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20th April 2011 22:55 - Fic: Hogwarts Does Harry; Harry/Hogwarts; NC-17
Title: Hogwarts Does Harry
Author: [info]eeyore9990
Characters/Pairings: Harry/Hogwarts
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Bad porn month. Clichés include but are not limited to: hapless repair person is seduced by the resident of the castle; Wizards Gone Wild: Spring Summer Break Mischief; gay character tricks straight character of the same gender into sex; hapless character accidentally finds himself in the middle of a debauched situation and ends up joining in; Harry Does Hogwarts
Other Warnings: sex with an (animatedly) inanimate object; object insertion; various bits of other weirdness and surprise!ending
Word Count: 2450
Summary/Description: There've been many changes to Hogwarts over the years. Perhaps there's an explanation for that...
Author's Notes: I have to thank [info]r_grayjoy and [info]leela_cat for gleefully cheering me on while writing this. As for explanations… well. I saw the Harry Does Hogwarts prompt and couldn't pass it up. :D

Hogwarts Does Harry )
14th September 2010 11:10 - Art/Vid: When Snake meets Squid (R)
Title: When Snake meets Squid
Author: [info]jin_fenghuang  and [info]fanficforensics 
Characters/Pairings: Squid/Nagini, Nagini/Harry, implied Snape/Sirius
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Chosen: crack, bestiality
Other Warnings: Do not eat or drink while watching! We mean it!

Summary/Description: Nagini does Dallas Hogwarts. You'll see.
Author's Notes: On a hot summer night in Rome three fangirls opened a bottle of port. This is the result. Enjoy!

When Snake meets Squid
9th October 2008 00:01 - Fic: Complete Perverts (Harry/Ron, NC-17)
Title: Complete Perverts
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Harry/Ron
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Oh, god. Um. Mpreg.
Kinks chosen: Lactaphilia
Word Count: 1995
Summary: Milk—it does Ron's body good.
Author's notes: Um. I have absolutely no excuse for myself. Mpreg is a big squick for me, so I have no idea how this came out of my brain. Thanks upon thanks to [info]eeyore9990 for being my Very Brave Beta and ensuring that that this might be squicky, but at least I didn't abuse any commas.

Complete Perverts )
8th January 2008 03:23 - "Thwak!" Art, SS/IK, NC 17, January 08
Title: Thwak!
Artist: [info]blackcoyote
Media: Artline Pen, Photoshop2
Characters: Snape/Karkaroff
Compliant to: All the books.
Rating: NC 17+ for partially-graphic nudity (incl. body hair), Sexual Situation (NWS!)
Warnings: m/m Slash, Nudity, Sex-scene, Rainbow colours, Mild Violence (slapping), Mpreg incl. veins, stretch-marks, man-boobies etc; consideration of the possible impact this may have upon one's soundness of mental constitution is strongly advised before viewing
Theme/kink: January 08 - 'Everything old is new' month. kinks/Themes chosen from prompts I haven't used - Face-slapping (from May 07), Serenading (July 07), Boot Fetish (Nov 06), Death Eater Kama Sutra (Jan 07), Squick your mod (Jan 07 - teh mpreg squick).

Summary: I think Severus isn't that impressed with Igor's singing, nor in the mood to tolerate it much...
Notes: Drawn for the [info]daily_deviant January 08 AU Theme.
Disclaimer: The characters & settings in this picture (c) J. K. Rowling, Bloomsbury Books, Scholastic, and Warner Brothers. This artist recognises that this image and scenario is a derivative work that may depart from the original Canon and/or the original Author's creative intent.
Image under cut unsuitable for viewers under the age of majority in your country. If this applies to you, do not click on this link )
9th September 2007 16:10 - FIC (NC 17) See and Touch (Snape/Lupin)
Author: [info]blackcoyote
Theme/kink: Mpreg, Shibari (Japanese style bondage – also known as Kinbaku or Sokubaku).
Warnings see under the cut
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 5,100 +
Compliant to: All books to HBP, minor DH spoiler (Epilogue)

The image and the rest of the information for it contains content that may be unsuitable for viewers under the legal age of majority. Please leave if this applies to you, otherwise click the cut for full header and fic )
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