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24th November 2008 00:23 - Art: Bad Influence (implied Charlie/Percy)
Title: Bad Influence
Artist: [info]melp
Media: Ink, Photoshop coloring, experimentation
Characters: implied Charlie/Percy
Rating: R
Warnings: implied incest, drug use
Themes/kinks chosen: Drugs
Artist's notes: Melancholy porn? No - stoned post-porn!
Art preview:

You know this was all Charlie's fault... )
24th September 2008 01:47 - Art: Property of Remus J. Lupin (Sirius Black)
Title: Property of Remus J. Lupin
Artist: [info]melp
Media: Pencil, hasty Photoshop
Characters: Sirius Black
Rating: R
Warnings: implied masturbation, naked male booty
Themes/kinks chosen: Confessions (albeit, inadvertent)
Artist's notes: Sirius finds out about Remus' fantasies, even when maybe Remus didn't want him to. Pre-slash

He really is a nosy little snoop )
24th July 2008 01:42 - Art (and first post!): If Only (Snape/Lily, sortof)
Title: If Only
Artist: [info]melp
Media: photoshop + le tablet
Characters: Snape, doll!Lily
Rating: nc17
Warnings: penis, full-fledged doll nudity
Themes/kinks chosen: fornicatory dolls
Artist's notes: Hi hi! First post - actually, lots of first for me in this one. I... just hope I got all the tags right. <3
oh, and props to flickr.com for the model blowup doll!
Art preview:

Thar be NSFW Art under here )
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