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23rd February 2014 22:23 - ART: Bottom [??/Albus Severus - NC-17]
Title: Bottom
Artist: [info]thilia
Media: Digital
Characters/Pairings: ??/Albus Severus
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Bottoms
Other Warnings: None, really. Possibly incest, depending on who you want the other person to be...
Artist's Notes: This one was eeeasy. Which one of my boys is the biggest bottom? Yup. Albus. The other guy had a head first but I didn't like it, so I cropped the picture, haha. Works better this way, and the full focus is on Albus~ And I tried out different brushes this time, which is why it's more... sketchy. Uncreative title, too, wow ;)
Art Preview:

bottom )
13th February 2014 22:51 - FIC: His Mother's Eyes (Lily, Harry, Other; R)
Title: His Mother's Eyes
Author: [info]torino10154
Characters: Lily, Harry, and highlight to read if you must *Horace Slughorn*
Rating: R
Theme Chosen: Oculophilia: being aroused by eyes or specific kinds of eyes
Other Content: Masturbation, cross-gen, fantasies including: oral, vaginal, anal, rough sex, bondage, chan
Word Count: ~1000
Summary: The moment he saw Harry's green eyes, he knew he was lost.
Author's Notes: Last minute fic is last minute. Thanks to [info]sdk for the once over. ♥ Any mistakes that remain are mine alone.

His Mother's Eyes )
28th January 2014 00:02 - Seen but not heard
Title: Seen but not heard
Artist: [info]glitter_pink
Media: Digital
Characters/Pairings: Hermione/Pansy/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: heterosexuals, group sex, infidelity
Other Warnings: bondage, spanking, nudity, voyeurism (implied)
Artist's Notes: Hi everyone! This is my first post here at DD, and I hope this is a worthy inaugural post. I like to think it's Neville doing the watching (Hermione/Neville is one of my favorite pairings), while his wife has a good time. Of course, it can be whomever you want...^.~
Art Preview:

So long as she enjoys herself... )
18th June 2013 18:53 - Fic: Only Right (Harry/? - R)
Title: Only Right
Author: [info]alisanne
Characters: Harry Potter/?, Ron Weasley/Hermione Granger
Rating: R
Warnings: Bondage, the suggestion of dub con but not really.
Themes/kinks chosen: padlocks and strapping
Word Count: ~1550
Summary: It's only right that Harry's evenings be enjoyable.
Author's notes: Once again I'm late. Circumstances converged to make managing a fic for my original posting date impossible, so thanks to the mods for allowing me to post today, and of course, to my beta readers: [info]sevfan and [info]emynn.
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

Only Right )
14th May 2013 06:35 - FIC: Delayed Gratification (Percy/?; NC-17)
Title: Delayed Gratification
Author: [info]torino10154
Pairing: Percy/cock
Rating: NC-17
Theme Chosen: Uncircumcised penises
Other Content: Glory hole
Word Count: ~1110
Summary: Percy takes pride in a job well done. No matter what that job is.
Author's Notes: Thanks so much to [info]sdk and [info]tamlane for the feedback and speedy beta.

Delayed Gratification )
6th April 2013 12:11 - Fic: "Clowning Around" - NC17
Title: Clowning Around
Author: islandsmoke
Characters/Pairings: Sirius/Clown
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Coulrophilia: sexual attraction to clowns, mimes, or jesters; sexual arousal from clowning, miming, etc.; incorporation of clown play into sex
Other Warnings: Could be dub-con as the consent is given to an anonymous person, object insertion, sounding, toys, light bondage. The boys are probably about 15, so… underage?
Word Count: ~2500
Summary/Description: Be careful what you wish for.
Author's Notes: I see this as happening before The Prank, and perhaps being a "justification" for it. Huge thanks to [info]rayvyn2k for taking this on at the last minute!

~ Clowning Around ~ )
19th January 2012 23:03 - FIC: "The Observation" (Ginny + Unidentified Male/Unidentified Female)
Title: "The Observation"
Author: [info]pre_raphaelite1
Characters/Pairings: Ginny + a bunch of unidentified folks, implied Teddy/Victoire
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Again, all those I'd not used last year in one (actually coherent, I think) fic: massage parlors,mirrors, sexology, snuff films, sex shops,authority figure roleplay, bathing/washing, blindfolding, sounding, pervertibles, breast enhancement, dark wizards/witches, harpaxophilia, begging, body writing, exhibitionism, genital enhancement, - hygrophilia, nipple play, silence, tears/crying, altered state orgasms, life-threatening situations
Other Warnings: dubcon, breathplay
Word Count:3350
Summary/Description: Professionalism, Weasley. Acceptance of people’s sexual interests no matter what your personal opinions are is the best way to help them or to clean up after them when something goes wrong. Like this would.
Author's Notes: I really enjoyed writing this one, and it turned into one of my longer D_D fics. It is dedicated to my beloved [info]thegildedmagpie. And, bedtime nao. Tags in the morning.

The Observation )
23rd September 2011 20:31 - ART: Always Begging For More [James/Lucy/??]
Title: Always Begging For More
Artist: [info]thilia
Media: Digital
Characters/Pairings: James Sirius/Lucy/??
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Begging
Other Warnings: Threesome, incest, double penetration
Artist's Notes: Random pairing! Until I coloured it, I had no idea who the boys were gonna be at all, but then I picked James, and... well, the other one's up to you. Suggestions? ;D Not entirely pleased with it, but I do like how Lucy turned out :)
Art Preview:

Always Begging For More )
24th August 2011 11:12 - Fic: A Question of Authority, Harry/?, R
Title: A Question of Authority
Author: [info]centaury_squill
Characters/Pairings: Harry/?
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Chosen: authority figure roleplay, body writing
Other Warnings: none
Word Count: 1,250
Summary/Description: Harry Potter has a problem with authority.
Author's Notes: Themes chosen for [info]help_japan winners.

Mods, could I have an author tag, please?

A Question of Authority )
13th June 2011 12:57 - Fic: Golden Prince -- On Display - ?/Blaise, NC-17
Title: Golden Prince—On Display
Author: [info]elfflame
Characters/Pairings: ?/Blaise, Lucius/Blaise
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Mirrors and exhibitionism.
Other Warnings: A bit of M/s here, and UST.
Word Count: 1516
Summary/Description: Blaise's Master sends him to perform for a friend.
Author's Notes: Apologies for not doing sounding this month. I love the idea, but try as I might, I just couldn't get myself to write it because I wasn't comfortable enough with it, having never done it before in any form. Another in the Golden Prince series. Definitely can be read on its own as a stand-alone if you assume Lucius as Blaise's Master. A few other pairings implied beyond Lucius/Blaise, though not as much as the ones named above.

May the love hidden deep inside your heart find the love waiting in your dreams. – unknown )
23rd May 2011 22:02 - Fic: A Thief in the Night (Lucius/?, NC-17)
Title: A Thief in the Night
Author: [info]kinky_kneazle
Characters/Pairings: Lucius/?
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Harpaxophilia
Other Warnings: Bondage
Word Count: ~1500
Summary/Description: The Snitch is the most notorious thief in the Wizarding World, breaking into the homes of the oldest families and taking anything that takes his fancy. Lucius is determined to do what the Aurors can't: catch him.
Author's Notes: Love to F for the beta.

A Thief in the Night )
17th February 2011 01:43 - Fic: Bitter Brew (Draco/multiple, NC17)
Title: Bitter Brew
Author: Musyc
Characters/Pairings: Draco Malfoy/unknown, past Draco Malfoy/Hermione Granger
Rating: NC17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Altered States
Other Warnings: Alcoholism, self-destructive behavior.
Word Count: 1515
Summary/Description: Dark curls, dark eyes, but they're never her.
Author's Notes: Kinda stretching the applicability of "altered states" here, but sex during blackouts is the same as blackouts from sex, right? >.>

Bitter Brew )
7th January 2011 23:53 - Fic: "Fellytone" (Arthur/Android, R)
Title: Fellytone
Author: Florahart
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Android
Rating: R or so
Kinks/Themes Chosen: (Everything old is new again...) Android, celibacy of a sort, cock ring, a touch of discipline, maybe a pinch of humiliation, and some shiny jewelry.
Other Warnings: Arguably the consent is problematic; also, this is Arthur without Molly.
Word Count: 1375
Summary/Description: Arthur isn't doing anything anyone else wouldn't do, right? It was just, he was curious, and the mechanical man was so obliging.
Author's Notes: Oh god this is crack. CRACK.

Fellytone )
24th October 2010 23:36 - Fic: Moonlight (Teddy/? - NC-17)
Title: Moonlight
Author: [info]lilmisblack 
Characters/Pairings: (Highlight to read) Teddy/Bill
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: sex under the influence
Other Warnings: Slash, Slight Dom/sub
Word Count: 2600
Summary/Description: There were no inhibitions, no moral compass, no 'should' or 'can't', there was just what he wanted, what he needed. What he would take. The moon set him free, allowed him to enjoy, to do, to play. He was free to live, consequences be damned.

21st September 2010 18:05 - FIC: "Not for You," Some Guy/Severus Snape, NC-17
Title: Not for You
Author: [info]thegildedmagpie
Characters/Pairings: Unidentified male/Severus Snape
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Please your mod: BDSM, desk!sex (well, lab table!sex), masturbation
Other Warnings: hot and dirty and foul-mouthed, a bit dubconny, with a facial.
Word Count: 1745
Summary/Description: Severus is over his lab table. What more does anyone need?
Author's Notes: Thanks to [info]pre_raphaelite1 for help with the ending. I rarely (i.e. never) write unidentified-character stuff, but this one, I think, needed it.

He's been sore for days. )
19th September 2010 23:38 - "Ink-Stained" (Tom/?, NC-17)
Title: Ink-Stained
Author: [info]pre_raphaelite1
Characters/Pairings: Tom/? (het)
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Please/Squick your Mod: desk!sex, masturbation, bdsm
Other Warnings: lactation, adultery, blindfolding (of a sort), orgasm denial
Word Count: 1930
Summary/Description: But the promise of threat never kept her from wanting him, from wanting to draw the diary forth and raise quill and ink in greeting to his slanted words.
Author's Notes: Let's see if this comes through like I hoped, which does explain/necessitate my refusal to identify the female in the header.

Ink-Stained )
23rd July 2010 17:12 - ART: I'm On A Horse [Blaise/Centaur - PG-13]
Title: I'm On A Horse
Artist: [info]thilia
Media: Photoshop, tablet
Characters/Pairings: Blaise, Blaise/random centaur
Rating: PG-13 (but NSFW, I think)
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Touch
Other Warnings: Just mild nudity, this time O_O And crack! XD
Artist's Notes: OMG, I'm such a DORK! I start giggling every time I look at it :D Anyway, I'm sure you all know the hot Old Spice commercial. If you don't, you should take a look at the video before clicking the cut :D
I have no idea how I this came to be. But Blaise would make a hot Old Spice model ;) What can I say? You just can't not touch that guy ;) Poor, helpless nameless centaur!
Art Preview:

I'm on a horse. )
5th July 2010 11:26 - Fic: Private Practice (NC-17, Harry/Pansy, surprise)
Title: Private Practice
Author: [info]alisanne
Characters: Harry Potter/Pansy Parkinson, surprise pairing.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: see theme!
Themes/kinks chosen: cunnilingus
Word Count: 2450
Summary: Harry gets a surprising offer of help that he can't refuse.
Author's notes: Thanks to my awesome beta-readers, [info]sevfan and [info]eeyore9990.
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

Private Practice )
13th May 2010 11:41 - Fic: The Revels of Venice - ?/Draco, NC-17
Title: The Revels of Venice
Author: [info]elfflame
Characters/Pairings: ?/Draco
Rating: NC-17 in the vanilla sort of way.
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Festivals
Other Warnings: slight dub-con.
Word Count: 2540
Summary/Description: Draco finds himself on his own in Venice during Carnivale. Then someone finds him.
Author's Notes: If you like my Draco pairings, you’ll enjoy this one. Trust me. :) Thank you to Kabal and Kit and Ceria for all their help with this one.

Venice once was dear, The pleasant place of all festivity, The revel of the earth, the masque of Italy. – Lord Byron )
23rd February 2010 15:48 - ART: Captive [DE/Luna/Bella - NC-17]
Title: Captive
Artist: [info]thilia
Media: Photoshop, Tablet
Characters/Pairings: Bellatrix/Luna/Random Death Eater (maybe Travers?)
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Sexual harrassment, jewelry
Other Warnings: Anal, non-con/rape, uh... yeah.
Artist's Notes: Um... poor Luna? XD
Art Preview:

Captive )
12th February 2010 00:48 - Fic: One night, but there's no need to stand (Ginny/anon women, NC-17)
Title:One night, but there's no need to stand
Author: [info]woldy
Pairings: Ginny Weasley/anonymous women, & highlight for pairing spoilers: Ginny Weasley/Nymphadora Tonks
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Hanky code; hints of jewellery
Other Warnings: Anonymous sex, spanking, fisting, rimming, brief mentions of other hanky code kinks.
Word Count: ~2600 words
Summary: In this room all that mattered was what you wanted, and the only negotiation required was a scrap of coloured fabric.
Author's Notes: Many thanks to my betas kellychambliss and bewarethesmirk. I'm excited to be posting my first fic here!

One night, but there's no need to stand )
19th January 2010 23:05 - FIC: "Practically Pristine" (Various, NC-17)
Title: "Practically Pristine"
Author: [info]pre_raphaelite1
Characters/Pairings: Myrtle, Remus/Slughorn, unnamed Hufflepuffs, Minerva/Tonks, Ron, Anthony/Fat Lady, Dobby, Luna/Sanguini, Carrows/unnamed student, Ginny/Pansy, Cedric/Cho
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: andomimetophilia, anthropophagy, birth control/condoms, blood play, body painting, breasts, breathplay, catamites, clamps, costumes, dungeons, edible aphrodesiacs, execution, genital whipping, hands-free masturbation, hyphephilia, kleptophilia, medical kink, partner swapping, personal ads, pornography, red wings, ritual sex, sex shows, sex in the workplace, symphorophili, sperm banks/fetish, spectrophilia, threesomes, tourniquets, underwear
Other Warnings: Uh... You need more?
Word Count: 1100 exactly
Summary/Description: People think I spend all my time sitting alone in my u-bend thinking morbid thoughts. But I'll tell you a secret: I don't. Oh sometimes one must dwell on death in the curve of a pipe but there are other much nicer things to think and do and see.
Author's Notes: Well, this is every kink/theme I didn't write last year... Talk about a challenge! And far, far too many tags.

Practically Pristine )
8th November 2009 01:00 - "Up to So Much No Good" (Many pairs, NC17)
Title: Up to So Much No Good
Pairing: This is a little complicated. Harry's involved, and there are mentions of Charlie, Percy, Ginny, Snape, Kingsley, McGonagall, George, Hermione...
Theme: Costumes
Warnings: faux, or possibly real, sibling incest; anonymous sex
Words: ~1400
Rating: Quite NC17
A/N: Pay no attention to the clock behind the curtain. It's totally still the 7th. *nods*

Up to <I>So Much</i> No Good )
3rd August 2009 20:14 - FIC: Mr Box 334 [Draco, Severus, ???, NC17]
Title: Mr Box 334
Author: [info]celandineb
Characters: Draco, Severus, "Mr Box 334" [highlight to reveal identity, if you must: Harry Potter]
Rating: NC17
Warnings: blowjobs, dirty talk, D/s, sex toys, threesome
Themes/kinks chosen: ménage a tróis (threesomes), personal ads
Word Count: 4690 words
Summary: Draco's always wanted to try a threesome, and an advert in the Daily Prophet seems like just the chance.
Author's notes: Hurray for threesomes!

Mr Box 334 )
23rd June 2008 08:06 - ART : The Dark Room
Title: The Dark Room
Artist: [info]remeciel
Media: pencils, gouache and Photoshop for the frame.
Characters: Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Andromeda Black, Bellatrix Black, Narcissa Black, Severus Snape, Lily Evans, other students at Hogwarts in the background.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None, really. Or the tags said it all.
Theme: Orgies.
Artist's notes: This is my very first illustration for this community. So reviews are much more than welcomed. :)

Read more... )
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