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11th January 2008 02:29 - Showgirls!
Title: Showgirls
Author: [info]kabal42
Characters: Ginny/Pansy (with a side of Luna/Gabrielle)
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Explicit sex, some spanking and the premise of two D/s relationships
Themes/kinks chosen: Brothels, candaulism, face-slapping, love, oral sex, public sex – all under the "everything old is new".
Word Count: 3116
Summary: Ginny decides to full-fill one of Pansy's fantasies – and one of her own.
Author's notes: It's short, smutty and almost devoid of plot, so enjoy the sexy, confident women in here for what they are.
I blame the fascination for Luna/Gabrielle entirely on sweetcaroleanne for whom I wrote the pairing at [info]harry_holidays. It grew on me!

Showgirls! )
9th September 2007 16:05 - Art (NC 17) – The Usefulness of Groupies (Bellatrix/Voldemort, Snape)
Artist: [info]blackcoyote
Theme/kink: August 07 AU Theme (Rock star hotel room)
Warnings see under the cut
Rating: NC17 (for nudity, sexual situation), NWS!
Medium: Artrage2, Photoshop2
Compliant to: All books (in Fanon), Minor DH spoiler

The image and the rest of the information for it contains a minor DH spoiler as well as content that may be unsuitable for viewers under the legal age of majority. Please leave if this applies to you, otherwise click the cut for full header and image )
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