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11th May 2022 10:08 - Gay Book Wednesday!
Hi friends, I hope you're doing well. I am over the C O V I D but I have lingering side effects and awfulness that seems to be staying for apparently a few months (according to the doctor) so lame life is lame. HAHA. But in any case, it's been a minute since I did GBW ♥ and this one looks like a fun/cute one.


Once upon a time…


6th May 2022 23:59 - [ART] Blackbeard from OFMD
Was in a mood so did some Taika Waititi as "Blackbeard/Edward Teach" for kicks and giggles.

Also on tumblr here.

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4th May 2022 11:56 - [ART] Ink / Actor: Milk Pansa.
Milk (Pansa Vosbein) is a Thai actor and model. She recently appeared as a lesbian character "Ink" in the Thai BL Bad Buddy and I am like kind of obsessed w/ her. LOL. I made some fanart for kicks. Check it out if you'd like.

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