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7th December 2008 00:41 - Monthly Wrap-Up: November 2008
The themes for November 2008 were:

1. computer sex AKA cybering
2. drugs (using in combination with sexual activities)
3. coprophagy (eating feces)
4. gender bending/cross-gendering
- with alternate pairing Viktor Krum/Pansy Parkinson

Monthly Masterlist, November 2008 )
28th November 2008 03:12 - Fic: What Harry Wants (Harry/Draco, NC-17)
Title: What Harry Wants
Author: [info]sdk
Characters: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: crossdressing, dirty talk, spanking
Themes/kinks chosen: Gender bending/cross-gendering (err...loosely)
Word Count: 1612
Summary: Harry had a plan, a path, a to-do list for the rest of his life and buggering Draco just wasn't on it.
Author's notes: This is something I wrote a couple of days ago when I realized that none of the five fics I'd started for this month's themes were ever going to cooperate and be ready in time. Special thanks to [info]lilithilien and [info]aldiara for beta-ing this for me and staying up all night to cheerlead and keep my head from hitting the desk too often. I have tweaked it a bit more since they looked at it though, so please forgive any remaining mistakes.

What Harry Wants )
27th November 2008 11:33 - Art: "Happy Holidays, Remus!"
Artist - </a></b></a>[info]venturous
Character: Nymphadora
Rating - NWS
Media: Charcoal and PS
Warnings - gender-bending
Disclaimer - the characters depicted are the products of my fermented imagination. No infringement intended.
Summary - Tonks wants to make Remus happy for the holidays. Fortunately, she is a gifted metamorphagus.
Artist's Notes
- for Daily Deviant November prompt: "Gender Bending"

fake cut to journal
26th November 2008 22:35 - Art: Secret, R
Title: Secret
Artist: [info]ghot
Characters: Lucius/Ron
Rating: R
Warnings: Crossdressing
Themes/kinks chosen: Gender-bending
Artist's notes: I've always said I don't like cross-generation pairings but this is an exception to the rule, it's just so mismatched and unlikely that it somehow works! ETA: I just changed the title

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27th November 2008 01:38 - (art) "Right Feels Wrong Feels Right" James/Severus, NC17/NWS
Title: Right Feels Wrong Feels Right
Artist: [info]osmalic
Media: pen, with some photoshop
Characters: James/Severus
Rating: NC17, Not Work Safe
Warnings: cocks, dub-con
Themes/kinks chosen: gender bending/cross-gendering
Artist's notes: Thanks to the mods who allowed me to post later to take care of personal problems. I have a colored version of this, but scrapped it after 3 hours because it wasn't working. Then I opened when it was last saved, and I kind of liked how it ended up without the excessive colors. :)
Art preview:

James is an absolute sucker for vulnerable women. )

Additional notes. )
25th November 2008 15:25 - Fic: The Prisoner's Release (Harry/Percy, NC-17)
Title: The Prisoner's Release
Author: [info]chiralove
Characters: Harry, Percy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: dirty talk, masturbation
Themes/kinks chosen: Computer sex AKA cybering … well, sort of. Like computer sex, only without computers. :)
Word Count: 1500
Summary: There were at least three Ministry regulations specifically forbidding things like this.
Author's notes: Thanks to [info]nqdonne for the beta!

The Prisoner's Release )
24th November 2008 00:23 - Art: Bad Influence (implied Charlie/Percy)
Title: Bad Influence
Artist: [info]melp
Media: Ink, Photoshop coloring, experimentation
Characters: implied Charlie/Percy
Rating: R
Warnings: implied incest, drug use
Themes/kinks chosen: Drugs
Artist's notes: Melancholy porn? No - stoned post-porn!
Art preview:

You know this was all Charlie's fault... )
20th November 2008 17:00 - Fic: Making Love Instead of Misery, Drarry, NC-17
Title: Making Love Instead of Misery
Author: [info]eeyore9990
Characters: Draco/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Drug Use, rimming, abundant amounts of baby oil being slathered onto a bound and bossy Draco
Themes/kinks chosen: Drug use
Word Count: ~1600
Summary: A fic written with the one and only purpose of providing porn. There is no plot here to summarise.
Author's notes: My posting date snuck up on me while in the midst of frantically trying to finish holiday exchange fics. My "unfinished fics" folder literally saved my ass this month. YAY! Again, please to be excusing the lack of any coherent plot. Title stolen without regret from Hinder's song "Get Stoned." I thought it was appropriate. :D

Making Love Instead of Misery )
19th November 2008 21:35 - Art: For a Reasonable Fee - Plus 20
Title: "For a Reasonable Fee - 20 years later"
Artist: [info]littleblackbow
Media: Pen/watercolor
Characters: Harry Potter
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None, really - it's porn.
Themes/kinks chosen: Crossdressing
Artist's notes: [info]the_con_cept wrote a story called "For a Reasonable Fee" for last year's Santa's Lap. It was chan (of course), and very very very filthy. And somehow, it was wonderful, even though I don't approve of such things in general.

This is the same Harry, 20 years later at the age of 33. :D

Still Paying... For a Reasonable Fee - 20 years later )
18th November 2008 00:08 - Fic: My Little Girl (Percy/Oliver, NC-17)
Title: My Little Girl
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Percy/Oliver
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Angst, crossdressing, copious amounts of whisky, vaguely insane Oliver.
Kinks chosen: Gender-bending
Word Count: 1040
Summary: Oliver doesn't fuck men.
Author's notes: So, this contains not one, but two things I don't like and therefore never write: bottom!Percy and crossdressing. I have no idea where this came from. ♥ to the mods for letting me post on a different day from my regular since I fail at deadlines.

My Little Girl )
17th November 2008 15:34 - FIC: Moving the Goalposts (Teddy/Snape, R)
Title: Moving the Goalposts
Character(s): Teddy/Snape
Rating(s): R
Chosen kinks: Drugs, Gender-bending
Word Count: 4,850
Beta: Thanks to Sal, for the quick read through
Disclaimer: All familiar characters and situations belong to JK Rowling. No profit is being made.

Summary: While on a drugs investigation, Teddy gets dragged into a situation weirder than his wardrobe.
A/N: Inspired by two songs – I'm Going Home from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Moving the Goalposts by Billy Bragg – and very, very strange because of it. Sorry if it's too strange.

I've seen Blue Skies, through the tears in my eyes... )
15th November 2008 10:12 - Fic: Fool Me Once (Alice/Barty, Barty/Frank, NC-17)
Title: Fool me once
Author: [info]ceria
Characters: Alice/Frank Longbottom, Barty Crouch/Frank, Barty/Alice
Rating: NC17
Kinks chosen: Pegging (which is a really loose interpretation of this month's theme.)
Word Count: 1500
Summary: Alice is a wee bit irritated.
Authors' notes: Thank you, [info]elfflame.

Fool me once )
13th November 2008 06:16 - Fic: What She Is - Harry/Draco, NC-17
Title: What She Is
Author: [info]elfflame
Characters: Harry/Draco, Lucius
Rating: Mild NC-17
Warnings: mock heterosexual sex
Kinks chosen: Gender bending
Word Count: 1700 exactly
Summary: Lucius Malfoy finds out what his son enjoys doing with his lover, and he is not pleased, in the least.
Author's notes: I had to do this story. I’ve wanted to for some time. The problem was managing the smut with Draco in such a bad place. It owes a huge debt to K and his Harry, with whom Draco and I have played with this idea for a long time. Many bits of this story are owed directly to our play together. I only hope that people will give it a chance despite the warning and kink. Thank you to all three of my betas for the help. It wouldn’t have made it without you all.

We know what we are, but know not what we may become. – William Shakespeare )
7th November 2008 19:43 - Fic: "Relationship Reboot" (Ron/Hermione, Ron/Draco, Ron/other, NC17)
Title: Relationship Reboot
Author: [info]florahart
Characters: Ron Weasley, mentions of Hermione Granger, Draco Malfoy, and others
Rating: NC17
Warnings: infidelity, sexual identity crisis, first person present monologue
Themes/kinks chosen: cyber sex, a brush with drugs
Word Count: ~2675
Summary: Ron visits the psychiatricist to combat his new addiction.
Author's notes: I intended to write drug use, and then it went all haywire. Also, this is probably unsuitably unouchy for the given warnings. Sorry 'bout that.

Relationship Reboot )
5th November 2008 17:35 - Fic: Coping Mechanism (Remus/Sirius, R)
Title: Coping Mechanism
Author: [info]alisanne
Characters: Remus Lupin/Sirius Black
Rating: R
Warnings: HA! Um, read the chosen theme carefully!
Themes/kinks chosen: Coprophagy
Word Count: ~1250
Summary: Remus spends a rough night alone. What's a werewolf to do but find comfort where he can?
Author's notes: Thanks to [info]eeyore9990 and [info]sevfan who were brave enough to look this over for me. I promised them fluffy scat and I hope I got it right.
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

Coping Mechanism )
4th November 2008 13:35 - Fic: One More Drop (Harry/Scorpius, NC-17)
Title: One More Drop
Author: [info]snegurochka_lee
Characters: Harry Potter/Scorpius Malfoy. A bit of unrequited H/D
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: If the pairing, theme and summary don't bother you, you're probably set. ;) Scorpius is 17.
Theme chosen: Drug use
Word Count: ~8,100
Summary: "It's not legal; I know it's not. You can't use Veritaserum to interrogate anyone without a warrant from the Wizengamot." Scorpius's eyes narrowed as Harry failed to hide the twitch in his jaw. "Which you very well know, Auror Potter."
Notes: Oh my God, Scorpius Malfoy, you little brat. This bunny landed in my head as soon as I saw this theme back in the summer, and Scorpius wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it. Giant thanks to [info]klynie1, [info]bewarethesmirk and [info]islandsmoke for the quick but thorough beta help.
Soundtrack: Your Mangled Heart – The Gossip

One More Drop )
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