you saw the initial info post here, we're celebrating d_d's 8th birthday throughout March and April. One of the options for members is to write fic or create art based on other pieces previously posted to the comm. Watchers get to play along as well.

You all have the option to exclude any or all of your pieces from being sequelled, remixed, or otherwise "messed with" if you prefer. And this post is the place to let us all know if your stuff is strictly "hands off."

Please tell us if you have any pieces you want excluded or have any specific exceptions, limitations, or requirements for the birthday event. Or if you have a general transformative works statement regarding what you prefer to have or not have done with your fic/art in your journals somewhere, give us the link.

We'll put an unlocked post up in a week or so that'll let both members and watchers know if there are any toys they shouldn't play with. ;)
19th January 2014 17:46 - You're All Invited to Daily Deviant's 8th Birthday Party!
This March will mark Daily Deviant's EIGHTH birthday! Gee, that's, like, forever in internet years, right?! ;D We're tremendously pleased to have been a part of the fandom for so long. We have big plans for this year's celebration, and we want everyone -- both members and watchers -- to take part in the festivities.

Our members will be creating works based on other pieces previously posted to Daily Deviant. That could mean art based on fic, fic based on art, sequels, prequels, remixes, spin-offs... whatever they can think up.

Watchers, you'll have two possible ways to participate in the madness fun...

First, you're invited and encouraged to contribute your own pieces based on any works previously posted to Daily Deviant. Post these to your own journals and send us the links; we'll collect the links and post them periodically (depending upon how many we receive when). Pieces must merit an R or (preferably) NC-17 rating. Fic must have a minimum word count of 1,000 words total -- but for this birthday event, you're welcome to break that up into (for example) two 500-word ficlets based on two different pieces of art or ten 100-word drabbles based on ten different fics. A contribution with both fic and art will have no minimum word requirement.

Second, you'll have the opportunity to make requests of specific Daily Deviant members to write/draw extensions of their own pieces. For example, you could say, "I'd love it if wackywriter123 would write a sequel to Bill and Tonks' Excellent Adventure," or, "Hey, awesomeartist456, I'd really love to see what happens the morning after your Snape/Sirius piece A Lot of Booze and Then a Little Snack!" Note that no one is required or obligated to fulfill any of the requests. We think, though, the requests will spawn quite a number of bunnies and result in some great pieces! A post for putting in requests will go up soon, so ponder the possibilities...

The big birthday bash will be taking place throughout March and April. Watchers, if you wish to contribute pieces, you'll need to post them to your journals and send us the links during those months.

Further details as well as the post where you'll be able to make requests of our Deviants will go up soon, so be on the lookout...
24th March 2013 07:25 - Fic: A Public Affair (Charlie/Neville, NC-17)
Title: A Public Affair
Author: [info]unbroken_halo
Characters/Pairings: Charlie/Neville, implied Harry/Luna/Kingsley and Hermione/Angelina, and an unknown watcher.
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Daily Deviant's 7th birthday and DD's new banner!
Other Warnings: orgy, voyeurism, drug use, public sex
Word Count: 1,209
Summary/Description: Charlie sees the perfect opportunity for some sexy mischief with Neville after a little help from Snape.
Author's Notes: *headdesks* I forgot to post yesterday. No excuse other than that. Happy 7th birthday [info]daily_deviant! What better way to celebrate than with a huge orgy. Despite my loving Matthew Lewis, Rowling states Neville was a blond boy, so he is here. Thanks to [info]twilightsorcery for the inspirational banner!

A Public Affair )
14th March 2013 11:00 - Adventures in Muggle Dentistry (Severus/Hermione, Harry/Draco, Harry/Hermione)
Title: Adventures in Muggle Dentistry (Part Two)
Author: [info]sdk
Characters/Pairings: Severus/Hermione, Harry/Draco, Harry/Hermione
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Daily Deviant's Birthday Celebration
Other Warnings: hand jobs, blow jobs, fingering, voyeurism, potential dub-con
Word Count: ~1200 words
Summary/Description: When Severus seeks out a Muggle dentist to help with his aching tooth, he gets more than he bargained for.
Author's Notes: When [info]torino10154 and I looked at the header art, it seemed while everyone else was busy having sex, Severus was stuck in a dentist's waiting room, waiting to have his teeth extracted. Thus this cracky idea was born. And since it had become tradition for us to collaborate, we wrote this together. Thanks to [info]train_tracks and [info]roozetter for the beta.

Read Part One First (Or else this won't make a lick of sense. ;) )

Adventures in Muggle Dentistry (Part Two) )
13th March 2013 09:43 - FIC: Adventures in Muggle Dentistry (Severus/Hermione, Severus/Kingsley, Kingsley/Draco; NC-17)
Title: Adventures in Muggle Dentistry, Part One
Author: [info]torino10154
Pairings: Severus/Hermione, Severus/Kingsley, Kingsley/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Theme Chosen: Daily Deviant's Birthday Celebration
Other Content: A really bad toothache, potential dub-con, anal sex
Word Count: ~1800
Summary: When Severus seeks out a Muggle dentist to help with his aching tooth, he gets more than he bargained for.
Authors' Notes: When [info]sdk and I looked at the header art, it seemed while everyone else was busy having sex, Severus was stuck in a dentist's waiting room, waiting to have his teeth extracted. Thus this cracky idea was born. And since it had become tradition for us to collaborate, we wrote this together. Thanks to [info]train_tracks and [info]roozetter for the beta.

Adventures in Muggle Dentistry, Part One )
6th March 2013 23:47 - Art: Punch.
Title: Punch.
Artist: [info]didodikali
Media: pencil.
Characters: um...not sure yet? I'll get back to you.
Rating: NC-17

Punch. )
4th March 2013 22:30 - Fic: A Worthwhile Hobby (Severus/Harry, NC-17)
Title: A Worthwhile Hobby
Author: [info]alisanne
Characters: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None
Themes/kinks chosen: Happy SEVENTH birthday, [info]daily_deviant! This fic is inspired by the new DD banner.
Word Count: ~1400
Summary: Harry adopts a new hobby.
Author's notes: I think the rationale behind this story is pretty obvious, but just in case it isn't... I thought Severus looked like he could use some fun since he's the only one clothed (and hiding behind the newspaper) in the banner, so I gave him some. ;)
Thanks to [info]lilyseyes for looking this over for me. ♥
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

A Worthwhile Hobby )
28th March 2012 09:23 - FIC: Sunday Nights at the Burrow (Various, NC-17)
Title: Sunday Nights at the Burrow
Authors: [info]torino10154 and [info]sdk
Characters/Pairings: Molly/Arthur, Harry/Draco, Bill/Fleur, Charlie/Kingsley, Ron/Ginny, Fred/George/Angelina, Percy/his hand
Rating: NC-17
Content/Warnings: Incest, frotting, blow jobs, threesome, rimming, anal, masturbation, voyeurism, past underage implied, shameless pwp
Word Count: ~2550
Summary: What happens in the garden shed, stays in the garden shed. A series of scenes from several Sunday nights at the Weasley’s.
Author's Notes: Thank you to [info]gryffindorj and [info]roozetter for the beta. As always, it's been a pleasure to write with Shelly for Deviant again this year. That girl is a total perv. ~torino Pot meet kettle (right back at ‘cha *g*). ~ shelly. Happy Birthday Daily Deviant!

Sunday Nights at the Burrow )
26th March 2012 22:41 - Forty-Flavour Kisses (Harry/Neville, George/Pansy, Snape/Lupin, NC-17)
Title: Forty-Flavour Kisses
Author: [info]kinky_kneazle
Required Character and Prompt: Filius Flitwick and ice cream
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Neville, George/Pansy, Snape/Lupin
Rating: NC-17
Content/Warnings: Let's see... D/s, rimming, collaring, anal sex, fingering, wall!sex, food!porn, fellatio
Word Count: 4,200
Summary/Description: Fortescue's newest product is ice cream flavoured lip balm, and it's just irresistible.
Author's Notes: The title comes from a line from the Monkees' song "Last Train to Clarksville" and did, in fact, give me the spark of inspiration for this fic. With love to [info]uniquepov and [info]curiouslyfic for giving me pairings and kinks to work with: this fic is for them. And even more love to [info]curiouslyfic for the extra quick beta work.

Forty-Flavour Kisses )
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