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19th January 2010 23:05 - FIC: "Practically Pristine" (Various, NC-17)
Title: "Practically Pristine"
Author: [info]pre_raphaelite1
Characters/Pairings: Myrtle, Remus/Slughorn, unnamed Hufflepuffs, Minerva/Tonks, Ron, Anthony/Fat Lady, Dobby, Luna/Sanguini, Carrows/unnamed student, Ginny/Pansy, Cedric/Cho
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: andomimetophilia, anthropophagy, birth control/condoms, blood play, body painting, breasts, breathplay, catamites, clamps, costumes, dungeons, edible aphrodesiacs, execution, genital whipping, hands-free masturbation, hyphephilia, kleptophilia, medical kink, partner swapping, personal ads, pornography, red wings, ritual sex, sex shows, sex in the workplace, symphorophili, sperm banks/fetish, spectrophilia, threesomes, tourniquets, underwear
Other Warnings: Uh... You need more?
Word Count: 1100 exactly
Summary/Description: People think I spend all my time sitting alone in my u-bend thinking morbid thoughts. But I'll tell you a secret: I don't. Oh sometimes one must dwell on death in the curve of a pipe but there are other much nicer things to think and do and see.
Author's Notes: Well, this is every kink/theme I didn't write last year... Talk about a challenge! And far, far too many tags.

Practically Pristine )
30th October 2009 01:53 - Sex & Candy (Ginny/Romilda, NC-17)
Title: Sex & Candy
Author: [info]ragdoll
Characters: Ginny Weasley/Romilda Vane
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: power play, dub dub dub dub-con, sex while under the influence of aphrodisiacs, 16 yr old girls
Themes/kinks chosen: edible aphrodisiacs, sex toys, femmeslash, dub-con, power play
Word Count: 3500
Summary: For Ginny Weasley, revenge is a dish best served cold with a side order of chocolates.
Author's notes: I was originally going to go for this month's alternate pairing of Angelina/Romilda, but Ms Johnson would not cooperate. I'd had the idea of writing Romilda/Ginny revenge sex fic for a while, inspired by a wonderful piece of Ginny/Romilda-in-lingerie art by violetfishy for [info]daily_deviant three years ago. Sadly, the fabulous Miss Fishy is no longer in fandom and the art long since taken down so I cannot share it with you. Believe me when I tell you it was hot.

Thanks to [info]r_grayjoy and [info]eeyore9990 who helped me through this and refused to let me give up on it, and then beta'd it too. Thank you, my darlings.

Sex & Candy )
27th October 2009 01:39 - Fic: 'Dinner and a Show', Minerva, Albus/Severus/Minerva, NC-17
Hello Everyone,

The post is slightly late by my time-zone (apologies!), but hopefully not by yours...

I hope you enjoy :-)

Title: Dinner and a Show
Author: [info]purplefluffycat
Characters/Pairings: Minerva-centric, Albus/Severus, Albus/Severus/Minerva (with a mention of Scrimgeour/Shacklebolt)
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Edible aphrodisiacs
Other Warnings: Fantasy, Voyeurism, Exhibitionism, Threesome
Word Count: about 3800
Summary/Description: Minerva is a slash-girl. Albus and Severus decide to give her the best birthday present, ever...

Author's Notes: Stands alone, but I did imagine this story would naturally follow Surveillance, in which Albus and Severus get together, with a little help from Minerva.

Dinner and a Show )
16th October 2009 16:32 - FIC: The Feel of It (Teddy/James Jr., NC-17)
Title: The Feel of It
Author: [info]mindabbles
Characters: Teddy/James Jr., Albus Severus, Lily Jr., Hugo, Rose
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: oral sex, first time (for James) anal sex, a teeny, tiny hint of rimming
Themes/kinks chosen: Edible aphrodisiacs, hyphephilia
Word Count: 5,900
Summary: In his fantasies Teddy always tumbles him forcefully onto the soft, cool surface of the sofa, biting at his neck and grinding his hard cock between James' spread legs.
Author's notes: Thanks to [info]elizassecret for the beta. Thank you so much to the mods for the invitation!!

Tonight, Teddy won't know what hit him. )
15th October 2009 06:54 - The Mrs Weasleys' Great Meat Pie Contest
Title: The Mrs Weasleys' Great Meat Pie Contest
Author: Lee West
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Molly, Bill/Fleur, Charlie/Viktor, Percy/Audrey, George/Angelina, Ron/Hermione, Harry/Ginny and Teddy/Victoire
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Edible Aphrodisiacs
Other Warnings: Use and abuse of pie.
Word Count: 2,634
Summary/Descriptions: Which of the Mrs Weasleys makes the best meat pie?
Author's Notes: For everyone whose pies are not "as good as my mother's."

Thank you muchly to Sab and Minnow for betaing.

The Mrs Weasleys' Great Meat Pie Contest )
7th October 2009 15:50 - Sushi
Title: Sushi.
Artist: [info]didodikali
Media: pencil.
Characters: Slughorn, Hooch, the Giant Squid.
Rating: Porn fail, but the subtext's nice.
Warnings: Squid.
Themes/kinks chosen: edible aphrodisiacs

Sushi. )
3rd October 2009 23:16 - FIC: Breaking Bread Together [Remus, Severus, NC17]
Title: Breaking Bread Together
Author: [info]celandineb
Characters: Remus, Severus
Rating: NC17
Warnings: blowjob, anal sex
Themes/kinks chosen: edible aphrodisiacs
Word Count: 2256
Summary: Severus has invited Remus over for dinner.
Author's notes: This takes place soon after they leave school, before Voldemort becomes really powerful and before Severus begins teaching at Hogwarts. And I nearly missed posting on my day! Ack! Geeky note (slight plot spoiler): The oysters, saffron and truffles in the soup, ginseng and damiana in the quiche, tomatoes, and dark chocolate have all been considered aphrodisiacs.

Breaking Bread Together )
3rd October 2009 20:09 - FIC: On The Hogwarts Express
Title: On The Hogwarts Express
Author: [info]iamisaac
Characters: Ron/Neville
Rating: erm, hard-ish R?
Warnings: unsexy sex, accidental voyeurism
Themes/kinks chosen: Edible aphrodisiacs
Word Count: ~1800
Summary: "It was Fred and George's fault. Everything that went wrong for Ron (with the exception of a couple of Voldemort induced problems) was Fred and George's fault."
Author's notes: 1. Thanks, [info]lee_west, darling, for managing to cope with Neville!sex in your beta-ing job. You do rock so very much, you know.
2. I'm a few hours early, because I have the day from hell tomorrow and intend to go straight from work to bed (on my own!) and will not have time to post. Sorry. Shut your eyes and imagine it's 4 hours later.

on the hogwarts express )
2nd October 2009 23:57 - Fic: Unforgettable
Author: [info]unbroken_halo
Characters: Neville/Draco
Warnings:Wall!sex and frottage
Themes/kinks chosen: Edible aphrodisiacs
Word Count:1756
Summary:Neville plans a special evening for Draco.
Author's notes: This is entirely [info]leela_cat's fault. I am in no way related to or in competition with [info]eeyore9990 for the title of Crack Queen, I rather like Bitch Queen, myself. *g* Thank you to [info]eeyone9990 for the handholding and lightening beta.

Unforgettable )
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