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Fic & Art Collaboration: All the King's Horses 
30th August 2007 20:04
Originally posted July 17, 2007

Title: All the King's Horses
Author: [info]themostepotente
Artist: [info]artisticentropy
Characters: Snape/Harry/Draco, implied Lucius/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Pony play, bootlicking, branding, CBT, urethral sounding, cock suckage, AU, object insertion, wanking, voyeurism
Theme/Kink: Safe sex: the Wizarding version
Word Count: 2,200 words
Media: Image done entirely in photoshop with my pen tablet.
Compliant to: Doesn't really apply, but HBP, I suppose.
Author's Notes: Betaed by [info]aliciamasters
Disclaimer: The characters contained within do not belong to me. I just like to make them do filthy things to one another.
Artist's Notes: Many thanks to the roommie Jenn ([info]scribeoffate/[info]idc_chan) for being my bestest kinky bitch and finding me reference pics on pony-play costumes. Also thanks to [info]themostepotente - I didn't think I'd ever top the kinky level of my June pic, but - wow - yeah, I did! :P TMP, you are the goddess of p0rn, and if it weren't for you, I'd have likely let [info]r_grayjoy talk me into doing a kinkier version of this ;) The fandom is in your debt! *L*

(larger version of the image on click)

All the King's Horses

Purebloods always fancied themselves 'The Great White Hunters.' Foxes, whores, Muggles; anything and anyone were prey to them.

Harry found much amusement at that, toeing Draco in the solar plexus as he slept fitfully on a bed of straw.

Sleeping. Yes. And how best to wake the little ponce?

Yanking the zipper of his riding breeches down, Harry grabbed his cock and took aim. But before the first drop fell, Snape's spidery fingers burrowed into the tender flesh of Harry's arm.

"We may be half-bloods, but we are not heathens," Snape said with an annoyed hiss. "Zip up and out of my way."

As Harry tucked himself back in, Snape crouched down and pulled what looked to be a tuning fork out of his robes. He lightly struck the metal sound in Draco's urethra, resonating a constant, vibrating pitch. At once, Draco was awake and alert. Instinctively, Draco tried to shield his genitals, but his hands were imprisoned in a hoofed singleglove.

Snape plucked the u-shaped tines of the fork with his thumb. "Three-legged horses are less likely to run."

"Lame," Harry punctuated, "but pretty. All he needs is a tail."

"Well, it isn't going to plug itself," Snape scoffed. "Prance his arrogant arse to the bench, and we'll have him fitted."

Harry took Draco by his bridle and slowly brought him to his knees. Attaching a leash to the metal ring at Draco's cheek, Harry led Draco to a sitting bench where a row of phalluses were placed in order of size. Yanking up hard on the leash, Harry forced Draco to his feet, prodding his legs apart with the riding crop.

Draco's legs were long, lean and muscled in the hoofed leggings, and he was just as graceful as a prima ballerina on tiptoe. Harry thought Draco resembled a satyr; a salacious man-beast whose arse rose on command. The Delta on Draco's left buttock was still red and warm to the touch. Unlike his own scars, Harry could not help but trace the raised edges, fascinated by the triangle shaped brand.

Harry had his own marks of ownership; two of them, in fact. The only difference was that he was higher up on the Dark Lord's food chain.

Snape examined each plume, combing the bushiest with his fingers. "Naturally, you'll want to see him outfitted with the largest of the lot. If it were my choice, boy, I'd start with the smallest and work my way up. Lubricate the first and have him squat down."

"One of these days, you'll be taking orders from me, Snape," Harry said, squeezing a dollop of lubricant into his palm. He anointed the first phallus generously, a wicked smile twisting his lips. Harry smacked the seat of the bench in a show of authority. "Up on the bench, on your haunches and squat."

Awkwardly, Draco climbed onto the bench and squatted down, arse hovering over the round, pointed tip of the phallus. He shook his head twice in defiance.

Harry laughed, swatting the ring in Draco's nipple with the crop. "Don't think he's ever had anything up his arse except for his head."

"I don't think that's entirely true, Potter. I know his father's had him at least once. Purebloods engage in a coming-of-age ritual at thirteen. The son is expected to seduce the father."

Harry gave Snape a pointed look. "I suppose you watched?"

"I did," Snape said, crossing one robe hem over the other. "He bled like a little girl. So beautiful, lines of pain and worry cleaving his brow. He wasn't this hesitant with Lucius."

Harry placed a hand on Draco's head as if he were going to bless him. "Lower yourself, Malfoy, or I'll force you down on it."

Draco shook his head again.

Snape tutted. "Do not let him dictate terms to you, Potter. And only a defeated man resorts to brute force."

"How then? Show me, Snape."

"Do you deign to give up so effortlessly?" Snape said, taking Harry by the arm. Snape dug his thumbnail into the tattooed flesh, gently reminding Harry. "The second time is always easiest, is it not?" He dropped Harry's arm in disgust.

Harry narrowed his eyes when Draco boldly allowed himself a ghost of a smile. "I bow to your wisdom, Snape," Harry said, half serious half joking. "Show me the right way."

Crossing to the bench, Snape took Draco's face in his hands. He gently laid a kiss upon Draco's lips until Draco sank down of his own will, the curves of his arse cheeks touching the bench.

"Slim and smooth, for breaching purposes only. The next phallus was designed for stretching, the third for pleasuring and the last for disciplining. He's had enough of this one. Progress him to the second. We haven't all day, Potter."

Harry nodded and motioned to the second phallus. Predictably, Draco wouldn't move.

Snape made a move forward but Harry barred him with an arm. He reached into a robe pocket and removed a medieval-looking cock cage. He allowed one ring at a time to drop from his fist, until all seven rings swung hypnotically on the leather backing in front of Draco's face. The apple at Draco's throat bobbed in fear.

Slowly, Draco slid from the first phallus, his cock stiffening further. Drops of precome glistened from the slit bubbling through the ring in the sound. Malfoys could be broken.

Draco crouched over the second phallus, impaling himself at the downward motion of Harry's wand. Harry gave Draco little time to adjust to the width of the phallus before an upward flick of his wand had Draco hovering over the thick head once more.

Harry watched intently as the muscles in Draco's thighs rippled with each squat, the phallus disappearing and reappearing in turn. Harry was quite content to work Draco over on the second phallus, but Draco was slowly beginning to display signs of wearing, the sweat beading at his temples. The ragged breaths Draco drew sucked the saliva in through his clenched teeth.

"Enough," Snape said lazily as he summoned Harry's wand with a flick of his own wrist. "Know when to quit. There are still two phalluses left."

Angered at Snape's interference, Harry slid the rings of the cock cage over Draco's shaft. With Draco already erect, it was a tight fit, but Snape didn't seem to mind. He nodded approvingly when Harry suggested he fasten the end to a conical ball stretcher. Draco was certainly the poster boy for chastity and safe sex.

By the third phallus, Draco needed assistance crouching over the thick, knobbed shaft. Every couple minutes Draco was crying out, but in pleasure or pain Harry could not say. He was only certain that it made his cock throb achingly for the touch of tongue.

At the fourth and final phallus, Snape took over briefly. Draco impaled himself without question or hesitancy. When Snape offered his hand for assistance, Draco laid his on top of Snape's and allowed Snape to steady him as he stepped down from the bench. The respect Draco still held for Snape made Harry envious.

When Harry ordered Draco on all fours, Snape attached the plume to Draco's phallus. Brandishing his wand, Snape removed the hoofed singleglove and replaced it with two separate hoofed gloves that pulled tight to mid-arm. Snape proceeded to prance Draco out of the stables until Harry protested. "Where are you taking him?"

"A thought occurred," Snape said, pulling up on Draco's leash to slow his gait. "That I might wish a glass of cider-ale. The Malfoys have a sprawling orchard, and what better task for a pony than to collect a bushel of apples."

Harry smiled slyly at Snape's ingenuity. "I wouldn't mind some apple custard with chilled gooseberries."

Snape handed Harry Draco's leash. "Of course you wouldn't."

The orchard floor was strewn with apples, some overripe, some rotten and some just perfect. Snape transfigured an abandoned sparrow's nest into a bushel basket and set it beside a shaded tree. Harry shook his head. Filling one basket was not task enough for Malfoy. Luckily, Harry had something cunning in mind even ol' Slytherin himself would admire.

Snape Accio'ed an apple and polished it on his robe front, taking a bite out of it. "Get on with it then, Potter. Custard takes time to prepare."

Harry crouched down and unyoked Draco's leash, pulling him close by hooking a finger around the strap of his bridle. "You are going to collect a bushel basket of apples using only your mouth. If you so much as leave a tooth mark on the skin, I will dump the basket out, and you will start over. But first," Harry said, straightening, "My boots need a shine."

Begrudgingly, Draco began to polish Harry's boots, Draco's pink tongue cleaning the muck and mire clean from the surface. At the first sign of dissatisfaction, Harry swatted Draco's arse with the crop. "Chest pressed and arse out. C'mon, keep going." Only when Harry could see his reflection in the shine did he stop Draco. He gave Draco a sharper swat to the arse, making sure to strike the still smarting brand. "Go about your job then."

Snape crossed to Harry, vanishing his core with an Evanesco charm. "Still no word on Lucius. It was foolish of him to run."

Harry arched a brow in question. "How did you communicate with the Dark Lord? I was with you the whole time and have not seen him."

Snape was quiet a moment before he cupped a hand and held it to his mouth. He coughed up a tiny worm that Harry surmised Snape had swallowed in a bite of apple. The eerie red glow in Snape's eyes cooled, like coals in a dying fire. "The Dark Lord has many ways he communicates with his Death Eaters. Not all of them conspicuously." Gently, he set the worm down in the grass. "Let us check on our pony's progress. See how well he's doing."

Harry nodded and the both of them peered into the basket. There were a dozen or so apples inside. Harry dumped the basket and scattered its contents. "Not well enough, I'm afraid."

By midday, Draco had been collecting apples for three hours without a break. There was barely half a bushel basket when Draco motioned to his mouth with a hoof, hungry. He'd been given saucerfuls of water at thirty-minute intervals. Perhaps, Harry thought, it was time for a bit of a treat.

Harry Accio'ed a bottle of wine from the Malfoy's cellar and poured a little into Draco's dish to cleanse his palate. He stood over Draco and watched him lap the wine greedily, oversized hooves upsetting the plate. Harry laughed when Draco licked the wine-wet blades of grass for lost droplets.

"Boy always had a mouth on him," Snape said with a familiar fondness. "Could probably suck a Snitch through fifty feet of hose." He laid a hand on the tent in Harry's breeches, cueing him.

Harry undid his riding breeches, allowing them to fall open. His cock bounced at the thought of Draco's warm, wet, disciplined mouth pleasuring him. Snape must have found the thought pleasurable as well, lifting his robes to reveal a thick, veiny cock nestled in an undergrowth of coarse hair.

Draco looked up at his godfather imploringly, but there was no sympathy to be found in Snape's eyes. He took Draco firmly by his head strap and pushed his face into Harry's crotch. Harry watched through half-lidded eyes as Snape began to stroke himself, leaning forward to slap Draco's cheek with the bulbous head of his monstrous cock.

Harry thrust his pelvis forward, crashing his cockhead against Draco's mashed lips. "You'll suck it, or I'll dump that basket again."

Reluctantly, Draco opened his mouth, and Harry fed Draco an inch at a time, taking Draco by the bridle when he was balls deep. Harry rocked on the heels of his riding boots, sighing softy at the sight of Draco's cheeks hollowing. Snape wasn't kidding. Draco had the mouth of a Knockturn Alley whore.

Ten minutes into their pleasuring, Greyback and the Carrows interrupted Harry and Snape. Greyback had someone or something by leash, a dark cloak covering the four-legged beast. Snarling and unsatisfied, Snape let his robe fall down over his stiff cock.

Turning and shoving his cock back into his breeches, Harry yanked the leash from Greyback's hand. He pulled back the cloak, grinning at the sight of Malfoy senior trussed and plugged. Snape, however, was unsurprised, inspecting the Fugitivus brand on Lucius's left buttock.

Harry dismissed Greyback and the Carrows with a wave of his hand. He could hardly contain his pleasure. He would have Draco all to himself now.

"It would seem that while we have enough apples, we have no grapes at all for a celebratory vintage," Snape said, gesturing towards the Malfoy vineyards.

Father and son exchanged worried glances through their harnesses.

Harry kicked over the bushel basket. "Nothing to my satisfaction. I suppose you'll be just as picky with the grapes?"

"Of course," Snape said, removing the gag reflex exerciser from Lucius's mouth. Snape promptly reinserted the gag, however, when Lucius began to protest his Andalusians running wild and free. Taking the leash, Snape started for the vineyard.

Undoing his breeches again, Harry leered down at Draco. "Now, where were we?"

Purebloods may have fancied themselves 'The Great White Hunters,' Harry thought, but half-bloods inherited the earth.


Additional Artist's Note: For those interested, the image went through some fun permutations when I didn't know what the characters would be wearing and such, so here's a small out-take. I had to share Harry's shirt. ;)
30th June 2012 07:42
The scene when Draco picks up apples reminded me of sweet Tristan in "Beauty's Punishment" <3
I liked it, even if it felt as a small peek on their universe.
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