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30th January 2018 13:44 - Fic: Job Negotiation (Dolores/Nagini, NC-17)
Title: Job Negotiation
Author: [info]alisanne
Characters: Dolores Umbridge/Nagini, Dolores Umbridge/Charity Burbage, Voldemort/Bellatrix Lestrange.
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Apart from the pairings? Bestiality (sort of), dub con, all around nastiness?
Themes/kinks chosen: Everything Old is New, Negotiation, Alternate pairing: Dolores Umbridge/Nagini.
Word Count: 2570
Summary: Voldemort has an interesting interview process.
Author's notes: This may be my oddest pairing yet. :/ And now I'm going to have to add journal tags to my journal for Umbridge. SMH.
Thanks to my long-suffering beta readers, [info]sevfan and emynn, to [info]torino10154 for the ~encouragement, and to [info]ragdoll for letting me borrow her posting day. <3
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.

Job Negotiation )
2nd December 2014 19:00 - Kinky Kristmas Fic: A Cat for Christmas (Filch/Umbridge)
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]amand_r
From: [info]inamac

Title: A Cat for Christmas
Characters/Pairings: Umbridge/Filch
Rating: NC17
Kinks/Themes Included: Props, cat themed issues
Other Warnings/Content: caning, flagellation (implied), D/s, roleplay
Word Count: 2000
Summary/Description: With Dumbledore concerned with Order business over Christmas Dolores takes the opportunity to celebrate Christmas at Hogwarts in her own way. Happily Argus Filch is able to meet her requirements.
Author's Notes: Dear Deviant, Happy Kinky Kristmas. I am afraid that I may not have interpreted your request for 'Filch and Umbridge bonding over cats' in quite the way you expected – hope you enjoy anyway.

A Cat for Christmas )
30th June 2013 13:56 - Fic: 'His, To Reason Why', Apollyon, Arabella/Fabian/Gideon, Bellaxtrix/Voldemort, Remus/Sirius etc
Title: His, To Reason Why
Author: [info]purplefluffycat
Characters/Pairings: Apollyon Pringle, Arabella Figg/Gideon Prewett/Fabian Prewett, Bellatrix Lestrange/Lord Voldemort, Dolores Umbridge/Lucius Malfoy (unrequited), Remus Lupin/Sirius Black, Argus Filch
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Padlocks
Other Warnings: Chastity devices, incest between brothers, masturbation, mild BDSM
Word Count: About 2600

Summary/Description: Apollyon gave the address differently, depending on who was asking. He had two different business cards – one bold, loud and innocent, and the other understated in neat, black script – and two different front doors. Upon both, however, were the same simple words: Apollyon Pringle. Locksmith.

Author's Notes: Musing the theme 'padlocks', I thought of a number of ways this could go; luckily Apollyon let me have a go at including several of them! Quite a lot of thinkerty-thoughts to go with the erotica, this time. Sorry it's a bit late; internet troubles.

”His,_To_Reason_Why” )
24th February 2013 16:21 - Fic: All in Pink, Dolores/Severus, R
Title: All in Pink
Author: [info]centaury_squill
Characters/Pairings: Dolores Umbridge/Severus Snape
Rating: R
Alternate pairing: Dolores Umbridge/anybody (engaging in sexual activity for some non-romantic reason)
Other Kinks/Themes: dildo, object insertion
Word Count: ~ 1,200
Summary/Description: Snape is summoned to the Headmistress's office.

All in Pink )
6th February 2013 14:38 - Art: Scavenger Hunt
Title: Scavenger Hunt.
Artist: [info]didodikali
Media: pencil.
Characters: Dolores, Lucius.
Rating: ?
Theme:: Dolores Umbridge/anyone (but another catch -- they must be engaging in sexual activity for some non-romantic reason, e.g. manipulation, deals involving sex, information gathering...)

Scavenger Hunt )
31st August 2012 22:18 - FIC: Perfect Potions (Prewett Twins, Fudge/Umbrage, NC17)
Title: Perfect Potions
Author: [info]inamac
Characters/Pairings: Fabian/Gideon, Fudge, Umbrage
Rating: NC17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Pygophilia - arousal from touching, playing with, or seeing another's buttocks
Other Warnings: dub-con, incest
Word Count: 1450 (of which 287 are smut)
Summary/Description: 1973. Hogsmede's specialist potions shop has a new product to test.
Author's Notes: I did set out to provide two deviations this month, but I'm afraid that the thought of Fudge and Umbrage was too much and I leave the details to my reader's imagination. I hope that the Prewett brothers will provide some compensation.

Perfect Potions )
6th March 2012 00:02 - Art:Proof.
Title: Proof.
Artist: [info]didodikali
Media: pencil.
Characters: Dolores, Rita.
Rating: Bloodplay and no pants. R?
Based On/Inspired By:: Logos by [info]kelly_chambliss
Um, I drew the text in the wrong location. *shrugs sheepishly* Oops. Also, imagine Dolores is wearing thigh high stockings, so her creamy thighs are just out of our view.

Proof )
7th November 2011 00:24 - "When Making a Mid-Life Career Change, Consider Doing What You Love" (Umbridge, OCs)
Title: When Making a Mid-Life Career Change, Consider Doing What You Love
Author: florahart
Characters/Pairings: Dolores Umbridge, OCs
Rating: NC17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: bloodplay(ish), prostitution, probably noncon
Other Warnings: Umbridge is acquiring Muggle clients for her prostitute employees (who are OCs) by means of magic; consent for the act and certainly the means of payment, therefore, is at least dubious.
Word Count: ~1350
Summary/Description: A girl has to pay the rent, after all.
Author's Notes: Stretching myself: I don't generally write Umbridge in a sexual situation, and I don't think I have ever written anyone enjoying being cut during sex, or watching other people bleed. I'm...not at all sure I did it right. Heh.

When Making a Mid-Life Career Change, Consider Doing What You Love )
15th August 2011 23:50 - FIC: "Logos" (Rita Skeeter/Dolores Umbridge)
Title: Logos
Author: [info]kelly_chambliss
Pairings: Rita Skeeter/Dolores Umbridge
Rating: R-ish
Kinks/Themes Chosen: body writing
Other Warnings: blood play
Word Count: 1400
Summary: For Rita Skeeter, "word" and "sex" and "blood" are synonyms.
Author's Notes: Dolores Umbridge and her blood quills seemed like a natural for this prompt. And if anyone's going to be a match for her, it's going to be Rita. So I put the two of them and some Dark quills and parchment into a room, and this fic is the result.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Logos )
6th January 2010 15:17 - Art: Needs More Kittens.
Title: Needs More Kittens.
Artist: [info]didodikali
Media: pencil.
Characters: Dolores, Alastor.
Rating: NC-17.
Themes/kinks chosen: body painting.
Needs More Kittens. )
28th January 2008 22:31 - Art: Slipping (Umbridge/Harry), NC-17
Title: Slipping
Artist: [info]ships_harry
Media: PS and tablet and the remnants of adolescent fantasies
Characters: Harry Potter, Dolores Umbridge
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Non-con (it kinda has to be...), object penetration, bondage, Dolores in a pink outfit, and lazily-drawn hands.
Themes/kinks chosen: Everything old is new again: straightjackets, waxplay, dildos, branding (of a sort) and the Umbridge/Harry rogue pairing ;).
Artist's notes: It's okay! Umbridge has ALL her clothes on :p. And aww, poor Dolores, she has no tag. Such a surprise, heh.
Art preview:

To be punished... Oh, don't tell me you weren't thinking it! )
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