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ART: Miss Kitty Lets Her Hair Down [Minerva/Bill - NC-17] 
23rd March 2014 22:58
Title: Miss Kitty Lets Her Hair Down
Artist: [info]thilia
Media: Tablet, MyPaint, PS CS5
Characters/Pairings: Minerva/Bill
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: DD's birthday!
Other Warnings: Femdom, leather, corsets, ...um... hand jobs?
Artist's Notes: Sooo, I was looking at people's suggestions in the post and saw that [info]kelly_chambliss wanted a second scene for Let Your Hair Down, Miss Kitty, my first Kinky Kristmas drawing for [info]pre_raphaelite1, sooo I thought I'd give it a try! I even tried to make the style somewhat similar, even though it's obviously changed a little over the years... so. Yeah. Minerva looks too young and a little like Hermione omg but. Ignore that. 0:)
Art Preview:

23rd March 2014 22:23
So, yeah, I'd go on and on about how beautiful Bill is except that his thumb up her knickers is MESMERIZING. It's all I can see. Bloody hell, that's HOT!

24th March 2014 08:12
Heeeeh, thank you! :D
23rd March 2014 22:35
The freckles. Oh my. All the freckles. So mesmerizing (even more so than that beautiful cock).
24th March 2014 08:13
Freckles are always so fun and make the drawings 257851 times better. :D Thank you!
24th March 2014 00:27
After ten minutes of staring, I thought I could manage to comment. So I opened the box.


I still can't!! He's omg, he's stunningly beautiful! I can't stop scolling back up! He is perfect. The freckles!! And... him!!

This is so stunning, I can't even. So I'm going back to staring! Lol!

24th March 2014 08:13
Thank you!! :) Bill is one of my favourites to draw. Long flowy~ hair, yay :3
24th March 2014 07:54
You never fail to amaze me! I think you can make me ship anything! GUH!!! Love it!
24th March 2014 08:14
Art has that effect on me too! I'm like, nope, no way, never, and then I look at it, and... "oohh, this could work..." :D

Thank you!
24th March 2014 10:42
Oh, wow, this is great! Your Bill is a thing of beauty, with such great attention to detail in all the right places. (Freckles FTW! Among other things). I like the way you're able to give them subtly different skin tones, and the coloring is just really effective overall. You're right that the woman is more Hermione than Minerva, but hey, I'm totally up for a good Hermione/Bill. In fact, let's assume that it IS Hermione, and that she's a baby dom in training, and Minerva (always the teacher) is standing just out of sight, offering instruction.

Thank you so, so much for taking up this prompt, Thilia!
28th March 2014 08:41
Thank you! And sure, Hermione/Bill works too... and ooh, I like the idea of Minerva watching/directing :D :D

Glad you like it!
24th March 2014 11:03
Yeah, this is as delicious as it gets. I LOVE where his right hand is. I think I stared at that for many minutes. And she is just sizzling. YUM!
Also, he's just all sorts of fabulous, isn't he? Mmmm. Great job with this!
28th March 2014 08:41
Thank youuu! And yes, yes, he is. I love drawing Bill with his long flowy hair~ :D
24th March 2014 17:10
Oh wow! This is delightfully gorgeous. I just adore Bill's cock and that thumb slipping into Minerva's knickers. *stares*
28th March 2014 08:41
Thank you!! ;)
27th March 2014 12:50
So gorgeous and so hot, God. I love, I love that thumb up her panties, and her nails and his cock and his freckles and pretty much every single detail. This is beautiful and delicious.
28th March 2014 08:42
Thank you! Glad you like it :)))
5th April 2014 14:35
Oh, yum, this is delicious!
9th April 2014 07:26
Thanks! :D
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