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17th May 2006 16:49 - Art: A Not-So-Quiet Evening in the Dorm, JP/PP/RL/SB, NC-17
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Title: A Not-So-Quiet Evening in the Dorm
Artist: AriadneElda ([info]ariadneelda)
Media: Tablet on Photoshop
Characters: James/Peter/Remus/Sirius
Warnings: Multiple partners
Kink chosen: Group sex
Disclaimer: The characters belong to JK Rowling. No money is being made.
Artist's notes: For [info]daily_deviant's May kink challenge. No references used.
Art preview:
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James/Peter/Remus/Sirius )
30th August 2007 17:06 - Fic: Not One or the Other (Lupin/Snape/Black, NC17)

Title: Not One or the Other
Author: [info]lore
Characters: Lupin/Snape/Black
Rating: NC17/NWS
Warnings: Er...wallsex? Severus Snape: Human Sex Toy?
Kinks chosen: Group Sex
Word Count: ~3550
Summary: He's supposed to be mine, Remus thought - but which one?
Author's notes: A day late - meant to be the May 27 entry. *blush* These characters, etc., belong to JKR and I am merely taking them out for a smutastic spin. Thanks to [info]karasu_hime, [info]drusillas_rain, [info]arionrhod, [info]innerslytherin and [info]xterm for support and beta. Feedback would be...just wonderful. I worked my tail off on this, and I want to hear from you, good or bad.

Remus leaned on the doorframe, arms crossed over his chest... )

love, lore
29th August 2007 20:28 - Fic: Of Canines and Stags - James/Remus/Sirius - NC-17
Title: Of Canines and Stags
Author/Artist: Elfflame
Pairing: Sirius/Remus/James
Word Count (of fic): 3166
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Sometimes apologies are difficult. And sometimes they’re very simple.
Kinks Chosen: Group Sex
Warnings: (including additional kinks or info)
Author's/Artist's notes: Not telling the time period, as that would give away too much, but this was inspired by [info]littlecup’s Sirius and James, and [info]amberry’s Sirius and my Remus in the two RPGs I’m in. And big hugs to both of them for looking this over for me. The boys all felt they deserved this, considering what happened to the poor blokes in the books. Hope you all enjoy as much as they did. :D

Forgiveness is almost a selfish act because of its immense benefits to the one who forgives. - Lawana Blackwell )
29th May 2006 10:42 - FIC: The Curse of Juno [Lucius/Severus; NC-17]
Title: The Curse of Juno
Author: [info]ldybastet
Characters: Lucius Malfoy/Severus Snape, implied Severus Snape/Regulus Black
Rating: NC-17 (Adult)
Warnings: none
Kinks chosen: Zelophilia: Arousal by own jealousy
Word Count: 1256
Summary: Lucius interrogates Severus about his recent encounter with Regulus.


The Curse of Juno )
20th May 2006 13:49 - Brotherly Love, NC-17
Title: Brotherly Love
Author: [info]eeyore9990
Characters: Bill/Charlie/George/Fred
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slash, Ic, Explicit Sex
Kinks chosen: Group Sex
Word Count: 2130
Summary: Pureblood tradition dictates that a boy's father teach him "the ropes" of seduction. In the Weasley family, it's a bit different
Author's notes: thanks forever to knightmare! Couldn't have done it without you!

Brotherly Love. )
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