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22nd March 2007 21:00 - Fic: Mar 22: Chinese Fireball
Title: Chinese Fireball
Author: [info]freckles42
Characters: Draco Malfoy, Su Li
Rating: R
Warnings: Minor character, if that needs to be a warning...
Kinks chosen: Petticoat discipline
Word count: ~1300
Summary: Su teaches Draco about how women always get their way
Disclaimer: All characters portrayed are at least 18 years of age. None of the characters herein belong to me, all are JKR's, who is nice enough to let us play in her sandbox.
Author's notes: Well, in just under the wire, what can I say? Thanks to [info]emiime for being a second set of eyes and my cheerleader, as always. And thank you to D for all your pairings suggestions that made Draco/Su seem like a walk in the park. It's still not yet midnight in my timezone, so I'm just under the wire... right? RIGHT. Anyway, I hope y'all enjoy. :D

He realised (for all his cruelty) that the Dark Lord never made him dress in lacy knickers )
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