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Art: Remedial Potions 
14th January 2017 21:00
Title:Remedial Potions
Artist: [info]akatnamedeaster
Media:Digital sketch
Characters/Pairings: Severus Snape/Harry Potter
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Corseting/Lacing
Warnings: Teacher/Student, possibly chan, bondage, ambiguous!Snape, clothed/unclothed
Summary: Finally, it was 3pm.
A/N: I've been feeling super nostalgic about fandom lately and with the theme "everything old is new again" I not only recycled an old prompt, but an old trope. After all, it's been a long time since I've seen any ambiguous, slightly hinkey, good ol' fashioned dirtywrong Snarry detention art and it was the first sort of fic I read in this fandom way back when. Besides, a friend really likes toppy!Snape and Snarry so there you go. Hope you dig!

14th January 2017 21:14
Unf! That is hhhhhhhhot!
14th January 2017 23:41
Thanks! I went back and fixed Harry's ass and thighs after posting it. He has a 54% tighter ass now. ;)
15th January 2017 07:44
Obviously, you got me to look again. ;-) I love it even more now. I mean, I saw the writing last time, but my eye took in the left side and then didn't register that the right has devolved entirely into "I must not fuck Harry Potter!" Omg LOVE! I adore how you flipped the 'lines' part of the detention trope there! It's genius!

I really love everything about this: Harry's face with its innocence and trepidation, the corset (unf!), the fact that Harry is, ahem, enjoying it, his sweet little bum!!!, Snape's perverse giving in to his own desires (but only in punishment form because that's still proper, right? LOL). I love the portent of the cane under his arm as well. What a great job, Kat!

15th January 2017 10:59
Made you look, lol!

Thanks, I was at pains to figure out a background and having Snape's obsessive missive seemed too good to pass up!

So glad you liked this one, it was a lot of fun to make. :)
22nd January 2017 12:21
OMG, I hadn't noticed that either! And "This is wrong, but I want it"


Genius, kat!
22nd January 2017 12:30
I'm so glad you could see that since the writing kinda degraded when I saved it as a jpeg. I reckoned Snape himself might have a little trepidation himself here. :)
14th January 2017 21:16
Eeee, this is AMAZING!! I love how young and sweet and innocent Harry looks, and that corset is quite becoming! And Snape looks fantastically devious leaning over him like that. I especially love the splay of his fingers as he tightens the corset. Love!!
14th January 2017 23:42
Hehe, sweet and innocent Harry made me feel like a right ol' perv when I was doodling this, glad you like it! :)

(I gave Harry some plastic surgery after posting this, Harry can't have a flat ass. :P)
14th January 2017 21:56
Mmph, this is hot!
14th January 2017 23:44
Thanks! This was a lot of fun to skritch out! :)
15th January 2017 00:10
15th January 2017 00:32
Thank you, boo!
15th January 2017 08:35
BOOYAH. That's the stuff I like, right there. NUM.

I really like the woodcut feel you get from this style.
15th January 2017 11:00
Thank you! :)

While I do miss my pencils, I gotta admit, I love the effects that are possible with the tablet.
15th January 2017 11:07
WOW! This is wonderful, darling. I love the colors, and both Snape's and Harry's expression. The thing that gets me most, though is Snape's outfit. I don't know why but those gloves and boots, and his fingers, the way they curve over Harry's back... guh! Don't get me wrong, Harry is delicious, but Snape!
15th January 2017 11:09
Thank you, bb! I'm not generally good at clothing design (I liked nekkid guys too much, obviously!) but I really like the design of Snape's robes here and that he looks just this side of sinister. ;)
15th January 2017 12:12
I can't even say which outfit I find more sexy: Harry's or Severus's.
Well, guess I'll wouldn't turn away either of them. :)

Thank you!
15th January 2017 12:16
Thanks! Although, to be fair, Harry's kit is only an outfit if one is being generous. ;)
16th January 2017 06:08
Guhnnghhhh! Love this!
This is pretty much how I like my Snarry :D
16th January 2017 10:07
Thank you, it's been donkey's years since I've seen this sorta iffy scenario with these two so of course I had to give it a go. :)
16th January 2017 06:42
Oh wow, this is hot! Love Snape's predatory expression. *g*
And Harry's corset is in Gryffindor colours, too - nice touch!
16th January 2017 10:08

Snape's predatory expression

hehe, I was hoping to give the impression of a big, angular hawk readying itself to pounce on the plump little rabbit. ;)
16th January 2017 10:31
Wow this is just smoking hot! I love the contrast of their skin tones, that devious expression on Snape's face and Harry's innocent and yet alluring expression with that pretty flush high on his cheeks. Oh and the delicious nudity of course, and the corset and... okay yes I could go on for quite some time--I just love it ALL!
16th January 2017 11:31
Thank you. :) While I don't actively ship them, I do find that they have a really interesting aesthetic visually with a lot of opportunity to sharp contrasts. I'm so glad you like this one!
16th January 2017 12:03
Errr...how the HELL did I miss this? :D

This is absolutely gorgeous. I'm a sucker for the old school Snarry detention dirty hot wrongness of it all and this is divine. I love the magical cuffs, the innocent look on Harry's face, his pout and the sexiness of Snape being all dommy and smirking like he's having great fun making Harry his plaything. The leash. UNF. The corset. ARGH!!

This is absolutely delightful and so, so hot. Love it!
16th January 2017 12:11
Besides, a friend really likes toppy!Snape and Snarry so there you go

Hehe, yay, because this is you and I was hoping this was a flavor that you liked. (I admit, if I'm going to go Snarry, it is going to be this sort of dirtywrongandomgwhatthehellisSnapedoing? sort of thing. It's fun and it can look really cool since it's such an iconic ship.)

Severus needs to put that cane to use. *nods*
17th January 2017 06:58
Holy fucking shit. If this isn't the hottest thing in the world then I don't know what it is because it damn well is. Lord.

Just, everything. I'm a total goner for Harry in a corset. TOTAL GONER, OKAY!?

And his innocent expression just makes it all more perfect. And Snape's face, no, everything, the fact that there are shadows watching (is that us? Oh my god! Lol) and Harry's hard and Snape looks—he looks kind of mean but his hair, both their hair. Yeah, perfect. <33
17th January 2017 08:52
Thank you so much hon, I'm so glad you like it since this one was a lot of fun to doodle.

Snape looks—he looks kind of mean

Just a touch. Admittedly, this is not a fluffy, shmoopy Snarry. Sometimes you gotta release the beast. ;)
17th January 2017 18:59
Haha, this is so hot and so nostalgic :) I love the composition and gaunt wicked Severus vs innocent little Harry!
18th January 2017 10:15
Thank you, I had a lot of fun making this one, I'm glad you like it!
19th January 2017 05:53
Ooooh this is dark and delicious! I love Harry's big eyes and Snape's intense expression. Gorgeous!
19th January 2017 09:38
Thank you! Sometimes it's fun to let wicked Snape out to play. :)
20th January 2017 21:01
Oh yeah that is awesome! Snape looks so predatory! And magical restraints! <3
20th January 2017 22:10
Thank you! Devious Snape was itching to come out, poor Harry. ;)
21st January 2017 06:10
Ok I love the writing on the wall and the absolute concentration on Severus' countenance. Harry looks like he is unsure but ready to leave himself in Sererus' care. Thank you so much for sharing.
21st January 2017 10:30
Thanks very much! :)
22nd January 2017 07:28
OOOHHHHH! Harry's little wide-eyed face! Omg! His look of apprehension coupled with his physical reaction is really something. I also love the magical bonds, and Snape's entire styling (his HAIR looks so chic, and the heels, and gloves, woohoo!), but Harry's little 'uh-oh' face is what's completely doing it for me! Gorgeous stuff, thank you!
22nd January 2017 11:50
Thank you, bb! The design elements here were a lot of fun to work on, I'm glad you like Severus' dark chic thing he has going on. (And Harry's "please don't hurt me" face. ;)
26th November 2017 18:35 - Remedial Potions
How ever did I miss this? The green shackles and Harry's outfit - gasp. Perfection.
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