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19th March 2009 22:24 - Monthly Wrap-Up: Kinky Kristmas 2008!

31st December 2008 23:43 - Kinky Kristmas: "Happy Christmas, Git" NC-17, Sirius/Severus, MWPP-Era
Title: Happy Christmas, Git.
Author: [info]nehalenia
Recipient: [info]r_grayjoy
Characters: Sirius Black/Severus Snape
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Since this is Snack, and it isn't hate-sex, I suppose I should put the "sappy romance" warning on it. For Snack, it's positively fluffy, so don't say you haven't been warned. If you ignore it, don't blame me when you claw your eyes out. (Yeah, I'm looking at you, Penny.) ;-)
Prompt: garland
Kinks: bondage, frottage
Word Count: 2500
Author's notes: Nothing but a holiday PWP, folks. Nothing to see here but smex. Many thanks to [info]blpaintchart for the fabulous Brit picking. All other mistakes are mine. Thank you to the mods for allowing to post late!

Good Things: Fun with Garlands )
31st December 2008 16:18 - FIC: "Patience," Parvati/Lavender, NC-17
Title: Patience
Author: [info]green_amber
Characters: Lavender Brown, Parvati Patil
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: orgasm denial, scarred!Lavender
Themes/kinks chosen: See A/N
Word Count: 1180
Summary: Lavender and Parvati participate in an age-old tradition. Parvati thinks Lavender could stand to learn a little patience...
Author's notes: For [info]ragdoll, who wanted Parvati/any female Hogwarts student, Diwali, mehndi, and orgasm denial. Any errors regarding Diwali are my own; I was in such a mental daze this month that I didn't do much of the research I should have done, and so I've left a lot of things vague rather than risk messing them up.

I have stolen Lav's fashion-design ambitions from better writers, and the story about Lakshmi and Sarasvati from a delightful old professor I knew once.

[info]ragdoll, I hope this brightens up your NYE a bit. :)

Patience )
30th December 2008 22:24 - Art: Melting, Lucius/Draco, NC-17
Title: Melting
Artist: [info]ariadneelda
Media: Tablet on Photoshop
Characters: Lucius/Draco
Warnings: Incest, wax play.
Themes/kinks chosen: Kinky Kristmas 2008
Artist's notes: For [info]oshunanat, who asked for Harry/Lucius or Malfoycest, wax play, Menorah. I couldn't picture the Harry/Lucius as anything but non-con without a backstory, so I went with consensual Lucius/Draco just to be safe. For those concerned about it, Draco is of age here. Also, no offence of any kind is meant by this picture.
Art preview:

Melting )
30th December 2008 02:38 - Fic: A Winter Solstice Tale (James/Lily, NC-17)
Title: A Winter Solstice Tale
Author: [info]ragdoll
Recipient: [info]pre_raphaelite1
Characters: James Potter/Lily Potter
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: oral sex, pregnancy fetish, outdoor sex, unrepentant slush
Themes/kinks chosen: pregnancy fetish, outdoor sex
Word Count: 3385
Summary: On the night of the Winter Solstice, James Potter decides to show his wife how Yule was celebrated by wizards in the old days.
Author's notes: This is for [info]pre_raphaelite1 who asked for James/Lily, a stag, pregnancy fetish and reverent/ethereal sex. Happy holidays, my dear!

Much thanks to my amazing betas/cheerleaders: [info]luvscharlie and [info]r_grayjoy for their support and advice.

A Winter Solstice Tale )
30th December 2008 00:21 - Kinky Kristmas fic for Alisanne: Christmas Fairy (Harry/Draco/Severus, NC-17)
Title: Christmas Fairy
Author: [info]who_la_hoop 
Giftee: [info]alisanne 
Pairing: Harry/Draco and Harry/Draco/Severus
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: See A/N :D
Word Count: ~6,500
Summary: When the fairy on top of the tree gets a cold Harry rescues it – with unexpected results, courtesy of one Severus Snape.
Author's notes: [info]alisanne asked for a smutty Harry/Draco/Severus, with cross-dressing, under the Christmas tree. I couldn't quite fit under the Christmas tree, but I hope that hot sexin' in close proximity to it will do :D Happy Christmas, dear!

27th December 2008 22:48 - FIC: Enter, Stage Black (Remus/Sirius, NC-17)
Title: Enter, Stage Black
Author: [info]westernredcedar
For: [info]remeciel
Summary: While Remus is busy with the Hogwart’s production of "A Christmas Carol," Sirius has had far too much free time to do some special…research.
Pairing: Remus/Sirius
Rated: NC-17
Word count: ~2600
Prompt: Snow
Featuring: Rimming!
Warnings: none
A/N: This is what happens when it finally sinks in to me that there is a professor named Burbage. Let the theatre geekery begin!
Thanks, [info]blpaintchart for the Brit-pick and beta. All remaining mistakes are due to my meddling. :)

Enter, Stage Black )
27th December 2008 23:04 - ART: Centrepiece, R, NWS
With apologies to the mods, I'm posting 55 mins early; I'm leaving town early tomorrow morning, and have no idea if I'll have net access while I'm on holiday!

Title: Centrepiece
Artist: [info]ships_harry
Media: Photoshop, tablet
Characters: Lucius Malfoy, Ron Weasley, Narcissa Malfoy
Rating: R
Warnings: Breathplay, public humiliation, definitely blurry consent.
Themes/kinks chosen: Kinky Kristmas 2008
Artist's notes: [info]elentari769 asked for Lucius/Ron, with autoerotic asphyxiation and public humiliation. The asphyxia is not, I'm afraid, autoerotic - it was too appealing to have Lucius inflicting it. It's public, though :).

Narcissa wishes Lucius would pay less attention to the table decorations. )
26th December 2008 14:13 - Art: Fairy Lights & Wine, R
Title: Fairy Lights & Wine
Artist: [info]ghot
Characters: Luna/Ginny/Hermione
Rating: R
Warnings: Threesome, exhibitionism, drunkenness, boobs
Themes/kinks chosen: Exhibitionism
A/N: For [info]magic_at_mungos. Sorry for it not being very porny (and for the chibis), but I wanted to draw this style and... it kicked my ass. Anyway, I hope you like. Happy holidays!

Fairy Lights & Wine )
26th December 2008 05:03 - Fic: A New Tradition (Harry/Draco, NC-17)
Title: A New Tradition
Author: [info]sdk
Characters: Harry Potter, Draco Malfoy
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: spanking, a little bit of rimming, light bondage
Themes/kinks chosen: For [info]kabal42, who wanted Harry/Draco, spanking (or rimming) under a Christmas Tree.
Word Count: 2,052 words
Summary: Harry and Draco have different ideas on how to spend the day before Christmas.
Author's notes: [info]kabal42, I was so happy when I was able to claim your prompt, and I hope the resulting story pleases! Happy holidays! Also, I would be remiss if I did not thank my betas, [info]aldiara and [info]lilithilien for putting up with my hopeless grammar and my last minute additions at 3am this morning.

A New Tradition )
25th December 2008 09:04 - Fic: 101 Rooms in Hogwarts and how Remus and Severus Used Them (Remus/Severus, NC-17)
Title: 101 Rooms in Hogwarts and how Remus and Severus Used Them
Author: [info]chiralove
Characters: Remus Lupin, Severus Snape
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: bondage, some D/s, wax play, role-playing, AU
Themes/kinks chosen: For [info]twilightsorcery: candles, semi-public sex
Word Count: 1500
Summary: Recovery takes many different forms.
Author's notes: Huge thanks to [info]angela_snape for the super-last-minute, above-and-beyond-the-call beta! *loves*

[info]twilightsorcery, this isn't exactly the story I envisioned writing when I claimed your prompt … that one, unfortunately, turned out to be seriously lacking in the department of kinkiness. I hope that you like this, though, and that you have a very happy holiday! :)

101 Rooms in Hogwarts and how Remus and Severus Used Them )
25th December 2008 07:58 - ART: Topping From the Bottom (Bill/Charlie)
Title: Topping From the Bottom
Artist: [info]twilightsorcery
Media: Photoshop
Characters: Bill/Charlie
Rating: R
Warnings: BDSM, and of course the pairing
Themes/kinks chosen: what it says on the tin ;)
Artist's notes: For [info]thescarletwoman. Her prompt was Bill/Charlie, topping from the bottom, and the annual Weasley Christmas celebration. I skimped a little on that last one, but I promise it's in there!
Art preview:

22nd December 2008 00:23 - FIC: Incentives [Charlie/Tonks; NC-17]
Title: Incentives
Author: [info]thescarletwoman
Words: ~3300
Characters: Nymphadora Tonks/Charlie Weasley
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None, really.
Themes/Kinks chosen: Public sex, fingering
Author's Notes: Written for [info]luvscharlie who asked for Charlie/Tonks, Public sex and Diagon Alley or Hogsmeade Christmas shopping. I give you the Leaky Cauldron after a long day of shopping. As always, thanks to [info]rose_whispers for the beta... and for the inspiration. ♥

Incentives )
20th December 2008 23:25 - Fic: Up On The Housetop, Drarry, R/NC-17
Title: Up On The Housetop
Author: [info]eeyore9990
Characters: Draco/Harry
Rating: R/NC-17
Warnings: Fluff
Themes/kinks chosen: For [info]ghot. Prompt: The roof, romance
Word Count: 1981
Summary: We're going to pretend this is their first Christmas together so that there is some form of first time in this fic, okay? So, Draco and Harry spend their first Christmas together as a couple. Harry experiences the angst of a man who has NO IDEA what to get his lover for such a special holiday.
Author's notes: This is actually my second attempt at this fic. The first one was very porn-resistant, so…. *wink* Not so much for a Kinky Kristmas extravaganza. [info]ghot, I really hope you enjoy this and that it is everything you were hoping for! Have a wonderful holiday, dear readers!

ETA: OMG, I completely overlooked the kink when writing this! ARGH! It wasn't until I was filling in the prompt for the header that I realised I'd messed up. [info]ghot, I promise I will write you another fic, with first time. I so fail and I am so sorry.

Up On The Housetop )
20th December 2008 00:08 - For Lesyeuxverts, from littleblackbow
Title: A Journal Entry From Salem_Wolf_999
Author: [info]littleblackbow
Characters: Teddy Lupin/Severus Snape
Rating: NC-17
Themes/kinks chosen: For [info]chiralove, Prompts: Caroling, Courtship
Word Count: around 4500
Summary: Teddy's writing in his journal, recalling events that changed his life.
Author's notes: I was at a complete loss as to how to do this until just a few days ago. I have art started to go with it, and I promise, promise promise that I will add it in as soon as I scan. :D Thank you so much to [info]venturous and [info]faynia for the emergency betas!! I totally owe you two bigtime!

Theme is Courtship
Item or prompt is Caroling

A Journal Entry From Salem_Wolf_999 )
18th December 2008 14:16 - Kinky Kristmas for Ceria (Fic) "Special Report" (Multi-pairing, R)
Title: Special Report
Author: [info]florahart
Words: 1600
Characters: Oh so many implied (Weasleys, Shacklebolt, Prewett, Rookwood, Moody, Potter, Longbottom, Crouch...)
Rating: R
Warnings: Possible implications of things like infidelity and incest
Themes/kinks chosen: Kink: Glory hole, Holiday location: Dept of MLE Christmas Party
Author's notes: [info]ceria asked for the departmental party and any combination of B. Weasley, C. Weasley, G. Prewett, Rookwood, Crouch Jr, Macnair, Shacklebolt, Longbottom, with a glory hole. I hope this will suffice. Oh, and since there is deliberate formatting within the story that involves font color, if the layout on which you are reading is reddish, you may want to add a format=light at the end of the URL.

Special Report )
18th December 2008 06:30 - Art: Gift Wrapping (Lupin/Hermione; R)
Title: Gift Wrapping
For: [info]moriath
Characters: Lupin/Hermione
Holiday item or location:Christmas stockings
Rating: R
Artist's notes:It's been awile since I've done this pairing, but it's still one of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it!

Gift Wrapping )
18th December 2008 00:40 - Kinky Kristmas for Senjy, Art
Title: Finding Christmas
Artist: [info]karasu_hime
Media: Photoshop and tablet Tablet
Characters: Snape/Tonks
Rating: R
Warnings: NWS
Themes/kinks chosen: Kink: Oral Sex, Holiday item: Christmas Tree
Artist's notes: Tonks convinces Severus that some holidays are worth celebrating. Merry Kinky, Senjy!!!!

Finding Christmas )
17th December 2008 22:21 - FIC: Footsteps in the Snow (Draco/Neville, R)
Just made it! This is my last ever Daily Deviant post, so a big hug to all the mods, writers, artists and readers who make this such a groovy asylum :)

Title: Footsteps in the Snow
For: [info]suhk_yuh_buhs
Rating: R
Character/Pairing: Neville/Draco
Kink: outdoor sex, dirty talk
Holiday item or location: Christmas tree, in forest
Words: 2,500
Disclaimer: All familiar characters and situations belong to JK Rowling. No profit is being made.
Note: Mmm, well, the dirty talk is very short and is probably more playful than smutty. Actually, the whole thing ended up more about hints than actual kink. I hope despite that this pleases. Happy holidays!

Somewhere on a Christmas Tree farm in the south of England... )
15th December 2008 23:59 - Title: Caught On The Night Before Xmas
Title: Caught on the Night Before Xmas
Author: acatnamedeaster
Characters: Young Severus/Remus
Rating: NC-17
Kinks chosen: Spanking/Light Bondage
Original Request: alitea
Characters: Lupin/Snape
Kink: light bondage, Spanking! [Severus's been very naughty boy:]
Holiday item or location: ribbon, Christmas tree
Tone: kinky

Notes: Damn, I've missed drawing HP porn! A bit late since my server didn't want to let me upload. :P Please excuse the sketchiness, although I wouldlike to(and will)clean and color this one since it's a particular kink of mine that hasn't yet come up as a posting prompt for me yet.

Remus catches Snape sneaking into Gryffindor Tower on Xmas Eve without a doubt up to no good. Unfortunately, it looks like Severus won't be able to sit comfortably and enjoy his Xmas pudding the next evening...Read more... )
15th December 2008 07:26 - FIC: O Come All Ye (Charlie/Draco/Neville; NC-17)
Title: O Come All Ye
Author: [info]lee_west
Characters: Charlie, Draco and Neville
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~1,580
Warnings: Only the fact that I would love to call this threesome Shaquille, from CHarlie, DrACo and NevILLE. Sorry 'bout that.
Themes/kinks chosen: Kinky Kristmas fic for [info]florahart, whose request was Charlie/Neville/Draco, exhibitionism, going caroling, funny and/or happy-ending
Author's notes: A zillion thanks to my dear beta, [info]minnow_53, for tackling a most improbable threesome and doing it with her usual pizzazz.

O Come All Ye )
14th December 2008 18:21 - Art Post for R_Grayjoy
Title: Cane and Able
Artist: [info]karasu_hime
Media: Photoshop and tablet Tablet
Characters: Snape/Lupin
Rating: R
Warnings: NWS
Themes/kinks chosen: Kink:Dirty talk, Holiday item: Candy Cane.
Artist's notes: Remus is talking dirty to Severus about what he wants to with the canes. Enjoy, R_grayjoy! ps. thank you, Jude for the title suggestion!

Cane and Able )
13th December 2008 17:36 - Fic: Making Peace
Title: Making Peace
Author: [info]elfflame
Characters: Severus/Remus/ Harry
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Cross-gen
Kinks chosen: Kinky Kristmas :D
For [info]mistressmaraj:
Character/Pairing: Snape/Harry/Remus (or Snape/Harry/Bill)
Kink: double penetration
Holiday item or location: private winter solstice celebration
Tone: kinky, angsty (Harry needs a sharp shock out of his post-Voldie depression)

Word Count: 4700+
Summary: Remus hadn’t expected to be a referee on Christmas Eve.
Author's notes: I don’t think this was quite what you had in mind, [info]mistressmaraj, but I hope you like it anyway. Thank you to [info]ceria for the beta.

Peace on Earth/Can it be?/Years from now/Perhaps we’ll see… - David Bowie, Little Drummer Boy (with Bing Crosby) )
11th December 2008 00:01 - Art - Charlie & Harry
Title: A Festivus for the Rest of Us!
Artist: [info]ericahpfa
Media: Pen, Pencil, References.
Characters: Charlie Weasley & Harry Potter
Rating: R
Warnings: NWS
Themes/kinks chosen: Festivus feats of strength
Artist's notes: The moment Harry realized that maybe Festivus isn't just another reason for the Weasley boys to pummel and punch each other. Happy Holidays to [info]emiime and everyone here! I hope everyone stays happy, healthy and safe.

December 23rd, the Burrow )
11th December 2008 01:24 - Fic: Flirting With Disaster (Harry/Snape) NC-17
Title: Flirting with Danger
Author: [info]fbowden
Beta: The lovely brknhalo241 on LJ :)
Characters: Harry/Snape
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: CBT (fairly mild)
Themes/kinks chosen: Cock and Ball torture
Word Count: 1,415
Summary: Severus knows just how to punish Harry for his misdemeanour.
Author's notes: I was scared to write something with such a strong kink theme, but I’m so glad I did, and since it was the lovely [info]venturous who put this bunny forward; being so dear to my heart, I hope it’s exactly what she wanted.

Flirting with Danger )
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