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1st January 2019 11:20 - Kristmas Comment Kink 2018 Final Roundup

art by [info]akatnamedeaster

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December has ended, and so has Kristmas Comment Kink 2018. We ended up with another fantastic assortment of filthy fic and art featuring all sorts of characters, kinks, and themes. As always, we are immensely proud of the work you pervs people create for this community.

Enormous THANK YOUs going out to those who created pieces to fulfill others' naughty Kristmas desires this year as well as everyone who read, viewed, commented, and generally followed along. Participation and interaction are more valuable than ever in fandom these days, and YOU are the folks who keep us all coming back. ♥

Below is the final roundup of Kristmas pieces posted. Quite a few appeared in the final week, so browse through and make sure you didn't miss anything great!

FIC: Between Them; Teddy/James Sirius/Albus Severus; double penetration by [info]lq_traintracks
FIC: Give Me Everything; Harry/Snape; rimming by [info]gracerene
FIC: Dirty Crimes; Harry/Draco; dirty talk by [info]keyflight790
FIC: Made for This; Neville/Charlie; anonymous sex by [info]_frumpologist
FIC: Charlie/Harry; spreader bar by [info]leontina
FIC: Green Satin, Green Lace; Harry/Sirius; panty kink by [info]hikarievandar
FIC: Ruined; Ron/Viktor; first time, experimentation by [info]gracerene
ART: Secrets; Albus/Minerva; teacher/student, illicit encounters by [info]milotzi
FIC: Rendezvous; Kingsley/Rabastan; long-time lust by [info]hikarievandar
FIC: Uncomplicated; Ron/other male + Harry; voyeurism by [info]digthewriter
ART: Field of Dreams; Luna/Firenze; outdoor sex, cunnilingus by [info]akatnamedeaster
ART: Minerva/Severus; topping from the bottom by [info]milotzi
ART: Minerva/Rufus; long hair by [info]milotzi
ART: Minerva/Narcissa; infidelity by [info]milotzi
ART: Snape/Harry; spanking, schoolgirl uniform by [info]akatnamedeaster
FIC: Carry On, Boys; Remus/Sirius; voyeurism, exhibitionism by [info]iamisaac
FIC: Nice and Slow; Draco/Severus; praise!kink by [info]gracerene
FIC: Voldemort/Harry; sensory deprivation by [info]leontina
FIC: Pass the Salt, Brother Dear; Sirius/Regulus; exhibitionism by [info]fangqueen
FIC: Natural; Neville/Lavender; loss of virginity, experienced woman/inexperienced man by [info]gracerene
FIC: Breakfast in Bed; Harry/Draco; feeding kink, oral sex by [info]torino10154
FIC: Giving In; Lucius/Rabastan; drunk sex, rough sex, breathplay by [info]hikarievandar
FIC: In the Lift; Ron/Pansy; public fingering by [info]keyflight790
FIC: Curiosity; Tracey/Daphne, Tracey/Michael; unapologetic slut by [info]hikarievandar

Everyone stay tuned! We'll have some announcements for the new year coming up, as well as new themes and info about out thirteenth birthday celebration soon.
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