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6th March 2017 16:17 - everything is blue (Draco/Albus Severus; NC-17)
Title: everything is blue
Author: [info]_melodic_
Characters/Pairings: Draco Malfoy/Albus Severus Potter
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Chan. Collecting.
Other Warnings/Content: Dub-Con. Underage Sex [Albus is 15]. Anal Fingering. Anal Sex. Dark!Albus Severus. Angst.
Word Count: ~2,625
Summary/Description: Albus always gets what he wants.
Author's Notes: Title taken from Halsey’s song Colors (basically the theme song for all my Draco/Albus Severus feels). Thank you so much to [info]gracerene for the beta!

everything is blue )
11th February 2017 01:33 - Art: Such a Good Boy
Title:Such a Good Boy
Artist: [info]akatnamedeaster
Media:Digital sketch
Characters/Pairings: Charlie Weasley/Draco Malfoy
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Chan
Warnings: Anal, implied spanking, implied Daddy!kink, explicit nudity, creampie

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9th February 2017 08:02 - FIC: Love (or Something Like It) (Harry/Sirius, NC-17)
Title: Love (or Something Like It)
Author: [info]gracerene
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Sirius, past Sirius/James
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Chan
Other Warnings/Content: underage (Harry is 15), takes place over the Christmas hols in OotP, frottage, wanking, shared bed, angst, intergluteal
Word Count: ~2,500
Summary/Description: Sirius shouldn't be doing this, but how could he say no to Harry? How could he deny what they both wanted?
Author's Notes: Thanks to [info]capitu and [info]_melodic_ for looking this over!

Love (or Something Like It) )
26th September 2007 10:28 - Fic: Wicked, Wild, Filthy, Fenrir/Teddy, NC-17, chan
Title: Wicked, Wild, Filthy
Author: [info]melusinahp
Characters: Fenrir/Teddy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: chan, mild dub-con
Themes/kinks chosen: bestiality, oral sex, chan.
Word Count: 4,000
Summary: "Teddy needed to see a werewolf. He needed to know what it looked like, what it did, what it meant. So, the summer after he finished his fourth year at Hogwarts he set off to find one."
Author's notes: Thanks to my lovely betas, [info]browneydweasley and [info]flamewarrior.

Wicked, Wild, Filthy )
22nd September 2007 00:00 - Art - Sept 22 - Charlie Horse
Title: Charlie Horse
Artist: [info]freckles42
Media: tablet+CS2
Characters: Charlie, a Centaur
Rating: NC-17 and VERY NWS
Warnings: NWS, anal, bestiality, chan, seminal fluids, outdoor sex
Themes/kinks chosen: bestiality and chan
Artist's notes: One of the Centaurs has his way with a young Charlie Weasley. So... I've never ever drawn anything like this before but oh gods. Do you know what it's like having to research horse cocks? My internet history is ruined. But in a good way, I think. Maybe. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys... it's dirty and then some. *grin* Thank you to our lovely mods!
Art preview:

Charlie Horse )
9th September 2007 19:36 - Fic: Jamie's Reward (Harry/James, NC-17)
Title: Jamie's Reward
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Harry/James
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: incest, chan
Kinks chosen: Please your mods: chan, oral sex, love!
Word Count: 1236
Summary: Harry and James enjoy some father-son time in the greenhouse.
Author's notes: It never explicitly said in the epilogue that Harry and Ginny were married, so for the purpose of this fic I've gone with my head-in-the-sand approach that they are happily divorced. Let's just say the other kids are visiting her for the weekend. Also, this is dedicated to [info]freckles42 who isn't feeling tip-top today and who wanted to see this scenario.

Jamie's Reward )
17th April 2006 14:35 - Art: You had better not lose count, Potter (Snape/Harry, NC-17)
Original post at daily_deviant at LJ here.

Title: You had better not lose count, Potter
Artist: AriadneElda ([info]ariadneelda)
Media: tablet on Photoshop
Characters: Snape/Harry
Warnings: Chan. Harry getting caned over Snape's lap.
Kinks chosen: Chan, caning.
Disclaimer: The characters belong to JK Rowling. No money is being made.

Art preview:
Image hosting by Photobucket

You had better not lose count, Potter )
29th April 2006 10:42 - FIC: Soothing Strokes [Severus/Draco; NC-17]
Title: Soothing Strokes
Author: [info]ldybastet
Characters: Severus Snape/Draco Malfoy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Adult in sexual situation with a pre-teen, corp. punishment
Kinks chosen: Chan, masochism, and caning
Word Count: 2351
Summary: It's Draco's first year at Hogwarts, and he knows what he needs to be a good boy and do well in school.
Author's notes: Beta-read by [info]starkiller, all remaining errors are all mine.

Soothing Strokes )
20th April 2006 13:47 - A Proper Apology, NC-17
Author: [info]eeyore9990
Title: A Proper Apology
Characters: Lucius, Draco, Snape
Rating: NC-17, Not advisable for Australian readers
Warnings: UA, caning, verbal abuse, physical abuse, graphic sex, object sex, graphic language
Kinks chosen: UA, caning
Word Count: 4723
Summary: Lucius strives to make Draco understand the importance of being a Malfoy, with object lessons.
Author's notes: This is my first offering for [info]daily_deviant. I hope it lives up to expectations. Be aware that I’ve never written anything this kinky before. Enjoy. beta'd by [info]knightmare_shad and [info]vlredreign and a bit of help from [info]sincerelysevy.
Disclaimer: Characters and situations owned by J K Rowling and various companies. No copyright infringement is intended and no money is being made.

A Proper Apology )
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