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13th September 2012 15:24 - Announcing Daily Deviant Updates!
For some time now, HP fandom has become inceasingly scattered across multiple journaling systems and fan sites. We know it can be difficult to keep up with what's going on across all of those systems and sites, and sometimes important information and good pr0n get lost in the mix. So we've come up with a simple way to help ensure that you all never miss an exciting announcement or an even more exciting kink.

[info]dd_updates is an LJ comm where we'll be crossposting/linking to any mod posts we make over here on Daily Deviant. Those of you who don't make it to IJ as often as you'd like can still keep an eye on the fun from afar by watching Daily Deviant Updates.

(Note: Posting members of Daily Deviant, you should join dd_updates if you wish to be able to see the messages that are intended for your eyes only -- the same messages that are locked to members here. Everyone else, simply watch dd_updates for announcements, masterlists, and news.)

And for your porn reading pleasure, do remember that Daily Deviant does have an RSS feed: [info]dd_ij. Go here to add it to your f-list.

Stay tuned; more announcements and Kinky Kristmas 2012 info coming shortly...

ETA: If your primary fandom hub is DW rather than LJ or IJ, we'll also be crossposting/linking mod messages to the Daily Deviant comm there. Same deal on DW; posting members of Daily Deviant may join, watchers may subscribe. We don't mind where you stay in the loop, as long as you continue looping with us! ;)
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