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1st March 2019 21:59 - Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2019
The themes for February 2019 were:

1. candles: as lighting, as part of wax play, for insertion... use freely!
2. chocolate: as an aphrodisiac, as a food smut element, as a bribe... ;)
3. kissing
4. love
- with alternate pairing: any threesome or moresome that contains at least one male and one female

Monthly Masterlist, February 2019 )

Thanks, all, for another great month! Welcome (back) again to all of our new (and returning) members. ♥

Let us know if we've missed anything or messed anything up!
9th February 2019 11:01 - Monthly Wrap-Up: January 2019
In January, everything old was new again. Members were challenged to create pieces based on any prompt(s) from 2018 that they had not previously used.

Monthly Masterlist, January 2019 )

Welcome aboard to our eight new members who made their first contributions this month! And welcome back to our three long-time members who resurfaced after some time on hiatus! (And thank you to our one other contributor this month who posted like clockwork, as always!)
1st January 2019 11:20 - Kristmas Comment Kink 2018 Final Roundup

art by [info]akatnamedeaster

Click the banner to go to the Kristmas Comment Kink event post!

December has ended, and so has Kristmas Comment Kink 2018. We ended up with another fantastic assortment of filthy fic and art featuring all sorts of characters, kinks, and themes. As always, we are immensely proud of the work you pervs people create for this community.

Enormous THANK YOUs going out to those who created pieces to fulfill others' naughty Kristmas desires this year as well as everyone who read, viewed, commented, and generally followed along. Participation and interaction are more valuable than ever in fandom these days, and YOU are the folks who keep us all coming back. ♥

Below is the final roundup of Kristmas pieces posted. Quite a few appeared in the final week, so browse through and make sure you didn't miss anything great!

FIC: Between Them; Teddy/James Sirius/Albus Severus; double penetration by [info]lq_traintracks
FIC: Give Me Everything; Harry/Snape; rimming by [info]gracerene
FIC: Dirty Crimes; Harry/Draco; dirty talk by [info]keyflight790
FIC: Made for This; Neville/Charlie; anonymous sex by [info]_frumpologist
FIC: Charlie/Harry; spreader bar by [info]leontina
FIC: Green Satin, Green Lace; Harry/Sirius; panty kink by [info]hikarievandar
FIC: Ruined; Ron/Viktor; first time, experimentation by [info]gracerene
ART: Secrets; Albus/Minerva; teacher/student, illicit encounters by [info]milotzi
FIC: Rendezvous; Kingsley/Rabastan; long-time lust by [info]hikarievandar
FIC: Uncomplicated; Ron/other male + Harry; voyeurism by [info]digthewriter
ART: Field of Dreams; Luna/Firenze; outdoor sex, cunnilingus by [info]akatnamedeaster
ART: Minerva/Severus; topping from the bottom by [info]milotzi
ART: Minerva/Rufus; long hair by [info]milotzi
ART: Minerva/Narcissa; infidelity by [info]milotzi
ART: Snape/Harry; spanking, schoolgirl uniform by [info]akatnamedeaster
FIC: Carry On, Boys; Remus/Sirius; voyeurism, exhibitionism by [info]iamisaac
FIC: Nice and Slow; Draco/Severus; praise!kink by [info]gracerene
FIC: Voldemort/Harry; sensory deprivation by [info]leontina
FIC: Pass the Salt, Brother Dear; Sirius/Regulus; exhibitionism by [info]fangqueen
FIC: Natural; Neville/Lavender; loss of virginity, experienced woman/inexperienced man by [info]gracerene
FIC: Breakfast in Bed; Harry/Draco; feeding kink, oral sex by [info]torino10154
FIC: Giving In; Lucius/Rabastan; drunk sex, rough sex, breathplay by [info]hikarievandar
FIC: In the Lift; Ron/Pansy; public fingering by [info]keyflight790
FIC: Curiosity; Tracey/Daphne, Tracey/Michael; unapologetic slut by [info]hikarievandar

Everyone stay tuned! We'll have some announcements for the new year coming up, as well as new themes and info about out thirteenth birthday celebration soon.
1st January 2016 21:11 - Kinky Kristmas: Comment Kink Edition Wrap-Up
The holidays are over, so it's time to wrap up Kinky Kristmas: Comment Kink Edition. We want to very sincerely thank everyone who wrote, draw, read, viewed, commented, chatted, and generally took part. Our little low-stress holiday party went even better than we'd hoped. We had fun watching the festivities, and we hope you did as well!

Special appreciation needs to go out to members [info]akatnamedeaster and [info]torino10154 and watchers [info]bonfoi and [info]gracerene for stuffing 5, 5, 4, and 3 stockings, respectively. Several others double stuffed as well. Nice job, you pervs! ;D

NOTE: We know there are a few of you who were unable to complete your intended pieces by the end of December. You're still more than welcome to finish and post them. Surely no one will mind if their Kristmas carries over into January!

Now, here's the final round-up of all the pieces created this December (and please let us know if we missed any in the tangle of comments!):

Fills by Members:

FIC: Harry/Hermione; desk!sex, fingering, infidelity by [info]torino10154
FIC: In for a Knut...; Ron/Lavender; infidelity by [info]tjs_whatnot
FIC: Charlie/Tonks; tattoos by [info]lunalovepotter
FIC: Minerva/Hooch; ben wa balls by [info]tjs_whatnot
FIC: Blurred Lines; Draco/Teddy, Harry/Teddy; Daddy kink by [info]lq_traintracks
ART: Tonks/Ginny; corsets, lingerie by [info]nearlyconscious
ART: Casual; Severus/Harry; rimming by [info]akatnamedeaster
FIC: all i want for christmas is your prick; Draco/Neville; size kink by [info]tryslora
FIC: Charlie/Teddy; first time by [info]torino10154
FIC: James Sirius/Albus Severus; massage by [info]iamisaac
FIC: Gift of a Quickie; Ron/Lily Luna; anal sex by [info]tryslora
ART: All Right?; Lavender/Neville; pegging (original version) (color version) by [info]akatnamedeaster
ART: Just Desserts; Sirius/Dudley; candy cane figging, bondage, non-con by [info]akatnamedeaster
FIC: Sirius/Regulus; mutual masturbation by [info]torino10154
FIC: Severus/Draco; bloodplay by [info]torino10154
ART: Bound for Display; Ginny/Pansy; humiliation, corset, bondage, gloves, D/s, spanking by [info]akatnamedeaster
FIC: Daphne/Pansy + Millicent; voyeurism by [info]lokifan
ART: Bill/Tonks; lingerie, spanking by [info]nearlyconscious
FIC: Remus/Sirius; bestiality by [info]mindabbles
FIC: The Night Before Christmas; Minerva/Poppy; romance, desperate sex, cunnilingus, fingering by [info]kelly_chambliss
FIC: Make the Fireflies Dance for Me; Sirius/Remus; kissing by [info]writcraft
FIC: Harry/Draco; Draco in a corset by [info]lokifan
FIC: Another Stolen Moment; Sirius/Severus; Marauder era, rimming, frottage, first time by [info]writcraft
ART: Surge; Snape/Draco; crying (part 1) (part 2) by [info]akatnamedeaster
FIC: Severus/Harry; crossdressing by [info]torino10154

Fills by Watchers:

FIC: Ron/Draco; hatesex by Anonymous
FIC: Kingsley/Remus; semi-public sex by [info]bonfoi
FIC: Dance With Me; Lucius/Draco; crossdressing by [info]sweetsorcery
FIC: Kingsley/Blaise; seduction by incubus by [info]bonfoi
FIC: Desperate Impulses; Harry/Teddy; Daddy kink by [info]gracerene
FIC: Remus/Draco; dominant Remus by [info]bonfoi
FIC: Since When; Ron/Draco; lust overcomes intellect/inappropriate attraction by [info]emansil_12 (@LJ)
FIC: Constellations; Albus Severus/Draco; freckles, body painting by [info]gracerene
FIC: Want; James/Sirius; infidelity by [info]gracerene
FIC: Mouthful; Snape/Sirius, Snape/Moody; small cock by [info]bonfoi
10th January 2015 19:00 - Kinky Kristmas 2014 Reveals!
And with this post, another Kinky Kristmas season draws to a close. While compiling this year's stats, I suddenly realized that this is the sixth year for Kinky Kristmas in this format! Where does the time go?! Prior to that, we also had three years of Kinky Kristmases of other varieties. That means next holiday season will be Daily Deviant's TENTH KRISTMAS!! We're pretty excited about that, and we hope everyone will show up to make it an enormous and joyous one.

But before we start thinking too much about next year, we need to get on with wrapping up this one! And before we get to the reveals, we need to extend some very heartfelt thanks.

First and foremost, THANK YOU to everyone who contributed their fabulously filthy fic and art this holiday season and throughout the past year, and to everyone who read, viewed, commented, recced, and otherwise interacted here. There would be no Kinky Kristmas, no Daily Deviant, and no fandom without you. You keep our freaky fandom world turning, and whether we say it as often as we should or not, we love you for it. ♥

In addition, extra appreciation, love, brownies, and sex toys to those who contributed pinch hits and extra pieces -- many at the eleventh hour-- this year: [info]akatnamedeaster, [info]thilia, [info]tripperfunster, and [info]unbroken_halo. You all are amazing and generous and talented and amazing! ♥

We're incredibly proud of this year's collection of pieces, as always. We hope everyone had as much fun as we did reading and viewing the various offerings. Please do continue to check out anything you might have missed, and be sure to stick with us here at Daily Deviant throughout the new year!

And now, the moment you've all been waiting for...

Kinky Kristmas 2014 Reveals! )
30th November 2014 14:49 - Monthly Wrap-Up: October & November 2014
The theme for October, the month in which the veil between the worlds is the thinnest, the theme was AU Elements. Our members were given a list of elements common to various genre settings and were challenged to incorporate one or more elements into the HP universe. Crossovers were allowed as long as the story was set in the HP universe and not the crossover one.

Monthly Masterlist, October 2014 )

The themes for November 2014 were:

1. depilation: shaving or other methods of hair removal
2. erotic balls: dances/galas/etc. with erotic themes
3. homilophila: arousal when listening to or giving sermons or lectures
4. sex surrogates: individuals who act as sexual "stand ins" to educate one about sex and intimacy or help one to overcome a problem (e.g. trouble with intimacy, lack of confidence, anxiety, inhibitions, premature ejaculation)
with alternate pairing: Oliver Wood/Fleur and/or Gabrielle Delacour

Monthly Masterlist, November 2014 )
29th November 2014 17:50 - Monthly Wrap-Up: August & September 2014
The themes for August 2014 were:

1. coprolalia: dirty talk
2. coprophilia: scat
3. harnesses: as used in bondage
4. salirophilia: deriving sexual pleasure from dirtying or disheveling one's partner: tearing clothing, covering in mud, messing hair or makeup, etc.; especially the "ruining" of a very attractive partner
with alternate pairing: Lee Jordan/Percy Weasley

Monthly Masterlist, August 2014 )

The themes for September 2014 were:

1. chaperoning: the art of watching or supervising others to prevent them from engaging in sexual activity
2. gang bangs: consensual or not
3. phallophilia: attraction to large penises or fetishization of penises/certain types of penises
4. prostitution
with the alternate pairing: Molly Weasley/The Fat Lady

Monthly Masterlist, September 2014 )
15th August 2014 14:05 - Monthly Wrap-Up: July 2014
The themes for July 2014 were:

1. aquaphilia: sexual activity in or under water; arousal from images of people engaging in activities or posing in or under water
2. heat cycles: female estrus, or the male equivalent thereof
3. public nudity
4. salophilia: sweat fetish/attraction to salt or salty things, most especially body sweat in heat
with alternate pairing: Cormac McLaggen/Parvati Patil

Monthly Masterlist, July 2014 )

Apologies for the delay in getting these posted. The mods' brains are a bit like Swiss cheese sometimes. And huge thanks again to [info]sdk for her assistance. Because someone's brain needs to not be a bit like Swiss cheese.
15th August 2014 14:03 - Monthly Wrap-Up: June 2014
The themes for June 2014 were:

1. bradycubia: slow sex/slow thrusting
2. forniphilia: turning a living being into a piece of furniture
3. masks
4. massage
- with alternate pairing: Gwenog Jones/Poppy Pomfrey

Monthly Masterlist, June 2014 )
15th August 2014 13:59 - Monthly Wrap-Up: May 2014
The themes for May 2014 were:

1. incest: arousal from the taboo nature of having sexual relations with one's, er, relations...
2. maieusophilia: arousal from heavily pregnant women or women giving birth/the birth process
3. oclophilia: arousal by crowds such as orgies or revels where nude or semi-nude people are an attraction
4. rape fantasy
- with alternate pairing: Albus Severus Potter/Vincent Crabbe

Monthly Masterlist, May 2014 )
21st May 2014 18:40 - Monthly Wrap-Up: March & April 2014
In March and April, Daily Deviant celebrated it's 8th birthday! Members collaborated together and/or created works inspired by previous Daily Deviant pieces.

Monthly Masterlist, March and April 2014 )
6th March 2014 18:05 - Monthly Wrap-Up: January & February 2014
In January, everything old was new again. Members were challenged to use any previous prompt(s) from 2013 that they had not previously used.

Monthly Masterlist, January 2014 )

The themes for February 2014 were:

1. bottoms: the receptive or passive partners in sex
2. oculophilia: being aroused by eyes or specific kinds of eyes
3. scarification: body modification that involves scratching, cutting, etching, or branding of the skin to create designs, pictures or words
4. slaves/sex slaves
- with alternate pairing: Aberforth Dumbledore/Millicent Bulstrode

Monthly Masterlist, February 2014 )
9th January 2014 21:00 - Kinky Kristmas 2013 Reveals!
With this post, another round of Kinky Kristmas comes to a close... And what a successful round it was! Enthusiasm was definitely up from last year. Participation was up, the final number of pieces was up, commenting was up, and drop-outs were down. We had a number of great new members who got to play for the first time this year, and we had some old faces resurface to join in. And of course we ended up with a fantastic collection of smutty fic and art that featured a huge range of characters, kinks, and scenarios. (If you missed the crunching of the numbers last night, the stats post is right here.)

THANK YOU to everyone, both members and watchers, who wrote and drew, read and viewed, commented and recced. It's YOU who keep the fandom alive and this comm active. Without the interaction with the brilliant, creative, dirty-minded like-minded people who make up this fandom, none of us would bother to be here. We adore you! ♥

Heaps and heaps of love, brownies, and gratitude to those who produced pinch hits and extra pieces of various sorts this year: [info]akatnamedeaster, [info]eeyore9990, [info]leela_cat, [info]lilmisblack, [info]nearlyconscious, [info]torino10154, [info]unbroken_halo, [info]tryslora (who wrote three fics!), and [info]train_tracks (who wrote four!!). You all are amazing. ♥

We're super proud of this year's collection of pieces. We hope everyone had as much fun as we did reading and viewing the various offerings. Please do continue to check out anything you might have missed, and be sure to stick with us here at Daily Deviant throughout the new year!

Now, without further delay...

Kinky Kristmas 2013 Reveals! )
29th November 2013 21:24 - Monthly Wrap-Up: November 2013
The themes for November 2013 were:

1. drag queens/kings
2. jactitation: arousal by bragging about one’s own sexual conquests
3. orgasms: multiple orgasms, a person’s first orgasm, etc….
4. sexercise: exercises engaged in during sex and/or those that tone muscles used for sex
- with alternate pairing: Fleur Delacour/Katie Bell

Monthly Masterlist, November 2013 )
23rd November 2013 22:07 - Monthly Wrap-Up: October 2013
The themes for October 2013 were:

1. adolescentism: a form of ageplay; arousal from dressing up and/or playing the role of an adolescent
2. impotence
3. sex clubs
4. Tunnel of Love: making out while on a Tunnel of Love amusement park ride -- or whatever wizarding equivalent you wish to invent!
- with the alternate pairing: Rufus Scrimgeour/Lucius Malfoy

Monthly Masterlist, October 2013 )
15th October 2013 22:31 - Monthly Wrap-Up: August & September 2013
The themes for August 2013 were:

1. anal inserts
2. mysophilia: arousal from soiled or dirty objects or places; being turned on by doin' it in dirty places, getting off on used undergarments or socks, etc.
3. penis/breast enlargement
4. professional dominatrix/dominant
- with alternate pairing: Alecto Carrow/Sibyll Trelawney

Monthly Masterlist, August 2013 )

The themes for September 2013 were:

1. docking: a form of foreskin play generally between two men (although if a woman is involved, a dildo or strap-on may substitute for one of the penises); mutual masturbation in which the glans of one penis is inserted into the foreskin of another penis.
2. group sex
3. phone (or floo!) sex
4. virility/sexual enhancement charms: magical Viagra!
- with alternate pairing: Viktor Krum/Susan Bones

Monthly Masterlist, September 2013 )

Once again, huge thanks to [info]sdk for helping us out with these! It's our fault they're going up late, not hers.
15th October 2013 22:12 - Monthly Wrap-Up: June & July 2013
The themes for June 2013 were:

1. apotemnophilia: arousal by the idea of losing or amputating a limb (one's own) or from being or looking like an amputee
2. padlocks: as used in bondage/for restraint
3. sacofricosis: the practice of cutting a hole in one's front trouser pocket for the purpose of masturbation
4. strapping: spanking or whipping with a strap
- with alternate pairing: Blaise Zabini/Marietta Edgecombe

Monthly Masterlist, June 2013 )

The themes for July 2013 were:

1. courtesans
2. fans: used as an erotic prop; consider the flirting language of fans, their use in erotic dancing, etc.
3. harmatophilia: arousal from the mistakes of others; most frequently this refers to the mistakes, clumsiness, or inabilities of one's partner in bed
4. pandering: procuring a prostitute for a third person or convincing a person to engage in prostitution by providing a client
- with alternate pairing: Ernie MacMillan/Justin Finch-Fletchley

Monthly Masterlist, July 2013 )
15th September 2013 21:12 - Monthly Wrap-Up: May 2013
The themes for May 2013 were:

1. erotic asphyxiation: auto or otherwise
2. heterosexuals
3. sadism
4. uncircumcised penises
- with alternate pairing: Helga Hufflepuff/Narcissa Black (Malfoy)

Monthly Masterlist, May 2013 )
17th May 2013 16:16 - Monthly Wrap-Up: March & April 2013
March 2013 was DD's seventh birthday! Members celebrated by creating pieces inspired by our gorgeous new community banner.

Monthly Masterlist, March 2013 )

In April, we celebrated the silly side of sex. The themes of April 2013 were:

1. unfortunate incidents
2. coulrophilia: sexual attraction to clowns, mimes, or jesters; sexual arousal from clowning, miming, etc.; incorporation of clown play into sex
- with alternate pairing: George/George and/or Fred/Fred

Monthly Masterlist, April 2013 )

As a side note, we want to say THANK YOU to [info]sdk for helping us out with these masterlists and some general maintenance around the comm while the mods have been getting whipped (and not in the "deviant" way, sadly) by life. Thanks for saving our rosy butts, [info]sdk!
2nd March 2013 20:01 - Monthly Wrap-Up: February 2013
For February 2013 we had a bit of a cynical, anti-Valentine's theme for a switch:

1. infidelity
2. jealousy: arousal from feeling jealousy or from making one's partner jealous
3. magically-facilitated non-con/dub-con (i.e. love potions, lust spells, Imperius curse, etc.)
4. UST - unresolved sexual tension (with the catch that it must remain unresolved in some fashion)
- with alternate pairing: Horace Slughorn/anyone or Dolores Umbridge/anyone (with the caveat that they must be engaging in sexual activity for some non-romantic reason, e.g. manipulation, deals involving sex, information gathering...)

Members were also able to choose from any unfulfilled Kinky Kristmas wishes.

Monthly Masterlist, February 2013 )
9th February 2013 17:49 - Monthly Wrap-Up: January 2013
In January, everything old was new again. Members were challenged with any prompt(s) from 2012 that they had not previously used or were able to choose from any unfulfilled Kinky Kristmas wishes.

Monthly Masterlist, January 2013 )
7th January 2013 22:00 - Kinky Kristmas 2012 Reveals!
With this post, another Kinky Kristmas season comes to a close. Although we had fewer total pieces this time around, we had a wider range of characters and pairings than in previous years -- even a number of characters never before featured in Kinky Kristmas -- thus proving that Daily Deviant continues to produce some of the most interesting, unsual, and varied fic and art to be found in the fandom. A huge round of applause to all of this year's fantastic authors and artists!

Before we get to the reveals, we have some huge thank yous to extend.

- As always, our most heartfelt thanks to everyone, both members and watchers, who read, viewed, commented, and recced throughout December. We all play in this big fandom sandbox for the interaction with dirty-minded like-minded individuals, so it's you wonderful folks who keep this fandom and this comm rolling along. THANK YOU!

- Once again, thanks go out to the authors and artists who contributed pieces to this year's celebration. You've helped fulfill some members' smutty holiday wishes while entertaining the rest of us in the process, and the resulting collection of works is wondrous indeed!

- And last but most definitely not least, enormous heaps of gratitude and virtual brownies to those generous souls who contributed pinch hits and extra pieces this year: [info]its_art, [info]lilmisblack, [info]roozetter, [info]torino10154, and [info]unbroken_halo. ♥ ♥ ♥

We're truly delighted by this year's collection of tasty and unusual fics and art. We hope you enjoyed the pieces as much as we did, that you'll spend some time going back to any fantastic things that you might have missed, and that you'll continue watching the action here at Daily Deviant throughout the new year.

Now, with all of that said...

The Kinky Kristmas 2012 Reveals )
30th November 2012 18:55 - Monthly Wrap-Up: November 2012
The themes for November 2012 were:

1. anisonogamism: attraction to partners much older or younger than oneself
2. sex conferences: sex-themed events with panels, workshops, lectures, etc. (i.e. similar to an academic conference... or an HP con??)
3. stag/hen parties (AKA bachelor/bachelorette parties)
4. swallowing/spitting (yes, we're referring to semen!)
- with alternate pairing: Phineas Nigellus Black/Sirius Black

Monthly Masterlist, November 2012 )
24th November 2012 15:50 - Monthly Wrap-Up: September & October 2012
The special theme for September 2012 was Back to School which included:

1. student/teacher roleplay (or student/student, or teacher/teacher...)
2. continuing education: school after Hogwarts (Are there universities in the wizarding world? Would any of the HP characters go to a Muggle college? How about apprenticeships?)
3. school uniforms (or any uniform or wearable item that indicates student/trainee status)
4. hazing/initiation/"fagging" (of new students, trainees, junior members, etc.)

Monthly Masterlist, September2012 )

The themes for October 2012 were:

1. capnolagnia: arousal from watching others smoke (i.e. smoking fetish)
2. infantilism: role playing a regression to early childhood/infancy
3. sex magic
4. suspension: hanging someone in the air for sexual purposes
- with alternate pairing: Nearly Headless Nick/Lily Evans

Monthly Masterlist, October 2012 )
11th September 2012 21:31 - Monthly Wrap-Up: July & August 2012
The themes for July 2012 were:

1. couvade syndrome: sympathetic pregnancy (one partner experiencing psychosomatic, sympathetic symptoms while the other partner is pregnant)
2. ecouterism: arousal from hearing/listening to others engaged in sexual activities
3. personal ads
4. symbolic bondage: this can be either "pretend" bondage (e.g. not actually tied up but pretending to be) or symbols of belonging or ownership (e.g. collars, leashes, etc.)
- with alternate pairing: George Weasley/James Potter (your choice from either James Potter!)

Monthly Masterlist, July 2012 )

The themes for August 2012 were:

1. crossdressing
2. pubic hair modification: sculpting, dying, braiding, etc.
3. pygophilia: arousal from touching, licking, kissing, etc. the buttocks or from rubbing one's own buttocks against a partner's
4. traditional domestic roles: relationship dynamic in which one partner has authority over the other(s) (any gender combo is good here!)
- with the alternate pairing: Pansy Parkinson/Astoria Greengrass (Malfoy)

Monthly Masterlist, August 2012 )
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