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13th January 2008 22:09 - Art - "Pink" - Bellatrix/Tonks - NC-17
Title: "Pink"
Artist: [info]ebonyserpent
Media: pencil, and some quick Photoshop colouring
Characters: Bellatrix Lestrange/Nymphadora Tonks
Rating: NC-17 (NWS)
Warnings: femmeslash, nudity, sexual situation, non-con
Theme/Kink: January 2008's "Everything old is new again" prompt
Notes: From the past year's kinks/themes, I chose 'lesbians' (though it may be rather one-sided), 'bondage,' and 'dildos.' May also be a bit AU, because I was thinking of a nice little scenario where Voldie and the DEs win, and Bella gets to keep Tonks as a pet. ;)

So you like the colour pink, do you, little girl? )
31st August 2007 22:13 - Seven veils of sin
Originally posted 10th April, 2007

Title: Seven veils of sin
Author: [info]kabal42
Characters: Luna, Tonks, Harry, Ron
Rating: R
Warnings: Girl/girl action, staring boys and a bit of drunkenness (though not really drinking)
Kinks chosen: Bell-dancing, lesbians
Word Count: 1412
Summary: Too slightly inebriated girls decide to surprise two ditto boys. Nakedness, dancing and fun ensues.
Author's notes: I owe [info]elfflame big time. If either of us wanted it, or could, I'd have her babies.
This is f-locked for the moment due to the uncertain statements in LJ's policies

Veils within )
22nd May 2007 21:05 - Fic: Absolutely Straight by freckles42, Ginny/Tonks
Title: Absolutely Straight
Author: [info]freckles42
Characters: Ginny Weasley, Nymphadora Tonks
Rating: R
Warnings: I find warnings to be spoilers, but if you must know... click. )
Themes/kinks chosen: Lesbians
Word Count: 1059
Disclaimer: All characters portrayed are at least 18 years of age. None of the characters herein belong to me, all are JKR's, who is nice enough to let us play in her sandbox.
Summary: Ginny Weasley is absolutely straight and she's going to prove it to Nymphadora Tonks the only way she knows how.
Author's notes: None, for once!

Ginny Weasley wasn't gay )
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