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31st August 2007 15:27 - Fic: Special Medicine (Pye/Lockhart, NC-17)

Title: Special Medicine
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Augustus Pye/Gilderoy Lockhart
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Dub-con, crazy person sex.
Kinks chosen: Straitjacket
Word Count: 1185
Summary: Augustus Pye is the only one Lockhart will respond to on his bad days.
Author's notes: My summary makes this sound far more innocuous than it is, I'm afraid. Defriend and/or shun me at will. Although this is entirely the fault of [info]freckles42.






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17th March 2006 12:06 - Art: Nothing Else Matters, Sirius/Harry, NC-17
Original post at daily_deviant at LJ here.

Title: Nothing Else Matters
Artist: AriadneElda
Pairing: Sirius/Harry
Kink chosen: Anisonogamism. 20 years age difference qualify for this kink, I suppose. ;)
Disclaimer: The characters belong to JK Rowling. No money is being made.
A/N: For [info]daily_deviant's March challenge. Maybe not kinky enough, but I do hope it's porny enough. *g*

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Nothing Else Matters )
31st August 2007 21:30 - Not all marks are dark
Originally posted 10th March, 2006

Title: Not all marks are dark
Author: [info]kabal42
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Pansy/Ginny
Wordcount: 3578
Summary: It’s been three years and Ginny wants to have Pansy. Really have her. Own her.
Warnings: Pictophilia, branding (chosen from this month’s list), BDSM – and all of the letters on that one ;-) and fairly heavy at that.
Disclaimer: Ginny and Pansy are not mine and I make no money by having them do each other. The doing is my doing, though.
A/N: Written for [info]daily_deviants March challenge. My undying thanks to [info]elfflame for the beta!
Please note that while the observations about nerve responses to branding is true, this is not how branding is done on humans and what is described here should never be attempted. In short: Do not try this at home.

Not all marks are dark )
30th March 2006 12:57 - Feels Like The First Time (Bellatrix/Voldemort, NC-17)
Title: Feels Like The First Time
Author: [info]misfit_ragdoll
Pairing: Bellatrix Lestrange/Voldemort
Word Count: 1280
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Some new Death Eaters join the party and Bellatrix decides to celebrate.
Warning/Kinks: Branding, Anisonogamism, masturbation, bestiality if you squint hard enough
Notes: Thanks to [info]elfflame and [info]katesque for beta-ing, hand holding, ego stroking and keeping me from hurtling my laptop at the wall. And yes, the name Kebechet was chosen on purpose, because I have a very warped sense of humour (my apologies to BPAL's Beth). This is set some time in the mid-to-late 70s, during the First War. (Spandex robes, platform boots and glitter masks optional)

She sat in Voldemort’s chamber, poised like a queen on a throne, haughtily observing with heavy-lidded eyes as he marked each one of his new Death Eaters in turn. )
29th August 2007 19:46 - The Collection - Blaise - NC-17
Title: The Collection
Author: Elfflame
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Slight Blaise/Draco, Sirius/Remus mentioned
Warning: Pseudo-voyeurism—Pictophilia, wanking
Word-count: 2068
A/N: My first entry for Daily Deviant.  Not as smutty as it could have been, but I think it works.  Beta’d by the ever-lovely Ragdoll.  :)  Any further mistakes are my own entirely.

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29th March 2006 10:42 - The seductive properties of the Malfoy smile [Snape/Draco; NC-17]
Title: The seductive properties of the Malfoy smile
Author: [info]ldybastet
Pairing: Snape/Draco
Rating: R to NC-17
Summary: Snape finds a picture of Draco in the Daily Prophet and can't stop looking at it...
Warning/Kink: Pictophilia, anisonogamism, voyeurism
Disclaimer: The world and characters of Harry Potter are the property of J K Rowling and the various copyright holders. No infringement intended, no money made. No people, either real or fictional, were harmed in the writing of this story.
Notes: Beta read by [info]lysa1, and any remaining errors are mine. Anisonogamism - to be attracted to someone either much older or much younger than oneself. Pictophilia - arousal from pictures, either by looking at them or having them taken.


The seductive properties of the Malfoy smile )
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