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31st May 2014 21:44 - Fic: Sibling Rivalry (Bella/Narcissa, Rodolphus/Rabastan: NC17)
Title: Sibling Rivalry
Author: [info]inamac
Prompt: incest, maieusophilia (arousal from heavily pregnant women) and oclophilia (arousal by crowds)
Rating: NC17
Content/Warnings: See Prompt.
Word Count: 1020
Summary/Description: Death Eaters being Death Eaters (just another sex magic ritual. Yawn.)
Author's Notes: I'm afraid that I looked at the prompts and couldn't decide on one so pretty much used them all.

Sibling Rivalry )
30th May 2014 18:41 - Perfect
Title: Perfect
Artist: [info]iwao
Media: Sketching pencils. PhotoScape
Characters/Pairings: Albus Severus/James Sirius/Scorpius
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Incest
Other Warnings: Double Penetration. Threesome. Incest.
Artist's Notes: Inspired by A not-quite-shameful, perfect thing, by [info]train_tracks, who I hope will forgive me for abusing one of her fics yet again! D:

And, yeah, it's my first threesome. I hope you like it! *iz nervous*

Perfect )
23rd May 2014 23:05 - ART: Dirty Little Secret (James/Albus - NC-17)
Title: Dirty Little Secret
Artist: [info]thilia
Media: Intuous Pro tablet, SAI, PS CS5
Characters/Pairings: James/Albus
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Incest
Other Warnings: Buttsex~
Artist's Notes: Ohhhh my god, this month was so good, theme-wise?? I wanted to do everything + the alternate pairing... But you know I can never resist incest, so... :))) This took forever, by the way; glad I'm done with it. Decided to give my boys a bit of a redesign, though; especially James. I like iiiit. Anyway, there's a link to the (huge) full size and... yeah!
Art Preview:

Dirty Little Secret )
21st May 2014 08:29 - Safe
Title: Safe
Author: [info]tryslora
Characters/Pairings: Scorpius/LilyLuna/AlbusSeverus
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: incest, maieusophilia
Other Warnings:
Word Count: 2,923 words
Summary/Description: Albus has been gone for five years, and when he finally comes home, he's not sure how to fit back into a life where his sister has married his best friend and is heavily pregnant with their child.
Author's Notes: Gah, the themes for this month! I cheered for incest, and as soon as I saw it paired with the pregnancy kink I knew exactly what I had to write. Thanks go, as always, to my alpha and beta readers.

Safe )
17th May 2014 20:41 - Fic: "Ten-Minute Moratorium" (Ginny/Ron, Ginny/Bill, Bill/Charlie; NC-17)
Title: Ten-Minute Moratorium
Author: [info]train_tracks
Characters/Pairings: Ginny/Ron, Ginny/Bill, Bill/Charlie, (off-screen Bill/Fleur, past Harry/Ginny, future Ginny/Neville)
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: incest
Other Warnings: dysfunction, infidelity, a bad word used against women used by the unreliable narrator against herself
Word Count: 1,080
Summary/Description: … she thinks about leaving the past behind, having a normal boyfriend, feeling like someone cherishes her for the right reasons, not because she's solace but because she's power and light and purpose.
Author's Notes: I almost opted out of this month even though 'incest' has sort of become my wheelhouse (LOL. O_o ), but I wrote this at the last minute and was sort of shocked and definitely thrilled to get the [info]sdk stamp of approval on it when I was really seriously doubting it! (Thank you!!!) Thanks also to [info]elrhiarhodan for the quick beta! The title and several lines were inspired by Carole Satyamurti's poem, "I Shall Paint My Nails Red".

Ten-Minute Moratorium )
12th March 2011 18:28 - Fic: So Much to Say - Draco/Lucius - NC-17
Title: So Much to Say
Author: [info]madeyemax
Based On/Inspired By: I Confess To No Shame by [info]ldymusyc
Characters/Pairings: Draco/Lucius
Rating: NC-17
Content/Warnings: Spectrophilia, incest, adultery, hand job, angst.
Word Count: 2,620
Summary/Description: There were so many things left unsaid after Draco's father died.

So Much to Say )
19th January 2011 23:28 - FIC: "The Mists of Fate" (Various, NC-17)
Title: "The Mists of Fate"
Author: [info]pre_raphaelite1
Characters/Pairings: Merlin/Morgan le Fey, Godric/Rowena, Godric/Helena
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: All the crap I didn't use last year!: celibacy, claustrophilia, cock rings, cunnilingus, discipline, festivals, flagellation, genital shaving, handkerchief codes, harems, humiliation, incest, jewelry, menstrual taboo, paddling, pediophilia, phallophilia, prostitution, pyrophilia, rectal exams, sacrifices, sexual harassment, sex under the influence, tattooing, thalpotentiginy, vasectomy, xenophilia
Other Warnings: fisting, domination, s/m
Word Count: 1900
Summary/Description: Morgan knew the fate that awaited them all, the stretching path through time that would see so much bloodshed that she was powerless to stop.
Author's Notes: So I lost track of days and realised this evening that it was my day to post so I wrote this quickly... and after spending two days watching The Mists of Avalon. This explains everything. I think. Well that and I'm [info]pre_raphaelite1? For which there is no explanation.

The Mists of Fate )
17th January 2011 05:09 - Fic: Fire in His Eyes (Bella/Draco, NC17)
Title: Fire in His Eyes
Author: [info]ldymusyc
Characters/Pairings: Bellatrix Lestrange/Draco Malfoy
Rating: NC17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Incest.
Other Warnings: Underage (16/17ish), crossgen.
Word Count: @1250
Summary/Description: Bella knows what can be done with a man who needs something so much that it burns behind his eyes.
Author's Notes: I figure dear mad auntie Bella would be more than willing to do anything for the purposes of their cause.

Fire in His Eyes )
17th January 2011 00:57 - art: "SB's", Sirius Black/Regulus Black, NC-17
Title: "SB's"
Artist: [info]osmalic
Media: photoshop, pen
Characters/Pairings: Sirius Black/Regulus Black
Rating: NC-17 (NSFW!)
Kinks/Themes Chosen: incest, tattooing
Other Warnings: ...incest
Artist's Notes: There is no face here, but I really, really wanted to try this type of art. I wanted to do more with this idea, but with my tablet conking out, I couldn't put more elaborate tattoo and I can only do so much with Metallica's and Judas Priests' logo. I wanted AC/DC and Rush there somewhere, ngggghhh. *headdesk*

Sirius has a habit of labeling his property, just so his brother won't get any ideas of stealing what's his. )
12th January 2011 23:50 - Fic: A Close Shave - Fred/George - NC-17
Title: A Close Shave
Author: [info]madeyemax
Characters/Pairings: Fred/George
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Incest, genital shaving
Other Warnings: Oral sex, implied adolescent sexy times
Word Count:, 2, 573
Summary/Description: This is what happens when Fred gets bored.
Author's Notes: Not sure when this takes place. It's either during/after OotP but before DH, or it's a post-DH AU.

A Close Shave )
30th April 2010 10:49 - ART: "Coping Mechanism"
Title: Coping Mechanism
Artist: [info]emlovesharry
Media: Photoshop CS3 and graphics tablet
Characters/Pairings: Fred and George
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Incest
Other Warnings: Twincest, angst!
Artist's Notes: I really, really enjoyed doing this one. I loves me some angst.

Give me the NWS angstings )
25th April 2010 18:47 - Fic: 'If You go Down to the Park Today' James/Al NC17
Title: If You go Down to the Park Today
Author: [info]softly_sweetly
Characters/Pairings: James Sirius/Albus Severus
Rating: NC17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Incest
Other Warnings: Glory Holes
Word Count: ~1400
Summary/Description: It isn't the first time two brothers have met up out of frustration at their jobs and the shadow of their father. But it probably is the most inappropriate.
Author's Notes: Thanks Ellie and Cassie for the last minute beta jobs!

If You go Down to the Park Today )
23rd April 2010 14:16 - ART: Perfect Picture [James/Lily - NC-17]
Title: Perfect Picture
Artist: [info]thilia
Media: Photoshop 7, tablet
Characters/Pairings: James Sirius/Lily Luna
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Pediophilia (attraction to dolls), incest
Other Warnings: Underage
Artist's Notes: James has a kink. I think I would've needed about two more months to make this look the way I wanted it too but... I'm very pleased with Lily. Those curls took forever :P Oh, and there's fic too! :D
Art Preview:

Perfect Picture )
21st April 2010 16:02 - FIC: Forgiveness - Lucius/Draco (NC-17)
Title: Forgiveness
Author: [info]gypsyflame
Characters/Pairings: Lucius/Draco; Snape/Draco in background
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Incest and paddling
Other Warnings: Underage (Draco is 15/16); Draco’s messed-up headspace
Word Count: ~2,750
Summary/Description: Lucius punishes Draco after the incident on the Hogwarts Express.
Author's Notes: Post-OotP AU in which Lucius didn’t go to Azkaban. As always, much gratitude to [info]the_flic for the beta!

Forgiveness )
20th April 2010 22:10 - Fic: Filth and Depravity, Harry/various and sundries, NC-17
Title: Filth and Depravity
Author: [info]eeyore9990
Characters/Pairings: Harry/various unnamed persons, Harry/statue
Rating: NCC-1701 (because I have to go with Star Trek to find a rating higher than NC-17)
Kinks/Themes Chosen: All of 'em (incest, paddling, pediophilia [arousal by or attraction to... statues], xenophilia [a sexual attraction to... strangers])
Other Warnings: glory hole smut, complete and utter filth
Word Count: ~1300
Summary/Description: Harry is completely beyond healing.
Author's Notes: Oh hi there, my [info]daily_deviant posting date! Nice to see you're still capable of sneaking up on me like this. Reader beware: there is absolutely nothing redeeming about this filthy little fic.

A/N #2: The first scene is totally based on the absolutely delicious art, Eternal Glory, by [info]doveypoo.

Filth and Depravity )
14th April 2010 05:42 - FIC: Into Temptation, NC-17, Draco/Scorpius
Title: Into Temptation
Author: [info]torino10154
Characters/Pairings: Draco/Scorpius, past Lucius/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Incest
Other Warnings: Anal, Chan (13), Rough Sex
Word Count: ~1300
Summary/Description: A father knows what's best for his son. Especially Draco's father.
Author's Notes: Thank you as always [info]jadzialove ♥ and a special thank you to [info]fancypantsdylan for her help as well. :D

Into Temptation )
13th April 2010 11:09 - Fic: Everything Except Temptation, Draco/Scorpius, R
Title: Everything Except Temptation
Author: [info]elfflame
Characters/Pairings: Draco/Scorpius, Blaise, mention of Draco/Astoria
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Chosen: incest
Word Count: 1207
Summary/Description: Draco talks to his best friend about the Masquerade he attended the night before.
Author's Notes: Sequel to Claimed by a Malfoy. Takes place the morning after, and the story will make a bit more sense if it is read, but the meaning of things should be fairly clear without reading it as well. I was planning on a very different story from this, but between cold and taxes and not enough time…I hope people will like this one. :) And thank you to wolfish_cat for her help in editing.

I can resist everything except temptation – Oscar Wilde )
8th April 2010 21:08 - FIC: Neville's Gaze (Neville, Parvati/Padma/Lavender, NC-17)
Title: Neville's Gaze
Author: [info]silvernatasha
Characters/Pairings: Neville, Parvati/Padma/Lavender, slight Seamus/Lavender
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Incest
Other Warnings: Femmeslash, threesome, fantasy
Word Count: ~1,100
Summary/Description: Neville's imagination gets a little carried away.
Author's Notes: Thanks to [info]ink_smudged for looking through this for me.

Neville's Gaze )
7th April 2010 16:37 - Art: You belong with me (Bill/Charlie, R)
Title: You belong with me
Artist: xaphania
Media: Photoshop
Characters/Pairings: Bill/Charlie
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Chosen: incest
Other Warnings: none
Artist's Notes: I really, really wanted to more than one of the themes of the month for this ones, but apparently my art-muses would not cooperate. Still, I'm relatively happy with how this one came out.
Art Preview: 

17th January 2008 11:13 - Fic: An Affair (Charlie/Fleur, Charlie/Bill, NC-17)
Title: An Affair (the one that you imagine, the one that makes it real)
Author: [info]snegurochka_lee
Characters: Charlie/Fleur, implied Charlie/Bill
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Themes chosen: Everything old is new again: zelophilia: arousal by own jealousy (from May 2006); incest (from June 2006); and a bit of branding (from March 2006), which in this case is tattoos. Also, adultery (from January 2007), although I used that one in a story here before, so technically it's ineligible. But it's still in here. :)
Word Count: ~3,500
Summary: Bill didn't know if they knew that he knew. He didn't know how it started, and he didn't want to know. He could imagine it all well enough, after all.
Author's notes: Written for the amazing piece of art I received in [info]smutty_claus this past year: An Affair by [info]cork (NWS). The art has zero incestuous insinuations, so I hope the artist is not offended that my brain decided to add those in all of its own accord. :/ Mostly, this was because many comments on the art seemed to convey great pity for Bill in the situation, and I mischievously decided that the blame should be extended a bit to include all three parties. *nods* This also goes out to [info]secretsolitaire on the occasion of her birthday today, because I basically blame credit her for influencing my brain to think of just those incestuous insinuations when presented with Weasley brothers. :D Also, the child got aged up a bit from the art, which will explain her ability to speak. And walk. :)

An Affair )
9th September 2007 19:36 - Fic: Jamie's Reward (Harry/James, NC-17)
Title: Jamie's Reward
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Harry/James
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: incest, chan
Kinks chosen: Please your mods: chan, oral sex, love!
Word Count: 1236
Summary: Harry and James enjoy some father-son time in the greenhouse.
Author's notes: It never explicitly said in the epilogue that Harry and Ginny were married, so for the purpose of this fic I've gone with my head-in-the-sand approach that they are happily divorced. Let's just say the other kids are visiting her for the weekend. Also, this is dedicated to [info]freckles42 who isn't feeling tip-top today and who wanted to see this scenario.

Jamie's Reward )
17th June 2006 18:08 - Art: Love Like Blood, Sirius/Regulus, NC-17
Original post at daily_deviant at LJ here.

Title: Love Like Blood
Artist: [info]ariadneelda
Media: Tablet on Photoshop
Characters: Sirius/Regulus
Warnings: See kinks
Kinks chosen: Incest, anal.
Disclaimer: The characters belong to JK Rowling. No money is being made.
Artist's notes: For [info]daily_deviant's June kink challenge. Title is shamelessly stolen from that song by Killing Joke because my brain would not come up with anything better.

Art preview:
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Love Like Blood )
8th June 2006 22:40 - Art: Right There, Padma/Parvati, NC-17
Title: Right There
Artist: [info]twilightsorcery
Media: digital (photoshop)
Characters: Padma/Parvati
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: none except the pairing :)
Kinks chosen: light anal

30th June 2006 12:51 - Twice As Nice (Seamus, Parvati/Padma, NC-17)
Title: Twice As Nice
Author: [info]misfit_ragdoll
Characters: Seamus Finnigan, Padma Patil/Parvati Patil
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Twins, ic, masturbation, light anal play, femmeslash
Kinks chosen: ic, anal play (light), automasochism (if you squint) and Seamus/Padma (sort of).
Word Count: 1045
Summary: Seamus has a crush on Padma. And Parvati.
Author's notes: Thanks to trinnifer for all the hand holding and general live betaing as it was being written, and [info]elfflame for cheerleading and last minute betaing. And, of course, to [info]katesque for not letting me give up.

Seamus Finnigan has always fancied Padma Patil. Well, really more like he fancies both the Patil twins: Padma and Parvati. )
30th April 2007 12:23 - The Secret of Charlie's Success (Bill/Charlie, NC-17)
Title: The Secret Of Charlie's Success
Author: [info]misfit_ragdoll
Characters: Bill/Charlie
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: masturbation, ic, s/s
Themes/kinks chosen: phobias
Word Count: 2700
Summary: When Charlie worries that wanking will cause him to lose on the Quidditch Pitch, his big brother, Bill, comes to the rescue.
Author's notes: Much thanks to [info]r_grayjoy, [info]eeyore9990, [info]alisanne and everyone else who helped me with encouragement and beta-as-you go servicing. I had planned on writing femmeslash this month but these two had other plans for my brain.

The Secret Of Charlie's Success )
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