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19th January 2010 23:05 - FIC: "Practically Pristine" (Various, NC-17)
Title: "Practically Pristine"
Author: [info]pre_raphaelite1
Characters/Pairings: Myrtle, Remus/Slughorn, unnamed Hufflepuffs, Minerva/Tonks, Ron, Anthony/Fat Lady, Dobby, Luna/Sanguini, Carrows/unnamed student, Ginny/Pansy, Cedric/Cho
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: andomimetophilia, anthropophagy, birth control/condoms, blood play, body painting, breasts, breathplay, catamites, clamps, costumes, dungeons, edible aphrodesiacs, execution, genital whipping, hands-free masturbation, hyphephilia, kleptophilia, medical kink, partner swapping, personal ads, pornography, red wings, ritual sex, sex shows, sex in the workplace, symphorophili, sperm banks/fetish, spectrophilia, threesomes, tourniquets, underwear
Other Warnings: Uh... You need more?
Word Count: 1100 exactly
Summary/Description: People think I spend all my time sitting alone in my u-bend thinking morbid thoughts. But I'll tell you a secret: I don't. Oh sometimes one must dwell on death in the curve of a pipe but there are other much nicer things to think and do and see.
Author's Notes: Well, this is every kink/theme I didn't write last year... Talk about a challenge! And far, far too many tags.

Practically Pristine )
18th June 2009 12:06 - Fic: Swing your Partner, Remus/Tonks, Bill/Fleur Feur/Bill/Tonks, Remus/Fleuronks
Title: Swing your Partner
Author: [info]ozma_katiebell
Characters: Remus/Tonks, Bill/Fleur, Tonks/Fleur, Tonks/Bill, Fleur/Remus
Rating: Heavy R
Warnings: Het, Slash, Wife Swapping.
Kinks chosen: Swinging
Word Count: 2243
Summary: People do the strangest things in the middle of a war.  Or maybe it was the hormones.
Author's notes: This is why I love this community.  This little smut bunny has been hanging around the crackiest corners of my brain for some time now, but I never would have had the nerve to write it, let alone publish it without you all.

4th June 2009 09:17 - [fic] What Master Wants (Master Gets) lucius/regulus, severus/regulus
Title: What Master Wants (Master Gets)
Author: [info]iamisaac
Characters: Lucius/Regulus, Severus/Regulus (implied Severus/Narcissa, Lucius/Narcissa)
Rating: NC17
Warnings: D/s, spanking,
Themes/kinks chosen: Swinging
Word Count: ~2900
Summary: Regulus wants nothing more than to do anything Lucius wants. Except one thing...
A/N: Many thanks to [info]drachenmina for some fabulous beta-ing into shape.

What Master Wants )
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