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7th February 2012 07:14 - I Want To Wake Up With The Rain
Author: [info]roozetter
Title: I Want To Wake Up With The Rain
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Garrick Ollivander/Millicent Bulstrode
Word Count: 3,497
Kinks/Themes chosen: Het, biting, female ejaculation, anal, hair pulling, ceraunophilia, sex magic.
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. The characters and their worlds belong to their original writers and no copyright infringement or offense is intended. No money was made from this story.
A/N: I love Millicent. ♥ Thanks to [info]faeryqueen07 for the beta and idea bouncing!
Summary/Snippet: ”When Millicent opens her eyes, feeling the wind whip through her hair and brush against her skin in a silky, welcoming caress, she is all woman.”

I Want To Wake Up With The Rain )
15th March 2009 03:43 - (art) "Getting Drinks" Mr. Ollivander/Madame Rosmerta, R
Title: "Getting Drinks"
Artist: [info]osmalic
Media: pencil, pen, photoshop
Characters: Mr. Ollivander/Madame Rosmerta
Rating: R (for implication)
Warnings: inappropriate groping in public
Themes/kinks chosen: kleptophilia, Mr. Ollivander/Madame Rosmerta
Artist's notes: Not very kinky, I'm afraid. I couldn't help myself when I saw the theme, I just had to try Ollivander/Rosmerta! Also, I apologize for my unnatural obsession with using greyscale.

Mr. Ollivanders likes to take advantage. )
7th March 2009 01:45 - Fic: "Evening with a Friend" (Rosmerta/Ollivander, NC17)
Title: Evening with a Friend
Author: [info]florahart
Pairing: Rosmerta/Ollivander
Kinks: Alternate pairing, and something resembling sex/power games.
Warnings: Uh. Well, see pairing? Also, lack of dialogue and weird POV. And sex toys and meeting for sex as a game. Or something.
Words: 2750
Rating: NC17
A/N: So, I was going to do the kleptophilia thing, and in fact, that was where this started, but then everyone else was being kleptomaniacs, and I don't even know. So, alternate pairing! *listens to crickets* I have made some canon assumptions that may be disprovable; please consider this AU in that case? I have assumed that Rosmerta went back to pub management after the whole amulet thing in HBP (and that she has a last name), and that Ollivander initially fled of his own accord, and was later captured in DH.

Evening with a Friend )
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