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26th December 2011 12:00 - Kinky Kristmas Art: My Pretty Pet (Godric/Salazar)
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]nehalenia
From: [info]venturous

Title: My Pretty Pet
Characters/Pairings: Godric/Salazar
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: Bondage, D/s
Other Warnings/Content: Someone is watching
Summary/Description: Prompt: Godric is called to battle rebellious hill tribes in the south/west (think Wales). He returns with a unique war-prize: a pale skinned, dark-haired youth (16-18) of exceptional beauty. His name? Salazar Slytherin. Before he went off to war, Godric's chief ambition & interest was in building Hogwarts. Now, however, his main interest seems to be spending as much time as possible in bed with young Salazar. Disturbed by this behavior, Rowena decides to investigate. Just what kind of hold does this beautiful boy have over Godric? And which of them is really the master or the slave? Big bonus points for Voyeur!Rowena getting an eyeful of what goes on in the bedchamber, and for Salazar manipulating Godric while allowing himself to be dominated.
Artist's Notes: Alas my more polished version died in a photoshop crash this week. I hope the essence of your prompt is still fullfilled, Dear Deviant.

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30th December 2010 12:00 - Kinky Kristmas Art: "you make a lovely gift, Harry" (Harry/Luna)
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]thilia
From: [info]venturous

Title: "you make a lovely gift, Harry"
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Luna
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Included: bondage, body painting
Other Warnings/Content: nudity
Artist's Notes: this looks like fun, and it was fun to make! Happy Kinky Kristmas!
Art Preview:

you make a lovely gift, Harry [NWS Art!] )
23rd December 2010 12:00 - Kinky Kristmas Art: Happy Christmas, Darling (Hermione/Ginny)
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]twilightsorcery
From: [info]venturous

Title: Merry Christmas, Darling
Characters/ Pairings: Hermione/Ginny
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Included: film noir; cheating, exhibitionism
Other Warnings/Content:
Artist's Notes: I hope this hits a sweet spot, dear giftee, and I apologize for the lack of explicit smut. these two were into lots of eye!sex and anticipation. Thanks to friend C and r_grayjoy for input, and kudos to cloaks at deviantart.com for the textures
Art Preview:

Merry Christmas, Darling [NWS Art!] )
27th September 2010 21:25 - Fic & Art: Wankus Interruptus
Title: Wankus Interruptus (Or Better: Wanker Interrupt Us!)

Media: pencil, PS
Characters/Pairings: Severus/Sirius
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Please your mod: masturbation, first time (after a fashion)
Other Warnings: None
Word Count: ~1340
Summary/Description: Tension is brewing in the kitchen at Grimmauld Place when Severus runs into an intoxicated Sirius Black, but soon Black has everything well in hand.
Creators's Notes: Written & illustrated for Ro because once upon a time we promised to collab for her and 'please your mod' seemed to be the perfect opportunity. Thank you to[info]jadzialove for the beta and[info]gryffindorj for the once over.
Art Preview:

27th May 2010 08:35 - Art: "Let it Bleed" (Ginny, Luna, Hermione, Hooch, Burbidge), PG
Title: Let it Bleed
Artist: [info]venturous
Media: Photoshop, tablet
Characters/Pairings: Ginny, Luna, Hermione, Hooch, Burbidge
Rating: PG-13
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Menstrual Taboo
Other Warnings: naked girls
Artist's Notes: When their Moontime begins, Hogwarts girls are welcomed into the circle of Bleeding Women, to discover their beauty and power.

This composition is a riff on Picasso's Desmoiselles d'Avignon
Art Preview:

29th March 2010 00:04 - Happy Birthday, Daily Deviant!
Title: three sketches titled Housekeeping, Can't Resist, and Afterglow

Inspired by: Clean and Filthy
Author: EntreNous ([info]entrenous88 )
Characters/Pairings: Severus Snape/Draco Malfoy
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Costumes
Other Warnings: Cross-Dressing, nudity
Medium: ink, brush, paper
Summary/Description: On the run after HBP, Draco finds himself in a messy situation.
Artist's Notes: I tried on quite a few ideas for this birthday celebration. It was hard to choose! But [info]entrenous88 's October 2009 fic on the Costume theme was so memorable, I had to post these.
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22nd February 2010 21:33 - Art: The Potions Lab
January's post:

Title: The Potions Lab
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Harry & Severus
Kinks/Themes Chosen: from July 09: Sex in the Workplace
Other warnings: blow job, dub con
Medium: pencil & PS
Notes:  illustration from Quill Lumos fic  The Secret of Seeing Rightly
29th December 2009 12:00 - Kinky Kristmas Art & Fic: Illumination (Severus/Harry)
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]alisanne
From: [info]venturous

Title: Illumination
Characters/Pairings: Severus/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Media: pastel, PS
Word count: 940
Kinks/Themes Included: glove fetish, orgasm denial, D/s implied,
Other Warnings: blow job
Author/Artist's Notes: I loved the idea of the gloves, and enjoyed exploring it.
Art Preview:

Illumination [Art + Fic] )
29th June 2009 21:00 - Art: "Honeymoon Swim"

Title: Honeymoon Swim
Artist: [info]venturous 
Characters: Narcissa Black Malfoy and her young husband
Rating: R
Warnings: monogamous het sex
Themes/kinks chosen: Coitus a unda aka undinism: sex in/under water
Medium: watercolour
Summary: Off the azure banks of the Malfoy's private greek island, Lucius and Narcissa enjoy their newly married bliss

Author's notes: I tried a few things before this just wanted to happen. They, and I, really enjoyed the splashing about.

27th May 2009 23:43 - Professor Sprout enjoys her Magical Vegetables

Title: What Grows in Pomona's Garden
Artist: [info]venturous 
Characters:Pomona Sprout
Warnings:a woman who amuses herself
Themes/kinks chosen:masturbation
Summary: there as distinct advantages to having plant magic at your fingertips. But with her hectic schedule, Pomona rarely gets private time to enjoy them.

note: I edited the art -- she is based on a friend of mine, and she requested it not look quite so much like her!!
28th April 2009 00:12 - Payback time

Title: Payback Time
Artist: [info]venturous 
Rating: NC 17
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Media: pencil, PS
Kink: bloodplay
disclaimer: A transformative work of fan obsession under Fair Use; no infringement intended
warning: bondage, cutting, blood, sub!Harry, nudity, dub-con
Notes: Draco wants to share something special with Harry

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28th March 2009 23:59 - In Minerva's private collection...
Title: Harry and Ron discover Minerva's private art collection
Artist: [info]venturous[Unknown LJ tag]
Media: PS
Characters: Ron, Harry, Lucius/Severus
Rating: R
Themes/kinks chosen: erotic art
Artist's notes: all the prompts this month were interesting to contemplate, but I couldnt resist this.
Art preview:

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28th February 2009 00:09 - Art: "Time's Up"
Title: "Time's Up!"
Artist: [info]venturous 


: Voldemort, assorted Death Eaters
Rating: NC 17
Warnings: naked Dark Lord
Themes/kinks chosen: execution

Artist's notes
: I got inspired looking at gruesome 15th century engravings, then wandered far afield.

Art preview:
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28th December 2008 00:16 - Kinky Kristmas for Ravenna!

"Dammit, Draco, I said NOW!"
Artist: [info]venturous 
Media: PS
Rating: R+ for manbits  (NWS)
Prompt # 39
For: [info]ravenna_c_tan 
Character/Pairing: Snape/Draco
Kink: Orgasm on command
Holiday item or location: Lit only by the charmed lights of a tree
Tone: Desperate
A/N: This was tons of fun, Ravenna. And a very merry, very kinky xmas to you and all the Daily Deviant artists & writers

27th November 2008 11:33 - Art: "Happy Holidays, Remus!"
Artist - </a></b></a>[info]venturous
Character: Nymphadora
Rating - NWS
Media: Charcoal and PS
Warnings - gender-bending
Disclaimer - the characters depicted are the products of my fermented imagination. No infringement intended.
Summary - Tonks wants to make Remus happy for the holidays. Fortunately, she is a gifted metamorphagus.
Artist's Notes
- for Daily Deviant November prompt: "Gender Bending"

fake cut to journal
28th October 2008 13:50 - "I can't do this anymore, Severus"

"I can't do this anymore, Severus"

Lily Potter /Severus Snape
Artist: [info]venturous
Rating: R
Media: charcoal on newsprint
Summary: Undeniably pregnant, Lily Potter reconsiders her extra-cirricular activities.
Artist's notes: My apologies for the lateness and sketchiness of this month's art; Ven's studio is tres hectic with fest projects.
27th September 2008 20:17

: Touch Me
Artist: [info]venturous
Characters: Emmaline Vance, Susan Bones
Rating: NC-17 NWS
Warnings: femmeslash, penetration
Themes/kinks chosen: alternative pairing (see above) there may be an element of Confession here too.
Medium: pencil
Summary: after her Aunt's funeral, Susan needs comfort
27th August 2008 10:47 - The Red Dress

Title: The Red Dress
Artist: [info]venturous
Medium: Pencil, photoshop
Kinks: Romantic marriage, with a whiff of pheromones (and, someone is contemplating insufflation!)
Pairing: HP/SS
Rating: PG? soft R?  everybody has their clothes on
Warnings: cross-dressing, cross-gen
A/N: this is a special dedication to [info]fbowden, who got engaged this past week!  Flic, you deserve the hottest, most romantic marriage on planet earth, and I hope you go for the red dress!

22nd July 2008 05:50

: Anticipation
Artist: [info]venturous 
Media: charcoal, PS
Characters: Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy
Rating: Hard R?
Warnings: BDSM, bottom!Snape
Themes/kinks chosen: Flagellation
Artist's notes: My first DD post, thank you for including me in the Delightful Deviations! I had several more dramatic drawings in play, but in the end I really loved the quiet of S's pose, so very compliant. Not to mention that drawing with charcoal is a very tactile experience *g*

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