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8th June 2018 09:29 - FIC: Destiny (Albus/Gellert, NC-17)
Title: Destiny
Author: [info]gracerene
Characters/Pairings: Albus/Gellert
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Voyeurism & Tops: the active, giving, or penetrating partners in sex
Other Warnings/Content: accidental voyeurism, mild dub-con, masturbation, dirty talk, possessiveness, anal fingering, anal sex, top Gellert, Gellert POV
Word Count: ~1,700
Summary/Description: We're meant to be together, Albus. It's our destiny.
Author's Notes: Thanks so much to capitu & maesterchill for being awesome and looking this one over for me! <3

Destiny )
14th December 2016 12:00 - Kinky Kristmas Fic: Unquestionable, Unforgivable (Albus/Gellert)
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]centaury_squill
From: [info]purplefulffycat

Title: Unquestionable; Unforgivable
Characters/Pairings: Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: First time, unsure!Albus, confident!Gellert
Other Warnings/Content: Oral sex, slight dub-con
Word Count: ~1600

His eyes drifted absently around his too-small bedroom, the ceiling rafters gathering dust that he couldn't be bothered to clean, which floated down in shimmering motes, catching the amber-summer light. Aberforth's snoring and whimpers from Ariana's nightmares drifted up from the floor below. A cuckoo cried outside.

"Good morning, sleepyhead." The voice at the window startled Albus, and he sprung bolt-upright in his bed. The voice chuckled. "Oh, so jumpy today?"

Author's Notes: Happy Kinky Kristmas, dear Mystery Recipient! I hope you enjoy reading this morsel as much as I enjoyed writing it :-)

Unquestionable; Unforgivable )
26th February 2016 00:11 - Fic: 'For What We Yearn', Bellatrix Lestrange/Albus Dumbledore, NC-17
Title: For What We Yearn
Author: [info]purplefluffycat
Characters/Pairings: Bellatrix Lestrange/Albus Dumbledore, Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald, Bellatrix Lestrange/Lord Voldemort
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Alternate pairing: Bellatrix Lestrange/Albus Dumbledore
Rating: NC-17
Other Warnings: (Magical) voyeurism, power dynamics, legilimancy, rough sex
Words: ~1750
Summary/Description: Using strange new magic, Bella is sent to spy. She discovers both less and more than she had hoped.

Author's Notes: Set during 'The Half-Blood Prince'.

Take him when he's vulnerable )
9th December 2012 22:00 - Kinky Kristmas Fic: Over By Christmas (Dumbledore/Grindelwald)
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]centaury_squill
From: [info]inamac

Title: Over By Christmas
Characters/Pairings: Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald
Rating: NC17
Kinks/Themes Included: first time, bj, rimming
Other Warnings/Content: antirobinasticidia (scar fetish)
Word Count: 2140
Summary/Description: Christmas 1899, Bathilda invites the newly bereaved Dumbledore siblings to share Christmas Day with herself and her visiting nephew.
Author's Notes: The prompt was Albus Dumbledore's scar (which is "...a perfect map of the London Underground.") In the 1890s the London Underground consisted of only two lines – the District and Metropolitan – which makes the scar rather more believable – though less useful for navigation purposes in 21C London, I have therefore speculated on the use to which Dumbledore is referring. I have interpreted Rowling's timescale for Kendra's death and the subsequent events – on the assumption that Bathilda and Elphias's memories are not to be trusted, and Rita Skeeter's reconstruction is certainly not reliable. Happy Holidays to my giftee. And thanks to my long-suffering beta (who may be scared for life).

Over By Christmas )
31st May 2012 22:13 - FIC: To Encourage the Others (Dumbledore/Grindelwald, NC17)
Title: To Encourage the Others
Author: [info]inamac
Characters/Pairings: Albus/Gellert, Tom Riddle, Abelard Black
Rating: NC17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: essayeurs, love potions
Other Warnings: fellatio, snowballing, cocks up arses.
Word Count: 1220
Summary/Description: Albus Dumbledore is not the only one who collects the memories of his enemies.
Author's Notes: I've twisted the prompts a bit. And I may have got carried away with research (though at the moment researching the 1908 London Olympics is annoyingly easy). I have fettled this down from something that wanted to be much longer (and with no smut), so apologise for its brevity.

To Encourage the Others )
27th June 2011 19:14 - Fic: 'Lose Yourself', Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald, Albus Dumbledore/Elphias Doge, NC-17
Title: Lose Yourself
Author: [info]purplefluffycat
Characters/Pairings: Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald, Albus Dumbledore/Elphias Doge
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: mirrors, sounding
Other Warnings: mild D/s dynamic, masturabation
Word Count: ~1600
Summary/Description: 1939: He keeps it in the corner of his room, covered by a heavy dust sheet and blocked-in by piles of parchment and books, to lessen the temptation. Many a man has gone mad gazing into the Mirror of Erised, after all - and Albus Dumbledore is too wise, too talented, and too downright important to let that happen to him...

Author's Notes: In The Philosopher's Stone Dumbledore tells Harry that men have wasted away gazing into the Mirror of Erised. Perhaps he speaks from close experience?
(Apologies as this is a day late.)

Lose Yourself )
30th May 2011 14:32 - ART: "Sweet" Nothings (Gellert/Albus Dumbledore, NC-17)
Title: "Sweet" Nothings
Artist: [info]vividzephyr
Media: digital
Characters/Pairings: Gellert Grindelwald/Albus Dumbledore
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Blindfolding, cuffs.

Sweet Nothings )
17th November 2010 11:29 - Art: "Albus Likes Cocks (but don't tell anyone!)", Albus/Gellert
Title: Albus Likes Cocks (but don't tell anyone!)
Artist: [info]osmalic
Media: photoshop, pen
Characters/Pairings: Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald
Rating: NC-17 (NSFW!)
Kinks/Themes Chosen: phallophilia
Other Warnings: Dumbledore is gay! :D
Artist's Notes: I just COULDN'T let the few days before the showing of Deathly Hallows pass without celebrating the fact that ALBUS DUMBLEDORE IS GAY. Not terribly kinky though, unless you think cock-sucking is kinky. I like to think that when Albus was young, this just wasn't done, so there is some love/worship for little!Gellert.

In his youth, young men loving someone else's cocks was simply not done. )
21st July 2010 23:45 - Fic: "The Lowest Drawer," Albus/Gellert, R
Title: The Lowest Drawer
Author: [info]thegildedmagpie
Characters/Pairings: Gellert Grindelwald/Albus Dumbledore
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Chosen: self-flagellation (in both senses)
Other Warnings: Half-naked Dumbledore. Kinda dorky, very horny teenagers. Epistolary fic.
Word Count: 2046
Summary/Description: Albus gazes into his Pensieve and his lowermost desk drawer, and, in true Nietzchean fashion, they gaze also into him.
Author's Notes: My favorite thing about the whole of DH was the awesome academic enthusiasm of the DD-to-GG letter. This may come through a bit.

Has there ever been anyone else? )
6th November 2009 14:55 - The Greater Goodzilla and the Doomed Gingerbread Castle of Doom.
Title: The Greater Goodzilla and the Doomed Gingerbread Castle of Doom.
Artist: [info]didodikali
Media: pencil.
Characters: Albus, Gellert.
Rating: NC-17.
Warnings: Haha. No.
Themes/kinks chosen: costumes, symphorophilia

Rarrrgh! Rahhhr! Graaahr! Arrrrhahahahahaha! )
26th June 2009 13:32 - Fic: 'The Progress of a Tear', Dumbledore/Merfolk, Dumbledore/Grindelwald, Dumbledore/Doge, R
Title: The Progress of a Tear
Author: [info]purplefluffycat
Characters: Albus Dumbledore/Merfolk, Albus Dumbledore/Gellert Grindelwald, Albus Dumbledore/Elphias Doge (unrequited)
Rating: R
Warnings: Implied group sex and voyeurism
Themes/kinks chosen: Coitus a unda aka undinism: sex in/under water
Word Count: ~1700
Summary: A distressed Albus Dumbledore is returned from the defeat of Grindelwald, August 1945. The tale of how he came to speak the language of the Merpeople.

Author's notes: I originally thought a crack!fic would be spawned from this prompt... but this one seems to have turned somewhat serious while I wasn't looking. I hope you enjoy it, nonetheless ;-)

The Progress of a Tear )
19th September 2008 06:15 - Shiver me timbers, matey. What those men be doin'?
Title: On the Other Side
Artist: [info]littleblackbow
Media: Pen and ink
Characters: Dumbledore/Grindlewald
Rating: Hard R
Warnings: NWS
Themes/kinks chosen: Confessions
Artist's notes: Aargh Mateys. Here be one o' them Fan arts ye be lookin' fer. blisterin' barnicles, it be somethin' this old chumbucket never ventured a'fore. There be problems a-plenty in it, but it's twenty lashes and a-walkin' of the plank for any of me crew that's unkind!

(I wanted to do an afterlife pic. Sort of a purgatory thing. Hope that came across)

Aarrgh, Mateys. What those men be doin? )
2nd August 2008 08:50 - Prison Tower (Albus/Gellert, R)
Title: Prison Tower
Author: [info]chiralove
Characters: Albus Dumbledore, Gellert Grindelwald
Rating: R
Warnings: DH compliance
Themes/kinks chosen: relics
Word Count: 1244
Summary: Power isn't power without love.
Author's notes: Thanks to the mods for the extra day and to [info]mindabbles for the beta! *loves*

Prison Tower )
14th January 2008 23:02 - (art) "All You Wanted" Gellert Grindelwald/Albus Dumbledore - NC17/NWS
Title: "All You Wanted"
Artist: [info]osmalic
Media: pen, photoshop
Characters: Gellert Grindelwald/Albus Dumbledore
Rating: NC17/NWS
Warnings: slash, implied non-con, implied penetration
Themes/kinks: January 2008's "Everything old is new again" prompt
Artist's notes: I cheated and included "gay men" (canon!Dumbledore!), but mostly I chose "rape" and "branding". The interpretation of the art can be different for the viewer, though. I was hoping the bruises were strategically placed to show what was happening. Although there are no overt sexual bits, please practice discretion and sensitivity.

For the greater good, Albus. )

ETA: Photobucket caught on, so the image was deleted. I transferred to another image hosting that, I'm hoping, is temporary. Sorry for the lack of pornification. :(

ETA2: Back up, hope it's working now!
19th November 2007 03:52 - FIC: "WRiNCL-on-Thyme" (Everyone, R)
Title: "WRiNCL-on-Thyme"
Author: [info]pre_raphaelite1
Characters: Everyone? Remus/Sirius, Tonks/Ginny, Harry/Ron/Hermione, Albus/Gellert
Rating: R
Warnings: Excessive use of parentheses, implied bestiality and public sex, disturbing visuals of Hagrid
Themes/kinks chosen: phony spoilers and Teh CRACK
Word Count: 1850
Summary: 34 35 of the 81 fake spoilers provided, plus a few more. Can you find them all? :P
Author's notes: I am so, so sorry, world. This is complete and total cracked-out crack, though there is sex in it! Briefly. Sort of. At least it's not my art? And I sporfled while writing- not sure if that bodes well or not.

WRiNCL-on-Thyme )

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