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10th May 2009 01:58 - Fic: Ashamed (Viktor/Percy, NC-17)
Title: Ashamed
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Percy/Viktor
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None.
Themes/kinks chosen: Mutual masturbation
Word Count: 1010
Summary: Viktor likes to watch, but Percy is ashamed.
Author's notes: Um, it's the ninth in Hawaii, still, I think…

Ashamed )
9th April 2009 13:42 - Fic: Jock (Percy, Oliver, R)
Title: Jock
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Percy and Oliver
Rating: R
Warnings: Violence
Themes/kinks chosen: Underwear
Word Count: 1023
Summary: Percy makes a mistake.
Author's notes: I love happy boyslash as much as the next person, but this month I decided to go a bit more realistic. Thanks to the lovely [info]mariamme for cheerleading.

Jock )
9th February 2009 02:18 - Fic: Just Like A Woman (Charlie/Hermione, R)
Title: Just Like A Woman
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Charlie/Hermione
Rating: R
Warnings: None.
Themes/kinks chosen: Birth Control
Word Count: 1030
Summary: What Charlie loves about Hermione
Author's notes: Happy Birthday, [info]inell! I hope it’s a lovely one. I am a bit nervous about doing Hermione justice for you, honestly. ♥ The title of this fic is taken from the Bob Dylan song of the same name.

Just Like A Woman )
9th January 2009 11:41 - Fic: The Amulet of Alexandria (Bill/Harry, NC-17)
Title: The Amulet of Alexandria
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Bill/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Harry is possibly underage here, though that's not explicitly stated.
Themes/kinks chosen: Everything old is new again: Charms/talismans
Word Count: 1142
Summary: Bill discovers a mysterious amulet with powerful effects.
Author's notes: Thanks to [info]freckles42 for this one. ♥

The Amulet of Alexandria )
9th December 2008 15:42 - Fic: By the chimney with care (Percy/Ron, NC-17)
Title: By the chimney with care
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Percy/Ron
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: See pairing.
Themes/kinks chosen: Glasses fetish, hair fetish (they're small, but they're in there!)
Word count: 1342
Summary: Percy and Ron give each other a bit of a happy Christmas.
Author's notes: Happy Kinky Kristmas to [info]eeyore9990 who requested any combination of the Weasley siblings, glasses kink, hair kink, and well-hung stockings. Hope you enjoy!

By the chimney with care )
18th November 2008 00:08 - Fic: My Little Girl (Percy/Oliver, NC-17)
Title: My Little Girl
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Percy/Oliver
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Angst, crossdressing, copious amounts of whisky, vaguely insane Oliver.
Kinks chosen: Gender-bending
Word Count: 1040
Summary: Oliver doesn't fuck men.
Author's notes: So, this contains not one, but two things I don't like and therefore never write: bottom!Percy and crossdressing. I have no idea where this came from. ♥ to the mods for letting me post on a different day from my regular since I fail at deadlines.

My Little Girl )
9th October 2008 00:01 - Fic: Complete Perverts (Harry/Ron, NC-17)
Title: Complete Perverts
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Harry/Ron
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Oh, god. Um. Mpreg.
Kinks chosen: Lactaphilia
Word Count: 1995
Summary: Milk—it does Ron's body good.
Author's notes: Um. I have absolutely no excuse for myself. Mpreg is a big squick for me, so I have no idea how this came out of my brain. Thanks upon thanks to [info]eeyore9990 for being my Very Brave Beta and ensuring that that this might be squicky, but at least I didn't abuse any commas.

Complete Perverts )
9th September 2008 16:46 - Fic: Firewhisky: the New Veritaserum (Percy/Harry, NC-17)
Title: Firewhisky: the New Veritaserum
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Percy/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None.
Kinks chosen: Confessions, frottage
Word Count: 1379
Summary: There's a reason Percy doesn't drink.
Author's notes: Dedicated to my boring flist. ♥

Firewhisky: the New Veritaserum )
9th August 2008 12:16 - Fic: That Eternal Relic (Remus/Sirius, NC-17)
Title: That Eternal Relic
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Remus/Sirius
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None.
Kinks chosen: Relics
Word Count: 1022
Summary: It's not the motorcycle that turns him on. It never was.
Author's notes: Title from Victor Hugo: "Try as you will, you cannot annihilate that eternal relic of the human heart, love." Love and thanks to [info]snegurochka_lee for reminding me that Remus has a totally canon motorcycle fetish.

That Eternal Relic )
9th July 2008 23:53 - Fic: A Perfect Gentleman (Frank/Alice, R)
Title: A Perfect Gentleman
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Frank/Alice
Rating: R
Warnings: None
Kinks chosen: Courtship
Word Count: 1524
Summary: Frank is determined to be a perfect gentleman. Alice makes that difficult. Oh, and Gideon meets a peculiar girl at a pub.

A Perfect Gentleman )
9th May 2008 23:54 - Brotherly Love (James Jr/Albus Severus, NC-17)
Title: Brotherly Love
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: James Jr/Albus Severus
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: See pairing. Also, the boys are teenagers here.
Kinks chosen: Fellatio
Word Count: 1025
Summary: James and Al get up to no good.
Author's notes: That's right, utterly pornographic, no-redeeming-value next-gen Pottercest. I…have no excuse for myself. Also I've been writing way too much Remus/Sirius lately, so, uh, please excuse my characterization. *hides*

Brotherly Love )
9th March 2008 00:45 - How Percy Weasley Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cock (Percy/Anthony, NC-17)
Title: How Percy Weasley Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cock
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Percy Weasley/Anthony Goldstein
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None.
Kinks chosen: Bisexuality (um, sort of?)
Word Count: 1436
Summary: Percy likes women very much, thank you, except that he totally doesn't.
Author's notes: I truly apologize for that title. Wow.

How Percy Weasley Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Cock )
9th January 2008 00:34 - I Gave My Love A Cherry (Percy/Penny, NC-17)
Title: I Gave My Love A Cherry
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Percy/Penny
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: They're underage—fifteen or so—but that's of minimal consequence as there's no actual sex.
Kinks chosen: Serenading
Word Count: 1309
Summary: Not all Gryffindors get their thrills from Quidditch and being pursued by Dark Lords. Percy Weasley finds adventure in a darkened classroom.
Author's notes: Yep, that's right. I wrote Percy het. Please pick your jaws up from the floor. I'm as surprised as you are!

I Gave My Love A Cherry )
11th December 2007 20:49 - Fic and Art: Cultivating Dragons (Charlie/Neville)
Title: Cultivating Dragons
Authors: [info]emiime and [info]celandineb
Artist: [info]ericahpfa [ETA: Art now up, yay!]
Medium: pen & ink
Characters: Charlie/Neville
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: blow jobs, paddling, watersports
Themes/kinks chosen: Kinky Kristmas Kollaboration 2007.
Word Count: ~9800
Summary: In which Neville goes to Romania and soaks up some new ideas.

Cultivating Dragons )
9th November 2007 09:47 - Asleep Since the War (Percy/Ron, NC-17)
Title: Asleep Since the War
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Percy/Ron
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest, angst, offscreen character deaths, loose adherence to the events of Deathly Hallows
Kinks Prompt chosen: Hermione dies, sacrificing herself for Harry.
Word Count: 1116
Summary: This is Ron, and this is Percy, now that the war is done.

Is my soul asleep?
Is my soul asleep?
Have those beehives that work
in the night stopped? And the water-
wheel of thought, is it
going around now, cups
empty, carrying only shadows?
(Antonio Machado)

Asleep Since the War )
9th September 2007 19:36 - Fic: Jamie's Reward (Harry/James, NC-17)
Title: Jamie's Reward
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Harry/James
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: incest, chan
Kinks chosen: Please your mods: chan, oral sex, love!
Word Count: 1236
Summary: Harry and James enjoy some father-son time in the greenhouse.
Author's notes: It never explicitly said in the epilogue that Harry and Ginny were married, so for the purpose of this fic I've gone with my head-in-the-sand approach that they are happily divorced. Let's just say the other kids are visiting her for the weekend. Also, this is dedicated to [info]freckles42 who isn't feeling tip-top today and who wanted to see this scenario.

Jamie's Reward )
31st August 2007 15:30 - Fic: Fear of Flying (Percy/Oliver, NC-17)
Title: Fear of Flying
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Percy/Oliver
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None.
Kinks chosen: Phobia.
Word Count: 1392
Summary: Oliver attempts to discover the real reason Percy doesn't play Quidditch.
Author's notes: This is all [info]floweringjudas's fault.


Fear of Flying )</div></div>
31st August 2007 15:27 - Fic: Special Medicine (Pye/Lockhart, NC-17)

Title: Special Medicine
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Augustus Pye/Gilderoy Lockhart
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Dub-con, crazy person sex.
Kinks chosen: Straitjacket
Word Count: 1185
Summary: Augustus Pye is the only one Lockhart will respond to on his bad days.
Author's notes: My summary makes this sound far more innocuous than it is, I'm afraid. Defriend and/or shun me at will. Although this is entirely the fault of [info]freckles42.






I like lavender robes, too... )
31st August 2007 15:23 - Fic: Sightless (Percy/Harry, NC-17)
Title: Sightless
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Percy/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: None.
Kinks chosen: Blindfolding.
Word Count: 1260
Summary: Harry is blinded, guided only by instinct.  And by Percy.

Originally posted to LJ on 2/9/07.

31st August 2007 15:17 - Fic: Always Together (Fred/George, NC-17)
Title: Always Together
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Fred/George
Rating: NC-17. Which is ironic, considering the kink I chose.
Warnings: Serious underagedness. Also see pairing.
Kinks chosen: Squick your mods: tween-sex.
Word Count: 1250
Summary: Fred and George are excited to go to Hogwarts. Really, really excited.
Author's notes: From the monthly themes list: "But there will be brownie points to the artist who draws/writes tween-twins!"  Well, how could I resist a challenge like that?  ...Still, though, I kind of can't believe that I wrote this.   Originally posted to LJ on 1/9/07.


31st August 2007 15:11 - Fic: A Night at the Opera (Neville/Harry, NC-17)
Title: A Night at the Opera
Author: [info]emiime
Characters: Neville/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: See kinks.
Kinks chosen: Public sex
Word Count: 2915
Summary: Harry wants to fulfil Neville's fantasy.
For: spinningcompass
Author's notes:  Happy Kinky Kristmas to spinningcompass, who requested Harry/Neville, established relationship, Neville, who feels rather invisible most of the time, has a fantasy about public sex.  Harry decides to fulfil it.  I hope this is to your liking!  Also, because I am a dork, I feel the need to point out that Harry and Neville are attending the three-act version of the opera rather than the more commonly performed two-act version.  Thanks to mld13 for the beta!  Originally posted to LJ 12/17/06. Happy Kinky Kristmas! )
29th August 2007 22:52 - Theology of the Body Made Simple, Percy/Anthony, NC-17
Author: [info]emiime
Theme/kink: Er...I think we're supposed to call it "free kink", yeah?
Warnings: Horribly flimsy plot device…but, wait, this is DD, after all…
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 2060
Compliant to: HBP.

(The rest of the information for this story may contain DH spoilers. Except that it totally doesn't. Click the cut for full header and fic.)
29th August 2007 11:02 - Fic: Sons and Lovers, spoilery threesome, NC-17
Author: [info]emiime
Theme/kink: AU
Warnings See under the cut.
Rating: NC17
Word Count: 3717
Compliant to: DH, sort of.

The rest of the information for this story may contain DH spoilers. Click the cut for full header and fic.
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