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Kinky Kristmas 2013 Reveals! 
9th January 2014 21:00
With this post, another round of Kinky Kristmas comes to a close... And what a successful round it was! Enthusiasm was definitely up from last year. Participation was up, the final number of pieces was up, commenting was up, and drop-outs were down. We had a number of great new members who got to play for the first time this year, and we had some old faces resurface to join in. And of course we ended up with a fantastic collection of smutty fic and art that featured a huge range of characters, kinks, and scenarios. (If you missed the crunching of the numbers last night, the stats post is right here.)

THANK YOU to everyone, both members and watchers, who wrote and drew, read and viewed, commented and recced. It's YOU who keep the fandom alive and this comm active. Without the interaction with the brilliant, creative, dirty-minded like-minded people who make up this fandom, none of us would bother to be here. We adore you! ♥

Heaps and heaps of love, brownies, and gratitude to those who produced pinch hits and extra pieces of various sorts this year: [info]akatnamedeaster, [info]eeyore9990, [info]leela_cat, [info]lilmisblack, [info]nearlyconscious, [info]torino10154, [info]unbroken_halo, [info]tryslora (who wrote three fics!), and [info]train_tracks (who wrote four!!). You all are amazing. ♥

We're super proud of this year's collection of pieces. We hope everyone had as much fun as we did reading and viewing the various offerings. Please do continue to check out anything you might have missed, and be sure to stick with us here at Daily Deviant throughout the new year!

Now, without further delay...

Art by Daily Deviant Members:
Shut Up, Weasley. (Charlie/Pansy) by [info]nearlyconscious
Post-Raid Celebration (Lucius/Dolohov/Draco/Macnair) by [info]thilia
While Backs Are Turned (Hermione/Ginny) by [info]wallflowergirl
Intense Negotiations (Snape/Moody) by [info]akatnamedeaster
Welcome Home (Ginny/Tonks) by [info]nearlyconscious
Waterfall (Lily/Narcissa) by [info]twilightsorcery
Drip (Remus/Sirius) by [info]akatnamedeaster

Fic by Daily Deviant Members:
Pomona Sprout and the Five Points from Hufflepuff (Pomona/Minerva) by [info]pauraque
Ruin Me (Harry/Draco) by [info]train_tracks
Age Appropriate Gifts (Severus/Sirius) by [info]unbroken_halo
Moon Shine or Dark (Remus/Rosmerta) by [info]train_tracks
Unbreakable Bond (Harry/Ron/Hermione) by [info]torino10154
I Know You Rider (James Sirius/Albus Severus) by [info]train_tracks
By Sun or Candlelight (Ron/Harry, Draco/Harry) by [info]tryslora
This Christmas (Neville/Lavender) by [info]tryslora
If the Snow Falls (Sirius/Regulus) by [info]sabethea
Chances Are (Your Chances Are Awfully Good) (Charlie/Draco/Neville/Kingsley) by [info]hogwartshoney
Meant to Last (Ron/Pansy) by [info]train_tracks
Seas Between Us Broad Have Roared (Blaise/Ginny) by [info]tamlane
Letting Her Hair Down (Minerva/Severus) by [info]centaury_squill
Double Date (James/Lily/Sirius/Remus) by [info]tjs_whatnot
Blood-Red and Bitter-Sweet (Regulus/Scorpius) by [info]leela_cat
A Collection of Incunabula (Draco/Hermione) by [info]inamac
Lonely Hearts (Charlie/Teddy) by [info]elfflame
A Single Redeeming Vice (Amelia/Poppy) by [info]woldy
Always and Forever (Sirius/Remus) by [info]writcraft
The Watcher (Peter, Sirius/Lily, Snape/Lupin, Charlie/others, Percy/Oliver, Molly/Arthur, Minerva/Irma) by [info]alisanne
Bindings (Draco/Hermione) by [info]ldymusyc
Win Some, Lose Some (Snape/McGonagall) by [info]islandsmoke
A Moment On The Lips (Harry/Kingsley) by [info]eeyore9990
Lady Noir (Daphne/Pansy) by [info]silvernatasha
Que voulez-vous? (Sirius/James/Severus) by [info]notearchiver
Sugar Rush (Harry/Lavender) by [info]luvscharlie
Proceedings from the Herbologists' Fortnightly (Pomona/Severus) by [info]purplefluffycat
Of Freckles and Fireworks (Bill/Tonks/Charlie) by [info]rilla_licious
All Along (Sirius/James, Snape/Draco, Harry/Teddy) by [info]mindabbles
The Last Goodbye (Severus/Harry) by [info]torino10154
Sweet Girl (James Sirius/Lily Luna) by [info]sdk
Just Once More (Ron/Lavender) by [info]lunalovepotter
Brave new world (Severus/Draco) by [info]lilmisblack
A Dragon's Heartstring at the Core (Charlie/Harry/Draco) by [info]tryslora
The Art of Flying (Draco/Hermione) by [info]unbroken_halo
Then Suddenly I See You (Snape/Sirius) by [info]smallbrownfrog
A Grimmauld Carol (Sirius/Remus, (ancestral) Sirius/Hester) by [info]westernredcedar
The First Stroke (Ron/Draco/Neville) by [info]eeyore9990
Tease (Harry/Scorpius) by [info]lilmisblack
Star Struck (Ron/Draco) by [info]leela_cat
In the Stocks at Devil's Snare (Snape/Draco) by [info]songquake
Catch Me If You Can (Bill/Ginny) by [info]ragdoll

Fic by Daily Deviant Watchers:
Minerva McGonagall: Hypnotic Healer (Minerva/Rosmerta) by [info]dexstarr
Life During Wartime (Snape/Kingsley/Aberforth) by [info]amand_r
An Unexpected Gift (Snape/Harry) by [info]lilyseyes
Overnight Train (Harry/Pansy) by [info]nightfalltwen
Christmas Traditions (Ron/Pansy) by [info]scarletladyy
Rabid, Virgin-Seeking Mistletoe (Harry/Draco) by [info]kitty_fic
Worse Than a Family Dinner (Bellatrix/Sirius) by [info]gamma_orionis
10th January 2014 02:03
I'm so glad you allow watchers to participate. I had a lot of fun writing my story for [info]silvernatasha. :)
10th January 2014 03:03
A round of applause and enthusiastic thanks for our mods and another wonderful year!!
10th January 2014 03:07
Thanks to everyone who participated as both a submitter or a commenter. You guys all rock!
10th January 2014 03:13
*laugh* I think this is the first time I've written for my recip at the same time she was writing for me.
10th January 2014 03:16
Thank you so much! This was a fantastic fest and I highly enjoyed it. :D
10th January 2014 03:53
What a fest!!! Thank you for all your hard work, mods! <3
10th January 2014 05:06
Mods, you were kick-ass. :-)

I'm honored to have been a part of this! Thank you for everything!
10th January 2014 06:05
Thank you so much for running another fabulous year, and also for allowing me to participate once again :) I had a wonderful time! ♥
10th January 2014 06:35
Another great fest! Thank you to all the writers and even more to the mods.
10th January 2014 10:27
Eeeeeeeeee, this was SO MUCH FUN. So many quality pieces, and I still have to catch up with a lot of it! Thank you for running such an amazing fest :)
10th January 2014 14:47
Thanks to [info]lunalovepotter for my gift and this fest is always such a delicious treat! Fun, fun, fun!
10th January 2014 15:33
Thank you for a lovely fest! Still hoping to catch up on the fics I haven't gotten around to yet.
12th January 2014 09:49
Thank you for letting me be a part of the fest! ♥
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