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3rd August 2019 21:59 - Fic: Fantasy (Dudley/George/Fred, NC-17)
Title: Fantasy
Author: TheMightyFlynn
Characters/Pairings: Dudley/George, Dudley/Fred, Dudley/George/Fred
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Pairing
Other Warnings/Content: Humiliation, fantasy sequence, spanking, spit roast, blow jobs, anal sex, wanking.
Word Count: 1173
Summary/Description: Dudley has been fantasising about this for years now. And he will be for years to come.
Author's Notes: The idea for this hasn't left me alone since I saw the pairing option. Hope yo uall like it! :)

Fantasy )
10th April 2016 15:21 - Banging Birthday Fic: You've Been Had (Fred/Draco/George)
Birthday Wish Fulfilled for: [info]smallbrownfrog
From: A Mysterious Member

Title: You've Been Had
Characters/Pairings: Fred/Draco/George
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: non-con, hate sex
Other Warnings/Content: 15-year-old Draco, spanking
Word Count: ~4700
Summary/Description: George and Harry might have smacked Malfoy around after that Quidditch match, but thanks to Umbridge, he still needs putting in his place.
Author’s Notes: This possibly went further into dark non-con than you were looking for - but I hope it fulfilled the spirit of your wish!

You've Been Had )
4th April 2016 12:00 - Banging Birthday Fic: Sometimes It Pays to Lose (Fred/George/Ginny/Charlie)
Birthday Wish Fulfilled for: [info]lilmisblack
From: A Magnificent Member

Title: Sometimes It Pays to Lose
Characters/Pairings: Fred, George, Ginny, & Charlie in various combinations (references to past Bill)
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: incest
Other Warnings/Content: betting, anal fingering, anal sex, blow jobs, cunnilingus, foursome, watching, masturbation
Word Count: 4,515 words
Summary/Description: Summers can be long and boring at the Burrow, and the summer leading up to Bill's wedding is the worst with constant chores. When Ginny realizes that Fred and George are actually having fun she wants in. So she gets in, and over her head, and Fred thinks that works out just fine.
Author's Notes: Weasleycest is one of my favorite things to write, and I’m so glad I was able to create this for you. All the <3 to you for this prompt, dear recipient!!

Sometimes It Pays to Lose )
13th January 2016 05:25 - FIC: Through a Glass, Darkly (George/OCs; NC-17)
Title: Through a Glass, Darkly
Author: [info]torino10154
Pairings: George/OCs, past Fred/George
Rating: NC-17
Themes Included: Everything old is new again, necrophilia, medical kink
Other Content: Sibling incest, vaginal sex, blow jobs, anal sex, mental illness
Word Count: ~1,045
Summary: Late at night, the loss of his brother weighs heavily on George's mind.
Author's Notes: Thanks to [info]writcraft for the once over! ♥ It's been a while since I wrote for [info]daily_deviant and of course it was a kink like this that inspired me to return. Once a Deviant, always a Deviant. ;)

Through a Glass, Darkly )
27th May 2015 00:01 - Fic: Fly Me To The Moon (George/Lavender, NC17)
Title: Fly Me To The Moon
Author: [info]nightfalltwen
Characters/Pairings: George/Lavender
Rating: NC17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: melolagnia: arousal from music
Other Warnings: masterbation
Word Count: 3400
Summary/Description: The wheeze certainly wasn't supposed to cause that kind of reaction.
Author's Notes:EEK! This is my very first Daily Deviant post! I very excited to be a part of the community (maybe also a bit terrified too) and I hope this fic is a good debut. A special thank you goes to my beta [info]cryptaknight without whom I would usually crash and burn. And an extra big thank you to the mods for allowing me to join Daily Deviant. I'm so looking forward to stretching my boundaries with everyone. :D Title, of course, is the song written by Bart Howard in 1954.

Fly Me To The Moon )
7th July 2014 08:23 - Fic: Tropical Tornado (Draco/George, NC-17)
Title: Tropical Tornado
Author: [info]alisanne
Characters: George Weasley/Draco Malfoy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Semi-public sex, outdoor sex.
Themes/kinks chosen: Aquaphilia, Public nudity, Salophilia.
Word Count: 2390
Summary: A forced vacation allows George to see his future more clearly.
Author's notes: Thanks to [info]sevfan and [info]emynn for their assistance.
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

Tropical Tornado )
27th April 2013 00:17 - Fic: 'Tales for an April Fool', Albus/Severus, George/Angelina, Gilderoy, Minerva, N-H Nick
Title: Tales for an April Fool
Author: [info]purplefluffycat
Characters/Pairings: Nearly-Headless Nick, Albus Dumbledore/Severus Snape, George Weasley/Angelina Johnson, Dolores Umbridge, Gilderoy Lockhart/Minerva McGonagall
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Unfortunate incidents (the silly side of sex)
Other Warnings: Voyeurism, object insertion, unwitting swallowing of semen, self-bondage/dollification
Word Count: ~3400

Summary/Description: According to Nearly-Headless Nick, "The one boon - if there must be one - of this half-alive existence is that one gets to watch."

After several hundred years of disembodied floating, gosh he has seen a lot of things! And some of them are really quite ridiculous...

Author's Notes: I had great fun with this little collection of tales. A very belated Happy April Fool's Day to you all!

Tales for an April Fool )
23rd April 2013 07:50 - Fic Healing Power of Laughter (George/Hermione R)
Title: Healing Power of Laughter
Author: [info]unbroken_halo
Characters/Pairings: George/Hermione, past Ron/Hermione
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Silly side of sex, unfortunate incidents
Other Warnings: None
Word Count: 1,145
Summary/Description: She can't help it, really, and it's happened before so she wondered just how angry he'd be.
Author's Notes: Possibly not the way most people would interpret the prompt but I like it nonetheless. Thanks to [info]angela_snape for the beta.

Healing Power of Laughter )
21st April 2013 09:04 - The Only Way to Be Sure
Title: The Only Way to be Sure
Author: [info]tryslora
Characters/Pairings: George/George
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Alternate pairing: George/George
Other Content: Loss of Virginity, Blowjobs
Word Count: 2,450 words
Summary/Description: Sometimes, when you’re not exactly sure about something, the only one who can help is… yourself.
Author's Notes: HI! I’m new. :) Well, not exactly totally new, I’ve participated in the last two Kinky Kristmases and have had a blast, and now I’m so excited to be a regular member here. I have to admit, I thought writing George/George was going to be seriously goofy (and the other fic I started drafting was goofier, but didn’t quite work), and this came out as the more serious side of George. Oh, and thank you to my darling [info]teas_me for her lovely beta work, as always, and to [info]eidheann_writes for helping as an alpha reader.

The Only Way to Be Sure )
6th December 2012 22:00 - Kinky Kristmas Fic: Perfect Storms (Fred/George)
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]wallflowergirl
From: [info]unbroken_halo

Title: Perfect Storms
Characters/Pairings: Fred/George
Kinks/Themes Included: handholding, kissing, non-verbal magic, light hurt/comfort
Other Warnings/Content: incest, mutual handjobs
Word Count:1,067
Summary/Description: Fred loves storms and George hates them. It's the one thing they can't agree on.
Author's Notes: Happy Kinky Kristmas, [info]wallflowergirl! I hope you enjoy the fic! Thanks to my beta for the most excellent work. Any mistakes you find are my own since I had to adjust it one last time.

Read more... )
28th March 2012 09:23 - FIC: Sunday Nights at the Burrow (Various, NC-17)
Title: Sunday Nights at the Burrow
Authors: [info]torino10154 and [info]sdk
Characters/Pairings: Molly/Arthur, Harry/Draco, Bill/Fleur, Charlie/Kingsley, Ron/Ginny, Fred/George/Angelina, Percy/his hand
Rating: NC-17
Content/Warnings: Incest, frotting, blow jobs, threesome, rimming, anal, masturbation, voyeurism, past underage implied, shameless pwp
Word Count: ~2550
Summary: What happens in the garden shed, stays in the garden shed. A series of scenes from several Sunday nights at the Weasley’s.
Author's Notes: Thank you to [info]gryffindorj and [info]roozetter for the beta. As always, it's been a pleasure to write with Shelly for Deviant again this year. That girl is a total perv. ~torino Pot meet kettle (right back at ‘cha *g*). ~ shelly. Happy Birthday Daily Deviant!

Sunday Nights at the Burrow )
26th March 2012 22:41 - Forty-Flavour Kisses (Harry/Neville, George/Pansy, Snape/Lupin, NC-17)
Title: Forty-Flavour Kisses
Author: [info]kinky_kneazle
Required Character and Prompt: Filius Flitwick and ice cream
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Neville, George/Pansy, Snape/Lupin
Rating: NC-17
Content/Warnings: Let's see... D/s, rimming, collaring, anal sex, fingering, wall!sex, food!porn, fellatio
Word Count: 4,200
Summary/Description: Fortescue's newest product is ice cream flavoured lip balm, and it's just irresistible.
Author's Notes: The title comes from a line from the Monkees' song "Last Train to Clarksville" and did, in fact, give me the spark of inspiration for this fic. With love to [info]uniquepov and [info]curiouslyfic for giving me pairings and kinks to work with: this fic is for them. And even more love to [info]curiouslyfic for the extra quick beta work.

Forty-Flavour Kisses )
17th December 2011 12:00 - Kinky Kristmas Fic: Of Daydream Draughts and Standing Stones (Draco/George)
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for:  [info]elfflame
From: A Witty Watcher: [info]uniquepov

Title: Of Daydream Draughts and Standing Stones
Characters/Pairings: Draco/George gen * (unrequited! Draco/Severus) * (highlight to view all pairings)
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: Kinks: Dirty Talk, Rimming, Slow lovemaking. Themes: Crying, True Love, Living with loss, Healing.
Other Warnings/Content: Angst. EWE.
Word Count: ~4,480
Summary/Description: Draco is lost in grieving the past. George decides to show him the future.
Author's Notes: To my giftee: Your prompt spoke to me from the moment I read it. I hope you enjoy this little fic. Thank you to S, K, and C for the handholding and cheerleading, and to K, K, and C for the beta work. All remaining mistakes are entirely my own. An extra special thanks to the mods for their understanding when real life reared its ugly head and I needed some extra time.

Of Daydream Draughts and Standing Stones )
16th December 2011 12:00 - Kinky Kristmas Fic: The Lonely Ones (George/Luna)
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]doveypoo
From: [info]lunalovepotter

Title: The Lonely Ones
Characters/Pairings: George/Luna; mention of past Fred/Angelina, and possible George/Verity
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: hurt/comfort, angst
Other Warnings/Content: first-time sex, oral sex
Word Count: 6,251
Summary/Description: A surprising, sexy encounter helps George find a way to move on after the loss of his twin.
Author's Notes: This one is for my beta, S, to whom I owe so many words and so much inspiration. Thank you. Also, a big thank you to the mods for allowing me the extra time to nurture this idea until it was ready to be written. Happy Holidays!

The Lonely Ones )
14th December 2011 12:00 - Kinky Kristmas Fic: Four Part Harmony (George/Lee, Lavender/Parvati)
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for:  [info]ozma_katiebell
From:  [info]rilla_licious

Title: Four Part Harmony
Characters/Pairings: George/Lee, Lavender/Parvati
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: First time with your best friend
Other Warnings/Content: Lavender and Parvati are 7th years for the smutty bits, so they may or may not be 18.
Word Count: ~6200
Summary/Description: When all wizarding travel is brought to a halt on Christmas Eve, Lee, George, Lavender and Parvati are stranded without their significant others.
Author's Notes: I really hope my recipient enjoys this! I saw this prompt and had to take it because it was filled with characters I adore. Special thanks to my betas who are the most wonderful and speedy betas ever, even when I'm last minute about things!

Four Part Harmony )
5th December 2011 12:00 - Kinky Kristmas Fic: The Problem With Malfoy (Harry/George/Draco)
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]celandineb
From: [info]elfflame

Title: The Problem With Malfoy
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Draco, Harry/George/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: voyeurism/exhibitionism
Other Warnings/Content: workplace sex, blowjobs, light bondage
Word Count: 2237
Summary/Description: Draco and Harry have been seeing each other since shortly after Draco started to work for George, and it's really beginning to drive him spare. He's not even sure which of them he wants more.
Author's Notes: Thank you to my usual beta, who will remain nameless for now. I hope this works for what you wanted, recipient. I had a lot of fun with it.

The Problem With Malfoy )
25th August 2011 00:29 - ART: Vincent Van George, George/Luna, R
Title:Vincent Van George
Media: paint tool SAI
Kinks/Themes Chosen:body writing
Other Warnings:Cheesy one eared ginger artist pun
Artist's Notes:Sorry so late, work his been kicking my ass!
Art Preview:

Not work safe )
26th April 2011 18:03 - Art: Days were Golden, R, NWS
Title: Days were Golden
Artist: [info]ships_harry
Media: Photoshop, tablet
Characters/Pairings: Ron/Ginny/Bill, Charlie/Percy/George, and no doubt many variations.
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Mainly for the Bad Porn theme hillbilly (or pureblood??) incest romp, but I also like to think there's a dash of hapless character accidentally finds him/herself in the middle of a debauched situation and ends up joining in (Percy), and nervous virgin asks someone to instruct them in preparation for their wedding night (Ginny... although I don't see her as the nervous type, and I bet she deflowered Harry aaaages ago :) )
Other Warnings: Incest. Lots of incest.
Artist's Notes: Title's from an Elbow song about nostalgia for youth (Lippy Kids). (Yes, George is bringing the mood down a bit, poor lad; he can't help it.) Thanks to the mods for letting me post a bit early! Will be in airports most of my regular day :).
Art Preview:

images below cut )
13th April 2011 18:16 - Fic: Lessons for Harry - George/Harry, NC-17
Title: Lessons for Harry
Author: [info]elfflame
Characters/Pairings: George/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Bad Porn Prompt: - nervous virgin asks someone to instruct them in preparation for their wedding night/a relationship with someone more experienced
Other Warnings: Drawn-out sex and sap?
Word Count: ~4100
Summary/Description: Harry has a request, and George doesn't mind helping out at all.
Author's Notes: It has been so long since I wrote these two…I do adore them together. They're just so sweet… I originally intended to do a very different prompt, but then they weren't cooperating, and this story had been growing in the back of my mind, so…I decided I had to. Even if it did make me almost too late to post.  :) Hope everyone likes. Thank you to my sweet Kit for her super-speedy beta and hand-holding, or this would never have made it…

If I love you, what business is it of yours? - Johann Wolfgang von Goethe )
5th April 2011 00:00 - Fic: The Brothel of Requirement (Severus/Harry, Remus/Hermione, Fred/George; NC-17)
Title: The Brothel of Requirement
Author: [info]alisanne
Characters: Severus Snape/Harry Potter, George/Fred Weasley, Remus Lupin/Hermione Granger.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: incest, voyeurism, role-play
Themes/kinks chosen: Bad Porn Month: teacher/student spanking/discipline, hillbilly (or pureblood??) incest romp, cop/detective goes undercover into a debauched situation and must join in to avoid blowing their cover (so to speak…), one word: pornstache!
Word Count: ~2600
Summary: Harry never knew that facial hair could lead him astray.
Author's notes: I really thought I had nothing for this month's challenge, but then my trusty muse came through. *pets her* Thanks to [info]sevfan for the speedy beta and to [info]torino10154 for the handholding and support.
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

The Brothel of Requirement )
3rd April 2011 10:08 - FIC: Notches on a Broomstick [Harry/many, NC17]
Title: Notches on a Broomstick
Author: [info]celandineb
Pairings: Harry/Oliver, Fred/George, Fred/George/Harry, Hannah/Harry, Cedric/Harry, Cho/Harry, Harry/Hermione, Anthony/Harry, Harry/Pansy, Daphne/Harry, Blaise/Harry, Adrian/Harry/Hypatia/Simon [more-or-less OC Slytherins], Draco/Harry
Rating: NC17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Bad Porn theme prompt: "Harry Does Hogwarts"
Other Warnings: anal, chan, cunnilingus, exhibitionism, fellatio, fingering, first time, group sex, hand jobs, humiliation, incest, intercrural sex, loss of virginity, masturbation, oral sex, orgasm denial, public sex, rimming, student/student, teen sex, threesome, voyeurism, watersports
Word Count: 11,000 exactly
Summary/Description: Shortly after his first foray into sex, Harry decides he wants to sample it in all the Hogwarts Houses.
Author's Notes: This became... extensive. There's probably a little something in it to suit almost any taste, except that there's no F/F. Neither plot nor romance to speak of, this is pretty shamelessly just plain porn.

Notches on a Broomstick )
23rd March 2011 10:34 - Fic: Every Flavor Heroes (NC-17, Various)
Title: Every Flavor Heroes
Author: [info]kinky_kneazle
Based On/Inspired By: The hilarious WWW's Dream Dolls by [info]serpenscript
Characters/Pairings: Draco/Android!Harry, Hermione/Android!Remus, George/Android!Snape
Rating: NC-17
Content/Warnings: Rimming, Androids, dildos, very vague suggestions of bestiality (i.e animal-shaped dildos), fantasy, sex toys
Word Count: 2,500
Summary/Description: They're mix and match, guaranteed to be ready when you are and come with a free patented Daydream Charm. For any flavor of hero you like, try Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes' Dream Dolls.
Author's Notes: I laughed very loudly when I first saw this image and couldn't get it out of my head. [info]serpenscript, this doesn't do justice to your image, but it was the only way I could pay homage. With love to my beta F, and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to [info]daily_deviant and all her deviant followers!

One Harry Potter head, with lightning scar. One body, size 'lean'. )
8th February 2011 07:13 - FIC: Storm in a D Cup (NC-17, Fred/Verity/George)
Title: Storm in a D Cup
Author: [info]silvernatasha
Characters/Pairings: Fred/Verity/George
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Breast enhancement
Other Warnings: Threesome, foodplay
Word Count: 3958
Summary/Description: Fred and George like to test new concoctions over tea. By which they mean firewhiskey. Not all Wheezes are suitable for consumption with alcohol.
Author's Notes: Thanks to [info]csi_tokyo3 for looking over this for me.

Storm in a D Cup )
4th February 2011 22:40 - Fic: Better with Brandy (Molly/Poppy, George/Fred/Harry, NC-17)
Title: Better with Brandy
Author: [info]alisanne
Characters: Harry Potter/Fred Weasley/George Weasley, Molly Weasley/Poppy Pomfrey
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Threesome, inebriation, rimming.
Themes/kinks chosen: altered state orgasms, the alternative pairing: Molly Weasley/Poppy Pomfrey
Word Count: 3250
Summary: Everything is better with brandy.
Author's notes: Thank you to [info]sevfan for beta reading and to the mods for allowing me to post early.
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

Better with Brandy )
12th January 2011 23:50 - Fic: A Close Shave - Fred/George - NC-17
Title: A Close Shave
Author: [info]madeyemax
Characters/Pairings: Fred/George
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Incest, genital shaving
Other Warnings: Oral sex, implied adolescent sexy times
Word Count:, 2, 573
Summary/Description: This is what happens when Fred gets bored.
Author's Notes: Not sure when this takes place. It's either during/after OotP but before DH, or it's a post-DH AU.

A Close Shave )
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