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23rd April 2014 20:03 - Fic: Chosen One (Severus, Voldemort NC-17)
Title: Chosen One
Author: [info]unbroken_halo
Characters/Pairings: Severus Snape, Voldemort
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Daily Deviant's 8th Birthday! Again!
Other Warnings: Bondage, branding, possible dub-con, wanking, implied voyeurism
Word Count: 1,359
Summary/Description: "I asked you here for a specific reason, Ssseverus."
Author's Notes: Inspired by [info]akatnamedeaster's Marked Man. Thanks to [info]witchwere for the once over; any remaining mistakes are my own.

Chosen One )
23rd August 2013 23:07 - Fic: Pony Up (Severus/Sirius, Sirius/Tonks)
Title:Pony Up
Author: [info]unbroken_halo
Characters/Pairings: Severus/Sirius, Remus/Tonks, Sirius/Tonks
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Anal Inserts
Other Warnings: Cousincest, branding, piercing, pony play, handjob
Word Count: 1,279
Summary/Description: Severus and Sirius 'play' with Remus and Tonks.
Author's Notes: I totally blame [info]akatnamedeaster for my new love of these pairings.

Pony Up )
15th July 2012 00:02 - Fic: "No Mere Mortal" (Bellatrix/Voldemort, R)
Title: No Mere Mortal
Author: [info]miss_morland
Pairing: Bellatrix/Voldemort
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Symbolic bondage
Other Warnings: See pairing
Word Count: 1012
Summary: "I am ready, my lord," she says, knowing he will understand the prayer underlying her words. Take me. Claim me. I am yours.
Notes: Sorry if this shows up a bit early, but it's the 15th where I live, after all...

8th September 2010 00:27 - Fic: "Room with a View" (Harry/Draco, Snape/Sirius, NC17)
Title: Room with a View
Author: florahart
Pairings: Harry/Draco, Snape/Sirius
Rating: NC17
Words: ~1325
Kinks: Please the mods: first time, desk sex
Warnings: Given the setting, Harry is just shy of 18.
A/N: Augh, sorry, it has been a week of doom and I totally lost the date. Came close, though.

Room with a View )
28th January 2008 22:31 - Art: Slipping (Umbridge/Harry), NC-17
Title: Slipping
Artist: [info]ships_harry
Media: PS and tablet and the remnants of adolescent fantasies
Characters: Harry Potter, Dolores Umbridge
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Non-con (it kinda has to be...), object penetration, bondage, Dolores in a pink outfit, and lazily-drawn hands.
Themes/kinks chosen: Everything old is new again: straightjackets, waxplay, dildos, branding (of a sort) and the Umbridge/Harry rogue pairing ;).
Artist's notes: It's okay! Umbridge has ALL her clothes on :p. And aww, poor Dolores, she has no tag. Such a surprise, heh.
Art preview:

To be punished... Oh, don't tell me you weren't thinking it! )
17th January 2008 11:13 - Fic: An Affair (Charlie/Fleur, Charlie/Bill, NC-17)
Title: An Affair (the one that you imagine, the one that makes it real)
Author: [info]snegurochka_lee
Characters: Charlie/Fleur, implied Charlie/Bill
Rating: NC-17
Warnings/Themes chosen: Everything old is new again: zelophilia: arousal by own jealousy (from May 2006); incest (from June 2006); and a bit of branding (from March 2006), which in this case is tattoos. Also, adultery (from January 2007), although I used that one in a story here before, so technically it's ineligible. But it's still in here. :)
Word Count: ~3,500
Summary: Bill didn't know if they knew that he knew. He didn't know how it started, and he didn't want to know. He could imagine it all well enough, after all.
Author's notes: Written for the amazing piece of art I received in [info]smutty_claus this past year: An Affair by [info]cork (NWS). The art has zero incestuous insinuations, so I hope the artist is not offended that my brain decided to add those in all of its own accord. :/ Mostly, this was because many comments on the art seemed to convey great pity for Bill in the situation, and I mischievously decided that the blame should be extended a bit to include all three parties. *nods* This also goes out to [info]secretsolitaire on the occasion of her birthday today, because I basically blame credit her for influencing my brain to think of just those incestuous insinuations when presented with Weasley brothers. :D Also, the child got aged up a bit from the art, which will explain her ability to speak. And walk. :)

An Affair )
14th January 2008 23:02 - (art) "All You Wanted" Gellert Grindelwald/Albus Dumbledore - NC17/NWS
Title: "All You Wanted"
Artist: [info]osmalic
Media: pen, photoshop
Characters: Gellert Grindelwald/Albus Dumbledore
Rating: NC17/NWS
Warnings: slash, implied non-con, implied penetration
Themes/kinks: January 2008's "Everything old is new again" prompt
Artist's notes: I cheated and included "gay men" (canon!Dumbledore!), but mostly I chose "rape" and "branding". The interpretation of the art can be different for the viewer, though. I was hoping the bruises were strategically placed to show what was happening. Although there are no overt sexual bits, please practice discretion and sensitivity.

For the greater good, Albus. )

ETA: Photobucket caught on, so the image was deleted. I transferred to another image hosting that, I'm hoping, is temporary. Sorry for the lack of pornification. :(

ETA2: Back up, hope it's working now!
30th August 2007 20:04 - Fic & Art Collaboration: All the King's Horses
Originally posted July 17, 2007

Title: All the King's Horses
Author: [info]themostepotente
Artist: [info]artisticentropy
Characters: Snape/Harry/Draco, implied Lucius/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Pony play, bootlicking, branding, CBT, urethral sounding, cock suckage, AU, object insertion, wanking, voyeurism
Theme/Kink: Safe sex: the Wizarding version
Word Count: 2,200 words
Media: Image done entirely in photoshop with my pen tablet.
Compliant to: Doesn't really apply, but HBP, I suppose.
Author's Notes: Betaed by [info]aliciamasters
Disclaimer: The characters contained within do not belong to me. I just like to make them do filthy things to one another.
Artist's Notes: Many thanks to the roommie Jenn ([info]scribeoffate/[info]idc_chan) for being my bestest kinky bitch and finding me reference pics on pony-play costumes. Also thanks to [info]themostepotente - I didn't think I'd ever top the kinky level of my June pic, but - wow - yeah, I did! :P TMP, you are the goddess of p0rn, and if it weren't for you, I'd have likely let [info]r_grayjoy talk me into doing a kinkier version of this ;) The fandom is in your debt! *L*

All the King's Horses )
30th March 2006 12:57 - Feels Like The First Time (Bellatrix/Voldemort, NC-17)
Title: Feels Like The First Time
Author: [info]misfit_ragdoll
Pairing: Bellatrix Lestrange/Voldemort
Word Count: 1280
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Some new Death Eaters join the party and Bellatrix decides to celebrate.
Warning/Kinks: Branding, Anisonogamism, masturbation, bestiality if you squint hard enough
Notes: Thanks to [info]elfflame and [info]katesque for beta-ing, hand holding, ego stroking and keeping me from hurtling my laptop at the wall. And yes, the name Kebechet was chosen on purpose, because I have a very warped sense of humour (my apologies to BPAL's Beth). This is set some time in the mid-to-late 70s, during the First War. (Spandex robes, platform boots and glitter masks optional)

She sat in Voldemort’s chamber, poised like a queen on a throne, haughtily observing with heavy-lidded eyes as he marked each one of his new Death Eaters in turn. )
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