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19th March 2010 21:36 - Art: Breathless Anticipation (Charlie/Padfoot)
Title: "Breathless Anticipation"
Based On/Inspired By:Adrenaline Junkies by [info]snegurochka_lee
Characters/Pairings: Charlie/Padfoot
Medium: Pencil
Rating: NC-17
Content/Warnings: Bestiality,Nudity
Summary/Description: Sirius in the form of Padfoot prepares to fulfill Charlie's unusual desire
Author's Notes: The story that inspired this is extremely hot and oh so wrong so I couldn't help myself, thank you [info]snegurochka_lee for the wonderful source material! In any case, I've been having a terrible week and needed to vent my artistic spleen by drawing something possibly a bit squick inducing and a bit out of the norm for me and this fits the bill. Plus, it gave me the chance to draw Charlie and that's a good thing although I'm not sure I'm 100% happy with how it came out.

Art Preview

Extremely not work safe art under cut! Read more... )
15th June 2008 08:27 - FIC: Spay and Neuter (Padfoot, Sirius/Remus - R)
Title: Spay and Neuter
Author: [info]lee_west
Characters: Padfoot, Sirius and Remus
Rating: R
Summary: Padfoot's on the loose, and the RSPCA is hot on his tails.
Warnings: The kink is castration! Someone loses the family jewels.
Kinks chosen: Castration
Word Count: ~2,400
Author's notes: A lay-low-at-Lupin's fic. It's been a while since I saw one of those. They were all the rage until 2005, weren't they?

Thanks to [info]fluffyllama for the beta. RSPCA stands for Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Spay and Neuter )
13th May 2008 07:00 - Fic: Never Dare a Marauder - Padfoot/Remus - NC-17
Title: Never Dare a Marauder
Author: [info]elfflame
Characters: Padfoot/Remus (Yes, me, too…)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Bestiality (and yet another line falls behind me…)
Kinks chosen: Fur and m/m fellatio
Word Count: 1801
Summary: “They were the worst words Remus ever could have said to Sirius.”
Author's notes: So…I was all ready to do a post-DH whore!Reg fic. I had a good half-dozen or so mini-bunnies to use. Except that none of them were quite right. And then I had a conversation with [info]wolfish_cat about things, and ended up with this, instead. Thank you to both [info]wolfish_cat and [info]ceria for looking this one over for me.

It is only the great men who are truly obscene. If they had not dared to be obscene, they could never have dared to be great. – Havelock Ellis )
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