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Fic: Take Me Down (Draco/Doll, Harry/Draco; NC-17) 
28th July 2008 10:26
Title: Take Me Down
Author: [info]sdk
Characters: Draco/doll, Harry/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: see theme ;) Also, infidelity and non-explicit Harry/Ginny
Themes/kinks chosen: Fornicatory dolls
Word Count: 1,125
Summary: For one single moment, Draco could pretend that this was real.
Author's notes: This is my first piece for Daily Deviant, and I'm very excited about it. Thanks so much to the mods for inviting me! And special thanks to [info]lilithilien for providing the much needed beta, though all mistakes, as always, remain my own.

It wasn't that Draco couldn't pull a bloke. His sex life was more than ample, if he did say so himself, and he regularly shagged his share of tall, dark and handsome. Or he had done—still could in fact, if he wanted to—if he hadn't realised more than a month ago that every man he brought home had black hair or green eyes. Or worse, there was that time when the bloke had had both, and Draco had scrunched his fingers into that hair to pull the strands in every direction like a hedgehog, then fucked him raw while calling out Potter's name.

But that wasn't the worst of it—wasn't his low point. Oh no, that was now. Inking out a lighting bolt scar with a red marker across a plastic 'fuck-me' doll's forehead was definitely rock bottom.

Merlin, wouldn't someone have some compassion and Obliviate him already?

Draco stared hard into the plastic doll's face. Spelled green eyes met his, flat and vacant, and a tuft of black hair fell over the painted-on scar. The wig was an extra touch as well, affixed to the doll's head with a sticking charm that would hold no matter how hard Draco tugged on the strands. And then there was the doll's mouth, a perfect round hole made for a cock—his cock—and already warm and slick with lube, gagging for it.

"Cock whore," Draco muttered, and he pushed the doll down to his groin.

Draco's fingers flexed in the wig's course hair and he teased himself, stretching those plastic lips just around the head of his cock. He rolled his hips once, letting the lips catch on the crown, then pushed all the way inside as he closed his eyes, drawing forth the memory of the real thing.

It had only happened once, six months ago at the Leaky Cauldron. Potter was full of firewhisky and bravado that night—his stag night, of course, last bit of freedom before bonding with the ickle Weaselette. Draco couldn't remember why he hadn't left as soon as the group had come in, but he'd stayed at his corner table in the shadows, trying not to watch as Potter's friends plied him with more and more alcohol, clasping his shoulder in turns, congratulating him on his perfect match. Draco was sure Potter hadn't noticed him, but he'd been wrong. While his best mate and future brother in-law ordered another round, Potter followed Draco into the loo, shoved him against the grimy stall, and sank to his knees to pull Draco's cock out of his robes before Draco could even take a breath.

It wasn't the same—it couldn't be the same; Potter's hair was so soft, no matter how prickly it looked, and it didn't matter how many warming charms or how much lube Draco spelled into the doll, nothing could replace the fire of Potter's mouth, his tongue gliding over Draco's shaft as he sucked Draco in, his fumbling fingers tugging on Draco's balls. Potter couldn't hide his inexperience, but he'd been eager, working Draco with his mouth, in and out, in and out, until Draco's cock had swelled large enough to choke. Potter hadn't even slowed to catch his breath. He'd wrapped his fingers around the neglected length and rubbed and sucked and swirled…

"Stupid wanker," Draco hissed, shoving his cock inside the plastic mouth again. He looked down into dull green eyes, but he saw Potter's instead, his gaze locked into Draco's like a lion stalking his prey. Draco twisted his fingers into the wig and mashed the face into his crotch, holding back the groans he hadn't been able to that night.

He'd tried, Merlin knew he'd tried. He bit his lip until he tasted blood and still couldn't stop the needy whine hissed through his teeth. He yanked on Potter's hair in retaliation, but that only spurred Potter on, and he swallowed Draco whole, the head of Draco's cock bumping the back of his throat with every thrust. Draco flooded his mouth in an embarrassingly short amount of time, and sagged against the wall, panting.

By the time Draco had opened his eyes, Potter had disappeared.

"Fuck-" Draco jerked the doll off his cock and it flew across the bedroom, landing in an ungainly heap at the foot of his wardrobe, arse in the air. And there was another hole for Draco, willing and ready to be filled. But Draco had never had the chance for that, had he? Potter had left without a word and married the ginger twat the next day as if he hadn't spent his stag night with his mouth full of cock.

Draco stomped over to the doll and grabbed it by a lock of its hair and threw it back toward the bed. He mashed the face into the mattress and gripped the rubbery hip, lined the head of his cock up with the hole, then slammed inside. Potter's wife couldn't give him this, couldn't give him a cock so far up his arse that he saw stars. Potter didn't know how good this could feel—couldn't know; he hadn't given Draco his turn. Draco would have shown him, right there in that grubby stall. Draco would have bent him over and stretched him with slick fingers and maybe even his tongue until Potter was close, so close, until he was begging for Draco to fuck him, now, please and only when Potter was completely undone and shaking with need would Draco show mercy and slide inside.

And then Draco would pound him into the wall, hard and fast, and Potter would plead for more still; he'd moan and scream and shout Draco's name so loud that everyone in that pub would hear—everyone would know, and Draco would wrap his fist around Potter's cock and bring him off in a few short strokes. Potter would spray over the stall as Draco rocked into him again and again until he was coming too, his cock pulsing inside Potter's tight heat-

Draco squeezed his eyes shut; his fingers dug into the doll's hips and he thrust once more inside, crying out, and he was coming hard. His orgasm rushed over him in a hot flush, and for a moment, one single moment, he could pretend that this was real.

But it wasn't.

Draco flopped over on the bed and rolled to his back to stare up at the ceiling. He tried to catch his breath; his cheeks felt sunburned and his eyes stung, but that was just physical—just over-exertion; nothing to be concerned about.

And it didn't matter that when he came he cried Harry's name. Not Potter; Harry.

No, that didn't matter at all.
28th July 2008 09:44
Potter had left without a word and married the ginger twat the next day as if he hadn't spent his stag night with his mouth full of cock.

Great line... and I love Draco here. Someone Obliviate the poor boy, already!
28th July 2008 09:45
Oh, a;skljga;lsg. GOD. What a fantastic scenario. I loved Draco's desire at the beginning, but then to learn it was based on that one real encounter, mmmmmmmmf. Awesome. Also, bathroom-stall!sex ftw, seriously, and Harry just quietly following him to the loo at his own bloody bachelor party?? *dead of hot* Also also, Draco/doll non-con, sorta? ;alskjg again. Totally, totally loved this.

Welcome to the comm!
28th July 2008 11:04
Wow, great job! Goodness. So hot and frustrated and full of anger and desire. Perfect. I do hope he gets his turn with Harry - and vice versa.
28th July 2008 11:38

*weeps for Draco*

Brilliant premise and execution. GuH!
28th July 2008 12:34
Wonderful! So hot. I love your Draco hugely.
28th July 2008 14:01
oh this was very hot. I love Draco's obsession and his rage at the feeling. Poor boy, someone write this boy a sequel where Harry gets cold feet and shows up on Draco's doorstep...please =)
28th July 2008 14:20

Oh man. I was all over the fantasy, with the sorta grubby desperation, but the memory... nice. I've such a weakness for the aggressive blow-job :D. And fngh, the fucking of the doll with that internal narrative of what Draco would *like* to do to Harry - such yum.
28th July 2008 14:22
Poor Draco! He has it bad. It's not too late. Harry's only been married 6 months. Maybe he'll realize he made a mistake and he can return to Draco. Any chance of a sequel? ^_^ Great job :)
28th July 2008 15:03
Ah, this is fantastic! Angsty and hot and brutal and just perfect! I love it!
28th July 2008 15:38
Poor Draco! At least he had that one night to remember his Harry by. And his doll, of course, lol. But seriously, someone really should Obliviate him *sniff*.
28th July 2008 17:04
Oh, yes. Hot and angsty and delicious.
28th July 2008 18:52
Oh. My. God. This is brilliant!

You did it, you combined all the things I read fanfic for: a hilarious sense of fun, self-irony, in-character depth, hot hot smut, bathroom wall sex, oh: and real true emotional connection to the character.

And all in a thousand words. You rule.
28th July 2008 19:11
Oh poor Draco. *hugs him, then hits Harry over the head with a club*

Why would Harry want to marry that ginger twat? She is not as hot as Draco.
28th July 2008 23:55
I adore this story. You know, I think you write twisted obsession better than anybody around. It makes me both love and fear you.
29th July 2008 10:19
*lower lip trembles*

Poor Draco.

This was gorgeous.
29th July 2008 14:25
Oh, I could weep for Draco.
30th July 2008 00:51
You've made me ache for Draco—and worry for Harry, a bit. ;) It's a good kind of disturbed.
30th July 2008 03:50
Oh, that was so sad. And so real. Wants to cuddle poor Draco (and hit cock-tease Harry).

Beautifully written too - killer last paras.
31st July 2008 17:58
*sniffles* *pets Draco* I really enjoyed how you portrayed his obsession here!
1st August 2008 12:19
Oh, this is fucking marvellous. And hotter than hotter than hot.

And a Draco who IS Draco, who has all of Draco's arrogant Slytherinness but is human and vulnerable and...

Bloody Potter. Doesn't know what's good for him.
1st August 2008 17:25
Oh, Draco!

This was fantastic! *loves*
1st August 2008 20:41
Oh ho, canon Draco! Angry and jealous and completely at a loss how to cope in any way other than to lash out.

This is lovely and a very, very believable scenario for these two. And desperate!aggressive!Harry? Yum!
30th March 2014 08:44
Followed from iwao's art. And oh how heartbreaking this is. The sex and the pain and the petulance are all just perfectly done.
(no subject) - Anonymous
30th March 2014 12:43
That was amazing, it broke my heart when I first read it. Oh, Draco, makes me want to hug him. Beautiful work.
30th March 2014 16:16
GOD! I had to read this again, of course. You ride that line between heat and pain so deftly. It's heartbreaking and so damned hot at the very same time. GUH!!!

Awesome. <3
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