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Kinky Kristmas 2016 Final Message and Reveals! 
8th January 2017 12:00
Now that all of us (including our very energetic characters) have had a bit of time to cool down and recuperate from the past month's activities, we're back with the promised reveals! But before we get to that, we need to quickly extend our usual-but-very-much-heartfelt "thank you"s...

First, to all of the authors and artists who created this collection of amazing and sexy pieces. It was an especially rough holiday season in general for a lot of us this year, so super extra kudos and gratitude to you for putting so much into your fantastic fic and art.

Second, an extra dose of praise to those who handled pinch hits and extra pieces this year. You folks are so amazing and impressive, and you have no idea how much we appreciate your assistance.

Third and last but most definitely not least, our enormous thanks to everyone who read, viewed, and commented throughout the month. Fandom exists because like-minded, incredible people gather and interact. None of us would be here doing any of this without you. You quite literally are (the pervy end of) HP fandom.

Much, much love to all! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Now, without further gushing and rambling...

Kinky Kristmas 2016 Author and Artist Reveals Masterlist

Art by Daily Deviant Members:
The Fine Line Between Love and Hate (Snape/Sirius) by [info]mywitch
Stopping by the Woods on a Snowy Evening (Remus/Charlie) by [info]akatnamedeaster
Night Out (Teddy/James Sirius) by [info]thilia

Fic by Daily Deviant Members:

Five Years Since Bimbleswats (Draco/Teddy/Harry) by [info]tryslora
From a Baby (Snape/His Hand Plus Other Useful Tools) by [info]kelly_chambliss
Home for the Holidays (Charlie/James Sirius) by [info]gracerene
Roommates and Visitors and Other Annoying Things (Snape/Draco) by [info]elfflame
Sundays (Neville/Draco) by [info]fangqueen
Private Study (Hermione/Tonks) by [info]its_art
Make It More Exciting (James/Sirius) by [info]iamisaac
When I Practiced Flirting With You (Harry/Ron) by [info]digthewriter
kiss me under the mistletoe (Draco/Lily Luna) by [info]tryslora
The Game Played Right (Albus Severus/Scorpius/Teddy/James Sirius in Various Configurations) by [info]_melodic_
Holiday Madness (Draco/Harry) by [info]alisanne
Nine Ways of Looking at a Book (Hermione/Minerva) by [info]pauraque
Unquestionable; Unforgivable (Albus/Gellert) by [info]purplefluffycat
Turn Back Time (Snape/Draco, Scorpius) by [info]centaury_squill
Simple As It Is, Complicated As You Need (Harry/Teddy) by [info]lq_traintracks
Wish You a Happy Christmas (Draco/Lily Luna) by [info]tryslora
The Meeting on the Turret Stairs (Flitwick/Hermione) by [info]_hannelore
This Thing You Feel (Snape/Harry) by [info]hogwartshoney
Waste No Time (Harry/Hermione) by [info]nightfalltwen
The Pickle Jar (Harry/Pansy) by [info]snegurochka_lee
Transfiguration: Theory and Practice (Remus/Sirius, Remus/Sirius/James, Remus/Sirius/Harry) by [info]mindabbles
Imagine (Moody/Luna) by [info]tjs_whatnot
But a kiss can be even deadlier if you mean it (Neville/Lavender) by [info]amand_r
Five Times Ron and Draco Almost Had Sex (And One Time They Did) (Ron/Draco) by [info]lokifan
Moonbeam, in the Palm of his Hand (Snape/Remus) by [info]writcraft
Subtlety is overrated (Bill/Tonks/Charlie) by [info]lilmisblack

Art by Daily Deviant Watchers:
All Eyes're in Ye, Laddie (Moody/Luna) by [info]theimpossiblegl

Fic by Daily Deviant Watchers:
Sorted (Snape/Sirius) by [info]ravenclawsquill
An Effigy in Desire (Hugo, fantasies involving James Sirius and Albus Severus) by [info]kittyaugust (@LJ or KittyAug @AO3)

And in case anyone missed them, this year's smutty statistics were posted here.

Kinky Kristmas has concluded for the year, don't run away yet! We'll be posting information about out plans for March -- Daily Deviant's 11th birthday! -- very soon. We have some fun things planned that both members and watchers will be invited to participate in, so stay tuned...
8th January 2017 13:40
Eeeee, awesome!!! :-D

And omg, [info]tryslora, thank you SO MUCH! I'm so thrilled with my gift!

And thank you, mods, for all your hard work and dedication! <3
8th January 2017 13:44
OMG this was amazing. [info]alisanne, you sneaky sneaky person.
8th January 2017 21:26
Hee! Gotcha. ;)
8th January 2017 15:47
Thank you for yet another smutty holiday season! You guys are too good to us!
8th January 2017 16:44
Baby's First Kinky Kristmas! It was all SO MUCH FUN!
I have a ton still to catch up on, but I'm looking forward to it :D
Thank you Mods for making this happen. Yay!
8th January 2017 21:28
Still reading, but hoping to catch up soon!
Thank you, [info]hogwartshoney for my fabulous gift! <3
And thanks again, mods!
8th January 2017 23:11
Thank you, darling mods, for this always-wonderful holiday treasure. Not only did I receive an outstanding gift, but the whole fest was a treat for my rare-pair loving soul. And thanks to all the excellent writers and artists for giving us all such a fine Kristmas stocking o' fun.
9th January 2017 06:35
Many thanks, mods, for all your hard work, and thanks again [info]purplefluffycat for the awesome gift! ♥
10th January 2017 11:25
Oh my god, [info]lokifan! Your fic A Rush of Blood to the Head is seriously one of my all-time favorite Ron/Draco stories (and this coming from an R/D fanatic), and to know you've written one for me personally now...I'm so honored, seriously, thank you so so much! <3
10th January 2017 11:39
Another big thank you to [info]kittyaugust as well! Your Hugo was to die for. <333 I can't believe I got two gifts, I didn't know that was possible, but I'm so so happy! :D
17th January 2017 03:17
Thank you - it was an utter pleasure to write.

10th January 2017 22:46
God, you guys, again with an awesome fest that I loved way more than I thought possible after all these years!

Thank you both for being so encouraging and supportive each and every year. For collecting this mass of talented writers and artists and letting us go wild with stories and with characters that would have many other fests running in horror. ;) This place makes us all better writers/artists and more open to differences and diversity--especially the kinky sort. ♥ And that's all on you, [info]rgrayjoy and [info]ragdoll! ♥♥
15th January 2017 13:29
Hooray! Thanks for a wonderful fest!
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