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Art: Marked Man (Snape) 
14th December 2007 20:51
Title: Marked Man
Artist: [info]akatnamedeaster
Media: Photoshop over a pencil sketch
Themes/kinks chosen:Bondage, Dub-Con
Artist's notes:*Nervous first post* Snape gets his Dark Mark in a fashion that he wasn't expecting and ends up getting more than he bargined for. This was originally a very rough blue sketch that I inked and colored in Photoshop. I'm normally a real media artist and not too used to using PS for color but I wanted it to have a animation cel look.

I'm definitely more comfortable with pencils and paints but hopefully I didn't muff this one too badly.
15th December 2007 02:35
Oh, wow - HOT! I love that he's looking defiant even while trussed, and the light effect for the magic is used well, bringing attention to the lines of Severus' body and creating another level of binding around him. Very yummy!
15th December 2007 03:13
Thank you. :) I'm sure it takes a lot to get that look off his face or at least it's probably dependent on who's the one holding him. ;)
15th December 2007 02:37
Heh, now that's a hell of a first post. ::smirk::

The misty, eerie green of the spell rising up and swirling around him is awesome. Also, I'm totally grooving on younger Snape's longer hair here. OMG that's hot. ::dies::
15th December 2007 03:13
Thanks! :) I loves me some long hair...
15th December 2007 03:30
Wow! The look on his face, the way the light is used in this too is fantastic! Love it!!!
15th December 2007 03:33
Oh, so that's where this one was heading!

15th December 2007 03:37
Is it my light, or are his teeth yellow? LOL!
15th December 2007 04:11
Yup, his teeth are a bit yellowed like he's described, poor guy. I can't bring myself to make them wonky though!
15th December 2007 03:41
The Dark Mark glowing green on his arm....awesome.
15th December 2007 05:51
The fierce look on his face is perfect! And the swirl of the green spell light rising up around him is very spooky and pretty at the same time.

You got nothing to be nervous about!
15th December 2007 06:35
He's very sexy like that ;)
15th December 2007 09:46
Oh my! *fans* His expression is to die for! That sneer...
The colouring went really well seen from here. Your Snape certainly has hidden qualities.
Brilliant first post! And welcome to DD. :0)
15th December 2007 10:11
Oh my lord, hasn't this come up beautifully?? Mmmm, absolutely gorgeous. The colour really enhances the pose and Snape's expression. Yum!
15th December 2007 15:12
I really like that this image is from when he received his Dark Mark-surprise Severus! I love that you post your rougher sketches as well as the finished product-it's great to see how you work. Well done (as usual).
15th December 2007 15:25
Wow! This is absolutely fantastic. I love the look on his face. *fans self*
15th December 2007 15:49
Wow! Very hot, and beautifully done! This young adult Snape has both the power and slight uncertainty I'd expect. The tones, and the green ribbon, are awesome - spellbinding, one might say ;-)

All the details are wonderful - the double slash across the side of his belly, and what looks like a drop of precome on his cock - and make me wish I had the story to go with this; are there other Death Eaters there? Lucius, his "sponsor"? It's made of fantasy, this piece. ::applause::
15th December 2007 16:38
Oh this turned out incredibly! Bravo!
And his hair is so making me swoon (not to mention the rest of him, heh.)

*bounces happily to see you here*
15th December 2007 18:45
15th December 2007 20:36
Wow! This is FABULOUS. And hot! Love it OMG. *memories*
15th December 2007 21:37
Wicked! What a fabulous job!
15th December 2007 21:44
Oh. My. God.

So smexy. His face is fantastic. And the restraints. And the taut leash. And dear Lord but I want to just lick that nipple. What? It's totally asking for it.

Anyways, welcome aboard. Have some cookies!
15th December 2007 21:49
Holy cow!!! That is AMAZING!
15th December 2007 21:53
Wow. WOW. Terribly hot, but what I like best is his face! Such an expression! Terrific!
16th December 2007 05:24
I just creamed my pants. x.X

HOOOT. Love his nose, body, penis [peircing!], and his angry defiance. Beautifully done.

Def fav!
17th December 2007 03:11
Is that a piercing? I thought it was a drop of precome!

Luscious work! Love his snarly expression!
17th December 2007 04:19
You are probably right xD My bf has a PA that looks like that - so I am unsure.
16th December 2007 18:34
Wow, this turned out great! It's been fascinating to watch this one take shape--you should be very proud of the delicious result! I particularly love the way you drew the Dark Mark and the writhing green light. Oh, and his cock. Naturally. ;-)
17th December 2007 00:54
I lurve everything about this, from his long hair, to his defiant look, to the magic and his cock! Nicely done for your first post! ^_^
17th December 2007 13:17
Wow! I love this - even if you're not comfortable with the medium. Your work is so wonderful I love it when it comes up on my flist. :D
17th December 2007 16:08
Mmmm. Snape. Chains. Leather. And is that an apadravya piercing? My favourite perversions in one stunning pic.

And you did get the cel-look.

Goes to wash out brain.
19th December 2007 21:38
Gorgeous! I love the look on his face. You draw a great Snape. :-)
20th December 2007 17:35
Snape's body is keeling me here. I love how the sinew is sculpted.

I love the contrast of black and green.
23rd December 2007 23:10
Snape's face and the leash are just perfect :))
2nd May 2014 13:58
Oh my god. This takes your breath away, and by 'yours' I mean mine! Gorgeous! I love the drop at the tip. Love it all.
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