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27th March 2008 21:28 - ART - "Something's missing" - Lupin/Snape - PG
Title: Something's missing
Artist: [info]zhyn
Characters: Severus Snape, Remus Lupin
Rating: PG
Themes/kinks chosen: penetration toys, corsets
Artist's notes: Remus makes Severus dress up on a bet, but something's missing in this picture. Concrit welcome - I need to get my kinky groove back.

What's missing in this picture? )
16th January 2008 05:54 - ART: "All in the Family" - Bill/Charlie/Percy - NC-17
Title: All in the family
Artist: [info]zhyn
Characters: Percy Weasley, Bill Weasley, Charlie Weasley, Fleur Delacour
Rating: NC-17
Themes/kinks chosen: blowjob, petticoat punishment, everything old is new
Artist's notes: Bill and Charlie found a new use for Fleur's wedding dress when they decided to punish Percy. Slightly AU for I've yet to spend a weekend with DH.

Fleur always wanted to know if the Weasley men looked good in white. )
16th November 2007 11:44 - ART: On the winning side
Title: On the winning side
Artist: [info]zhyn
Media: opencanvas 3.05
Characters: Percy, Ron
Rating: PG. D:
Warnings: The decided lack of porn will depress those looking for a kinky midnight snack. :\
Themes/kinks chosen: Percy Weasley is in league with the Death Eaters. He may or may not actually be spying for Dumbledore as a double agent.

Now tell me all about Potter's plans -  )
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