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19th January 2009 18:11 - FIC: "Confession" (Remus/Various, NC-17)
Title: Confession
Author: [info]pre_raphaelite1
Characters: Remus/Sirius, Remus/Tonks, Remus/Various, James/Lily
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Non-linearity
Themes/kinks chosen: Satyriasis, Coitus a Mammalia, Infantilism, Salirophilia, Power Tools, Fellatio, Castration, Orgies, Claustrophilia, Hedonism, Courtship, Lacing, Sacofricosis, Flagellation, Fornicatory Dolls, Pheromones, Relics, Romantic Marriage, Confessions, Frottage, Suturing, Tantra, Adultery, Anal Plugs, Computer Sex(of a wizarding sort), Drugs, Coprophagy, Gender-bending
Word Count: 2222
Summary: "I like sex. I always have. But it's not as simple as that."
Author's notes: I figured rather than picking one kink I didn't write last year, I'd pick all the kinks I didn't write last year. Yes, I am crazy. Don't you all know that by now? Some are brief references, but they're still there, damnit.

Confession )

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28th September 2008 22:32 - Art: Don't, R?
Title: Don't
Artist: [info]ships_harry
Media: Photoshop, tablet
Characters: Bill Weasley, Harry Potter
Rating: R
Warnings: See theme. Also, large file size (400k) for no reason I can ken. Harry looks young here, but he isn't; Bill's scars and their lack of canon interaction make Harry, at the *very* least, 17. I'm assuming over 18 but not allowed body hair :p.
Themes/kinks chosen: Suturing
Artist's notes: You know how sometimes you get an idea, and it just doesn't come through in the execution? Yeah. I have such a hate-on for this picture. I liked it more after massive cropping and filtering, but it still sucks balls (I cropped those out). Those are their cocks in the foreground, incidentally, in case the lack of a point of reference makes that hard to tell.

17th September 2008 02:34 - (art) Writhe Keep Still (Ginny Weasley/Nymphadora Tonks)
Title: Writhe Keep Still
Artist: [info]osmalic
Media: pen, photoshop
Characters: Ginny Weasley/Nymphadora Tonks
Rating: NC17
Warnings: femslash, nudity, implied pain (bdsm)
Themes/kinks chosen: suturing
Artist's notes: There is, unfortunately, the lack of close-up for the porn. Thank you to the mods for granting me an extension when I had an emergency!

(Writhe) Keep Still )
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