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Kinky Kristmas Art: The Fine Line Between Love and Hate (Severus/Sirius) 
6th December 2016 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]r_grayjoy
From: [info]mywitch

Title: The Fine Line Between Love and Hate
Characters/Pairings: Severus Snape/Sirius Black
Rating: Mature
Kinks/Themes Included: frottage, partially clothed sex, rough sex, turning each other black and blue as foreplay, Snape not in charge
Other Warnings/Content: Hogwarts, circa 1977


KK2016 The Fine Line Between Love and Hate
6th December 2016 13:09


This is great. I have like no words right now.

Brb. I'll be in my bunker.
9th January 2017 21:19
Brb. I'll be in my bunker.

LOL - I love your comment! You made me grin :D
So happy you like it!
6th December 2016 13:47
Right, so my initial reaction upon seeing this was: Abjklqhucaohfus, oh my godddddddd!!! *flaily flaily flail flaillllll*

Now that it's posted, I'll try to come up with something a bit more coherent...

This hits so many of my "homigawd, yes" loves and bullet-proof kink buttons. Ugly, scrawny, short, stringy-haired, teenage!Snape -- and in counterpose to completely-the-opposite-of-all-that teenage!Sirius. The intense, desire-filled, lust-addled expressions. And, well, the inclusion of so many of the kinks and themes that were in my wish list. Seriously, you hit the nail on the head with this response to my prompt.

Also, I'm so thrilled that you went for Marauder's Era here. It might be my favorite time period for this pairing, and there never seems to be enough of it.

The thing that strikes me the most about this piece, though, is that they've just beaten/hexed each other black and blue and yet there's an overwhelming tenderness about it. The expressions, the clasped hands, and Sirius' other hand on Snape's face... GAH!

A few other random things I love about this: The use of color! So effective for the bruising and whatnot, and also wonderful for the background details. The use of lighting -- the darkened hallway in contrast to the candlelight illuminating the characters' features. The difference in their wands mirroring the difference in their personalities. The (uncircumcised!) cocks, the nice, round balls, the right amount of body hair. And the placement of Sirius' leg!!! I probably should have listed that up above with my bulletproof kinks... Guh.

And also: Abjklqhucaohfus, oh my godddddddd!!! *flaily flaily flail flaillllll* THANK YOU for this! ♥

6th December 2016 14:19
I need to come back for a meatier comment but, what she said!
9th January 2017 21:35
:D Hooray for meat!
9th January 2017 21:25
It was a pleasure to do this for you, my friend! Thanks for inviting me to participate in the regular kink here at DD - it's opening my little vanilla cupcake eyes to all kinds of amazing things!

I also love the Marauders Era for these guys. It makes sense, so much emotional anquish and all those raging teenage boy hormones!

I can't even tell you how thrilled I am that you liked this so much. Happy to push your buttons anytime. ❤️
6th December 2016 14:09
Oh my goodness, this is seriously hot! GUHH, I love how you really went for the rough hate!sex here--it fits so perfectly with their relationship. Fantastic!
9th January 2017 21:26
Thanks so much for your comment! I'm glad you enjoyed this moment in a very complicated relationship! :D
6th December 2016 14:19
Oh.gosh.all the details, like the guttering candle in the foreground. And then the desperation and anger. And the hands against the wall. All of this.
9th January 2017 21:26
Thank you, I'm so happy you like it. :D
6th December 2016 15:29
Wow, this is so intense and powerful. And the colours! Awesome.
9th January 2017 21:27
Thank you! :D
6th December 2016 19:30
Whoa, that's amazing! Love the colors and the facial expressions.
9th January 2017 21:27
Thank you so much! Gotta have lots of color when you're going for blood and bruises, lol. :D
6th December 2016 21:21
Utterly gorgeous, mystery artist. I'm particularly fixated by the finger marks on Sirius's neck...
9th January 2017 21:30
Thank you so much! I actually worked out all the bruises from the imaginary fight they had in my head. First Snape was on Black's back, gripping his throat, then Black threw him hard into the wall and bruised the crap out of Snape's skinny hip, lol. Boys.
6th December 2016 22:38
Once again, I am in awe! The details are just astounding, not the least of which are Sirius' socks, Severus' belt buckle, and all the torn and scattered accoutrements.

You are my hero.
9th January 2017 21:31
Awww, thank you darlin'! I'm glad you like the belt buckle. It cracked me up to imagine him going out into Muggle London and shoplifting it.
7th December 2016 09:23
Oh wow, this is. Like, wow. This is amazing. Seriously , I fucking love it. Rough sex like I've never seen before. I love all the amazing details, the foreskin in Snape's cock, like, dude, I can't stop looking, their clothes in shreds and the intensity, their partly-opened mouths and just, god, everything. I'm dying here. Jesus.

9th January 2017 21:32
So delighted that you like it! They really are just begging to be stared at, aren't they. Bloody exhibitionists! ;)
7th December 2016 13:32
That's so hot - thank you!
9th January 2017 21:33
My pleasure! :D
7th December 2016 15:18
Wow this is all kinds of gorgeous and brutally hot.

I love the details of the bruising and cuts, especially the marks around Sirius's throat. Who doesn't love a good hate/rough sex relationship (even more so between these two) and this image really displays that perfectly. The details of their scattered books and uniforms, all stained with blood is really vivid and of course the best part is the delicious frottage!

I just absolutely love this!
9th January 2017 21:34
Thanks so much. I really appreciate your comment! :D
Turns out I really enjoy the ol' frottage... even the word sounds like fun, lol.
10th December 2016 21:59
Wow, fabulous! The hastily-discarded clothes and books tell their own story, and the dazed, hungry expressions tell the rest.
9th January 2017 21:34
Thank you! I really appreciate that you see a story in this :D
17th December 2016 06:55
OMG THIS IS SO GOOD! ARGH! There is so much going on here, my god - the bruises, the tension, their ruined clothing! The way their hands are clasped is ruining me, and Sirius's boyish socks, and his blue jeans, are just such a perfect contrast for the blood on the floor and how much they've clearly been giving each other hell here.

The way Sirius is leaning over Severus, with his parted mouth, is ajhdhgks, and *waves hands around* just all of it!!! This is fucking brilliant!!
9th January 2017 21:38
Giggle! Thank you so much - your comment made my day - I'm thrilled that you enjoyed it!!
20th December 2016 09:52
Back with a proper comment. I also love that you picked Marauder Era for this prompt. I don't see them very often anymore so this is a treat!

I'd love to see the scuffle that started this, by the looks of the blood, torn clothes and scattered books it was rather epic! No wonder they had to let off steam though, just look at those cocks! Must have been a long time coming. (And Sev's belt buckle is a hoot!)

Excellent work, MA!
9th January 2017 21:39
Thank you so much, babe. I know these are your guys and I was hoping that you would like it. Marauders Era rules! :D
27th December 2016 16:47
Whoa, how did I miss this?!?! It's gorgeous, and so perfect for these two! I love the desperation that comes through. And the colour and detail on their pile of clothes is so great. :)
9th January 2017 21:40
Thank you so much! I'm glad you found it and like it! :D
22nd January 2017 20:09
Finally catching up on KK.
OMG, this is gorgeous! The color, their faces, the bruises, the scattered clothes, and that candle on the wall... UNF!
It's all amazing.
You do the best art! <3
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