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25th May 2008 00:15 - ART Lucius, R
Title: Wardrobe romance
Artist: [info]vimessy
Media: digital
Characters: Lucius/fur
Rating: R
Warnings: sex with inanimate object
Themes/kinks chosen: fur fetish
Artist's notes: ...:)
Art preview:

Wardrobe romance )
25th March 2008 23:13 - corset
Title: Lucius in green
Artist: [info]vimessy
Media: digital
Characters: Lucius Malfoy/?
Rating: NC17
Warnings: sex scene, men in corset, naked cock
Themes/kinks chosen: corsets
Artist's notes: Lucius - during school years...I'm not sure how he can breath in it :); thanks to Claudia Schiffer for 'inspiration' :)
Art preview:

Lucius in green )
31st January 2008 22:16 - ART: Admiring new slaves (R)
Title: Admiring new slaves
Artist: [info]vimessy
Media: digital (+2 photos - fresco&floor mosaic - as decoration; both photographed by me)
Characters: Lucius, Snape, Narcissa, Bill, Remus and Kingsley
Rating: R
Warnings: 3 naked men
Themes/kinks chosen:August 07- AU. Roman times
Artist's notes: inspired by some Alma Tadema paintings; used photo references
Art preview:

Admiring new slaves )
25th November 2007 20:55 - ART: Lord of Gardens (Voldemort)
Title: Lord of Gardens
Artist: [info]vimessy
Media: digital
Characters: Voldie, Nagini, Voldie and Bella' scarecrows
Rating: R
Warnings: naked suggestive vegetables!
Themes/kinks chosen: Voldemort gives up trying to take over the wizarding world and takes up gardening.
Artist's notes: I just couldn't help myself and just had to draw something silly. Sorry! ;D
Art preview:

Voldie and his favorite scarecrows )
25th September 2007 23:03 - ART: in the bed (Lucius/Severus)
Title: in the bed
Artist: [info]vimessy
Media: PS
Characters: Lucius/Severus
Rating: R
Warnings: Lucius has a big white ass (sorry - couldn't resist :D)
Themes/kinks chosen: love sex :)
Artist's notes: sorry for the low quality :/ ; I used phtoreference (found somewhere on Flickr)
Art preview:

in the bed )
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