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18th December 2008 14:16 - Kinky Kristmas for Ceria (Fic) "Special Report" (Multi-pairing, R)
Title: Special Report
Author: [info]florahart
Words: 1600
Characters: Oh so many implied (Weasleys, Shacklebolt, Prewett, Rookwood, Moody, Potter, Longbottom, Crouch...)
Rating: R
Warnings: Possible implications of things like infidelity and incest
Themes/kinks chosen: Kink: Glory hole, Holiday location: Dept of MLE Christmas Party
Author's notes: [info]ceria asked for the departmental party and any combination of B. Weasley, C. Weasley, G. Prewett, Rookwood, Crouch Jr, Macnair, Shacklebolt, Longbottom, with a glory hole. I hope this will suffice. Oh, and since there is deliberate formatting within the story that involves font color, if the layout on which you are reading is reddish, you may want to add a format=light at the end of the URL.

Special Report )
19th September 2007 17:39 - FIC: "Sex 101..." (Bill/Charlie, Gus/Gideon, NC-17)
Title: "Sex 101 by Gideon Prewett (as Interpreted by Bill and Charlie Weasley)"
Author: [info]pre_raphaelite1
Characters: Bill/Charlie, Augustus Rookwood/Gideon Prewett
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Weasleycest! Sex as seen/understood by under-tens
Themes/kinks chosen: Please the Mods! (chan, love, oral)
Word Count: 2110
Summary: It was all Uncle Gideon's fault. No, really. Well, mostly anyway. But it's easy enough to blame the dead, and oddly comforting too.
Author's notes: Thanks to [info]marilla82 for the beta! And much love to LJ's Orlanstamos, [info]aillil, and [info]spessartine for whom I am deeply indebted for their characterizations of Charlie, Gideon, and Gus, respectively.

Sex 101 by Gideon Prewett (as Interpreted by Bill and Charlie Weasley) )

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14th January 2007 20:42 - Fic: But Thou Art Not Forgot (Rookwood/Dolohov)
Originally posted January 14, 2007.

Title: But Thou Art Not Forgot
Author: [info]r_grayjoy
Characters: Augustus Rookwood/Antonin Dolohov
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: A bit of rough sex and suggestions of sadomasochism. Incongruity. Poetry.
Kinks chosen: Death Eaters Challenge
Word Count: 1810
Summary: A reunion takes place shortly after the Azkaban prison break of 1996.
Author's notes: How's this for a rarepair??

But Thou Art Not Forgot )
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