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It Didn't Matter 
30th March 2014 08:47
Title: It Didn't Matter
Artist: [info]iwao
Media: Sketching pencils. SAI
Characters/Pairings: Draco/Harry!doll
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Daily Deviant 8th Birthday.
Other Warnings: Fornicatory dolls.
Artist's Notes: Inspired by Take Me Down, by [info]sdk. Dearest [info]sdk, I hope you like this drawing, though I couldn't do the doll's face. *blushes* I did try and it looked sooo creepy! But your fiction is stunning and I had a real pleasure drawing for it. Thank you for allowing it, darling.

And a big big hug to my long-suffering beta, [info]capitu. I certainly couldn't have done it without you! <3!

It Didn&amp;#39;t Matter
30th March 2014 12:50
I've been dying to see this posted. It's absolutely beautiful. I love the changes you made, you head, I mean, his face thrown back and the tear.. his torso! You'll get tired of hearing me say it, but it's flawless, and the shading is perfect, too. I adore it. It's one of my favourite pieces because it's not only sexy, but it just says so much, it works so well with the story, how Draco was feeling. Great work, my love. You've outdone yourself. <3333
30th March 2014 15:37
Florecita linda! :D well, I was worrying no one was going to say anything! Lolol! I'm glad you approve of the changes, cos it was like god-only-knows-o'clock in the morning and I just didn't like it and the eraser was there and that! I'm happy I did, though, cos this is what I wanted to show. His hair too, it was too short and tidy! D: I like this look better on him. *nods* And I know what you said about the tear, but I think in this case it works, cos his face is quite serene otherwise!

Anyway, thank you again for all you help and hand holding. Did I mention how much I love you? (as if you didn't know :P)
30th March 2014 13:37
Oh. Dear. Lord. This is marvelous. The wrinkles on the pillows are oddly entrancing, and Draco's adam's apple is sexy. Mmm.
30th March 2014 15:31
Thank you very much, beautiful. The fic is gorgeous and deserved the remix! And I'm really chuffed to bits that you like the pillows! Lol! they do look comfy! *glomps*
30th March 2014 13:51
Oh my goodness, how delicious is this? Guh!
And now of course I must go and re read the fic. Unf.
Just wonderful work, my dear!
And yes, I, too, am oddly mesmerized by the pillows and Draco's thrown back head. And is that a tear track on his face? Damn.
30th March 2014 15:27
Thank you so very much, bebé! Yeah, it's a tear, I guess if you have now read the fic, it'll make more sense! :D

The pillows? Lolol! Why? They are pillows! But I'm very glad you find them appealing! *giggles* I tend to find Draco's bed a very appealing place! Lol!

Thank you for leaving a comment bebé, I was worried! Lol! *glomps*
30th March 2014 13:59


First of all, ahhhhh lady! *hugsyou* I'm so excited you were inspired by my story and did art for it, I can't even. :DDDD sldkfjsdlkf

And this is just beautiful! I'm sort of enraptured by Harry's perfect plastic bubble butt, ngl, (haha should I be ashamed??) but the emotion on Draco's face is just gutting me. With his head laying back and his eyes closed, god, it's so clear that he's lost. And the tear! *gutted* It's so perfect. I wish I had words to tell you!

And I know this might be a really odd thing to say, but I swear to god, that headboard is straight out of my head, like--I so saw Draco with that headboard. It's just spot-on!!

This is so beautiful. I'm saving it forever. I've always always wanted art for this fic so you've made me so happy, I can't even tell you! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

30th March 2014 15:16
Bebé! I'm so happy you like it! :D *hugs*

No thanks needed. But if any, it's Traintracks, you know, cos she sneakily pointed me on the fic's direction. Then I read it and OMG! Did I want to draw for it!! XD

I took a bit of a liberty with Draco because I know he's not quite letting the tears fall in your fic, but I really thought that a mix of bliss and sorrow would work better than anger here. Cos I think he's angry because he's lost. Did I mention how much I adore that fic? Draco was so spot on! If you ever write a sequel (*bats lashes*) I'll draw for it too! (not that I'm trying to bribe you or anything! Lolol!)

That headboard is so posh!! Lolol! It fits in Draco's bedroom to a T, in my head too! *huggles* Plus I needed the contrast, cos it was all too white! *grins*

I hope it shows that Harry is a doll. I did try to make his bubble butt perfectly round (I love bubble butts, but this is too much!)and lack of definition, and Lego hands and all that, but was still worried! I'm glad you think it does.

Anyway, sorry for the extra super long reply. I'm just excited that you liked it! (Maybe you could include it in the fic?)*cheesy grin*


30th March 2014 16:26
Well he's totally got the sting of tears in his eyes at the end, so I think this was a perfect way to capture that! And totally--he's angry because he doesn't want to feel that sorrow and the bliss from the memory and how much he totally wants Harry. Yesyesyes. I'm so glad you liked this fic! I am still just beaming over your art. Seriously, I've come back to stare at it all morning. And I keep noticing new things...like the faint seam lines on doll!Harry's body that make him just a touch unreal--I love that!

Haha, I will take the bribe! I wrote a short follow-up in Harry's POV a couple years ago (maybe longer--what is time?) and I always meant to write a third part, so hopefully someday my muse will cooperate!

And I would be thrilled to include it in the fic!!! Are you going to post it to AO3 as well come April when we can repost? Because I think you can say it's inspired by the fic on AO3 and it will automatically link the two together. Or I could add the artwork directly into the body of the fic and add you on as a co-creator. (You have an AO3 account right? I didn't just imagine that? LOL) Anyway, however you would be comfortable. When I get my act together, I'll go ahead and add links everywhere for now!

30th March 2014 16:42
WHERE IS THE FOLLOW UP??? I wanna!! *grabby hands*

I do have an AO3 account, lol, you didn't imagine it! XD we'll do it whichever way you want, but when I draw for a fic, I really like seeing it in the fic! Because only then the drawing makes perfect sense, methinks!

Yeah, the doll. I was so worried it wouldn't show it was a doll. I did make sure to make it that bit plasticky.

I really want to read that follow up now! Lol! I adore this fic, bebé. <33!
30th March 2014 18:14
The follow-up is here! http://archiveofourown.org/works/115511

It's not much--just a snippet. So ack, don't kill me. LOLOL.

Would you mind if I made a couple icons from this for myself? *blinks prettily* I'd obviously credit you for the artwork!

Okay, great, well when it's 'legal' *g* I will insert this into the fic then! Of course with proper credit! Are you good with me hotlinking from here?


30th March 2014 18:21
Hahaha! You had the same idea I had about icons, (only cos I love this Draco) but yes, of course, go ahead. *grins*

You can hotlink, or I can send you the pic on an email, or I can send it to Traintracks and she can forward it, that's if you want to include the image directly on the text. Let me know.

I'll have a look at the fic! =D
30th March 2014 18:27
Oh I've saved the image from here! I just don't have a NSFW friendly host to upload it, so I can still display it, it just would be loading from the same place you uploaded it to, if that's okay!

YAY, cause I made some. And I wanted to use them. LOLOL. /aheadofmyself.
30th March 2014 18:31
Hahaha! You work fast! =D

It's only uploaded to my journal on LJ. You know you have image hosting there, don't you? XD

I used to use Photobucket, but got banned for,erm, lewd content! Lololol! Now I keep everything on LJ.
30th March 2014 18:49
OH! DUH. LJ hosting. Haha. *facepalm*

Okay, so I saved it from here--is that okay? I'll add it to the fic then on April 1st! \o/
30th March 2014 18:57
Lol! Perfect! *hugs*
30th March 2014 16:16 - It Didn't Matter
This is just beautiful. The shading is perfect, I love Draco's hair and his expression. The Harry dolls buttocks are simply a work of art. Well done.
30th March 2014 16:23 - Re: It Didn't Matter
Haahaha! Thank you! I do have a "thing" for bubble butts! Lol! but seriously, thanks for leaving a lovely comment, I was nervous about the doll! You are all lovely here! *glomps*
30th March 2014 16:21
Holy GOD! I mean... sdfsldfhsdflhsahdsg!

That tear rolling out of the corner of his eye is KILLING ME. But it's so hot, too! I love how you made the Harry doll a little too perfect, how the hand we can see is made to slide a cock through, too. Those little details are so smartly done.

And did I mention that this is blazing HOT????

But I still half want to cry looking at it, too -- which just so perfectly captures the original energy of the story, the interplay of lust and pain. I believe they call that longing.

You nailed it.

30th March 2014 16:33
Thank you bebé! (your comment just make me cry. Lol!) Did I thank you for suggesting this? I don't think I did, so thanks. The fic is absolutely perfect, and I think I'd have wanted to draw for it if I had found it by myself (though as you know, drawing the Harry doll terrified me! Lol!)I found the Draco in Shelly's story so heartbreaking! So I tried, because I needed the longing to shine through, I'm glad you think it does! I did tell you Draco here was kinda beautiful! (gods I'm modest! *evil grin*)

Thank you for all your help and support with this, yano. You are both wonderul! *tackleglomps*

30th March 2014 17:27
Your Draco is absolutely GORGEOUS. I'd brag about him of I were you. ;-) :-)
30th March 2014 16:52
Also, the Lego hand! Lolol! I must be the biggest perv in the world! *dries tears of mirth* Funny the things you pick up on that other people don't! Lol!
30th March 2014 17:28
Ah, so was that just me imagining that Draco could slide it in there? LOL!

30th March 2014 17:33
No, that's exactly what I meant, but nobody else seems to have noticed! It happened before, I remember when I drew "Yearning", you were the only one who picked up on the sheet-humping. That's why I laughed at the things you pick up on! Lol! *glomps*
30th March 2014 17:35
Oh I will always see everything through a smut-writer's eyes, dear. LOLOL!! You can count on me! :-DD
30th March 2014 16:41
Hi iwao, I saw this and first had to go back and read the story that this
hot picture was about. You captured so much. I love the look on Dracos
face, his need, his want, his desperate desire to make it as real as
possible. Hot, hot, hot, so detailed, so lovely! Kudos to you as always!
30th March 2014 16:44
I also esp. want to comment on the tear(s) coming from
Dracos eye. That said it all. Another perfect, hot, and telling
drawing, lovely. Kudos again.
30th March 2014 16:44
Thank you bebé! :D And OMYGAWD!! Your icon!! *dies* I wanna!! *grabby hands*

You are lovely, you know. *lufs ya*
30th March 2014 18:48
This is so beautiful! I love the single tear on Draco's face, how desparate and just resigned he is.

Thanks for the link to the fic too. I hadn't read it before and I'm so glad to have had the chance. XD
30th March 2014 18:56
Thank you, Mab! I loved drawing this one, and thi fic is perfect! <3

You might like to know that my shoulder is slowly getting better. The moment I can stop using SAI to clean up the smudges on the drawings, I'll be good to go! Just as well you are so patient, cos this is taking AGES! >:(
30th March 2014 22:09
God this is so freaking gorgeous and super sexy! Love how you managed to make Harry look both realistic and doll-like. And Draco's expression is so heartbreaking!
30th March 2014 23:13
Thank you bebé. Actually, Draco in that fic broke my heart, so I tried to reflect that. I'm glad you think it worked! :D

And the doll!! I was so nervous about it! Cos, yano, I didn't want it to end up looking like a dead body instead, so lol!

Thanks, beautiful! <33!
30th March 2014 23:00
30th March 2014 23:17
Hey! :D Thanks, bebé! *glomps*

(that's not the icon I love! D: Where is it?? *pouts*)
30th March 2014 23:01
UNF. Super hot. I love how you drew the hand and the big butt, which looks very doll-esque.
30th March 2014 23:36
Heee! You liked the gripy Lego-hand!! Lol! Yeah, I thought a doll like that should be as complete as possible! Lolol!

You know I love bubble-butts. I just thought that if I made it perfectly spherical, it would immediately look false. And it worked!!! \0/

Thanks for the comm, beautiful! *glomps*
31st March 2014 19:04
Oh yes. *fails with words*
1st April 2014 15:24
*hugs* I n a good way, I hope? Thanks, bebé! <3!
5th April 2014 16:06
Wow, that's so wrong and hot. ;)
15th May 2014 13:22
D: I just saw this!! Thanks for leaving a comment bebé, and yeah, it's wrong and sad, but he's always hot. The fic really touched me, yano. Hope you read it! (if you read it on AO3 it has extra drawings! Lololol!)

15th May 2014 08:43
Oh, Draco, dear! He looks like pained bliss here, and this is utterly perfect, and a bit sad, and your illustrations are always so delightfully expressive... It's like they're alive! :') ♥
15th May 2014 13:25
I can look at your comms now!! :D

Thank you, what you said is beautiful, even more because that's exactly what I was trying to show, so I'm extra-happy that you think it comes across. *hugs*

And you made me blush! XD
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