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Banging Birthday Art: An Artist's Touch (Blaise/Lily Luna) 
5th April 2016 12:00
Birthday Wish Fulfilled for: [info]nightfalltwen
From: A Masterful Member

Title: An Artist's Touch
Characters/Pairings: Blaise Zabini/Lily Luna Potter
Rating: R
Kinks/Themes Included: Adultery, crossgen, fingering, first time, erotic art
Other Warnings/Content: /
Artist's Notes: The prompt was: "Slytherin Male/Nextgen girl - The ad stated: "Artist seeks model for portrait work. Long hours. Ample compensation. Apply by owl." It seemed like a good idea." I immediately knew what I wanted to do with this but it took a long time for me to figure out how to do that. I was also undecided about who the Slytherin Male should be, and kept going back and forth between Theodore Nott and Blaise. Then I started over with the whole thing about a week before the deadline and ended up finishing this in just a couple of days. I'm really happy with the result, and I hope you like it too, anon! :)
Art Preview:

5th April 2016 17:05
Oh this is lovely mystery artist! I love everything about it. Just the idea of Lily-Luna getting involved with an artist. The details are fantastic. From Lily's freckles to Blaise's hair. To the way her breast sort of shifts upward as she's lying down...because that's what breasts do! I love it!

Very sexy and very well done. Thank you so so so much.
26th May 2016 17:35
Thank YOU so much for the amazing prompt! That one jumped out at me right away, and I knew I had to have it. Glad you like the outcome! :)
5th April 2016 17:31
Gggggg! That is *gulp* super hot!!!
26th May 2016 17:36
Thank you! :D
5th April 2016 17:32
Oh holy hell! GUH. Excuse me while I drool over my keyboard. That one center panel with Blaise touching her from behind is so damn erotic and sexy--Gah. And the neck kiss. Damn. Just sjflsjflsdfj. This is just gorgeous work all around. I love all of the moments you captured, the whole story unfolds so beautifully in these moments. Unf!
26th May 2016 17:37
Thank you! That was actually the first one I did because I figured if I ended up not having the time to do multiple panels, I'd at least have something smutty, haha. :D I'm so glad you like it!
5th April 2016 19:00
Absolutely gorgeous!
26th May 2016 17:37
Thank you! :D
5th April 2016 20:23

God, this is just insanely gorgeous! I love the way you told this story with the different panels, and the whole thing is just extremely sensual and seductive. The color palette you used here is really lovely, and man, I'm just in love with it all!
26th May 2016 17:38
Awww, thank you! It was so much fun to work on. I tried something different with the color palette (because it just looked TOO colourful when I used "regular" colors), so I'm glad that worked! :D
5th April 2016 20:46
Oh this is just absolutely gorgeous and amazing. Lily looks so natural, and I love her body shape and her freckles, and her breasts (GORGEOUS). And Blaise's hair is absolutely fantastic. Guh, this is just stunning. So beautifully done.
26th May 2016 17:39
Thank you so much! I'm very pleased with how Lily turned out in these, heeh. And Blaise's hair was a ton of work, but worth it in the end. I did try to give him short hair, but that didn't work out at ALL, so... Yay dreads! :D
5th April 2016 22:17
This is gorgeous. God, I love this, I love everything about this. Lily Luna looks beautiful wrapped in the sheet, and then Blaise's hands and arms around her, her freckles (Damn it, such a freckle kink you're giving me MA!), her beautiful body as he hold her and she curves herself around him. Gorgeous.
26th May 2016 17:40
Freckles are always such a fun little detail to add. That's why I love drawing HP - so much potential for freckles! :D Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it!
6th April 2016 09:02
It's fitting that Blaise is a figure-artist, because you draw figures so very well! I love the shading, the sensuous palette, and the fact that we get only glimpses of what is going on in each frame - it's like peeking through the window of the artist's studio. Brava!

PurpleFluffyCat x
26th May 2016 17:41
Awww, thank you! I'm always drawn (ha!) to artist!prompts. I just can't resist them. *g* Glad you like it! :D
8th April 2016 14:13
Love this!! What a great approach to the prompt. :)
26th May 2016 17:41
Thank you!! :)
8th April 2016 22:40
Gorgeous. Great pairing and wonderfully rendered. Fabulous work.
26th May 2016 17:41
Thank you! Glad you like it! :D
9th April 2016 02:09
Unf! Just gorgeous. That middle panel about stole my breath.
Wow. <3
26th May 2016 17:41
Thank you! That was my favourite one to draw. ♥ :D
9th April 2016 10:10
Very very lovely. And ending with the demonstration that yes, he really did want her for the art as well. Beautiful.
26th May 2016 17:42
Heh. Yeah, I figured I should at least hint at that. :D Thank you!
9th April 2016 14:54
Wow, this is gorgeous- and it portrays a scenario I'm rather fond of. I love Blaise's hair, Lily's freckles, and all the attention to small details. Beautifully done!
26th May 2016 17:43
Thank you so much! I love this scenario as well, so I had to have this prompt. *g*
14th April 2016 03:08
w0w... just... w0w.

I am mesmerized and in love with all of this!

26th May 2016 17:43
Thank you!! :D
14th April 2016 03:08
w0w... just... w0w.

I am mesmerized and in love with all of this!

16th April 2016 19:32
26th May 2016 17:43
Thank you! :D
5th May 2016 07:09
This is amazing. I like both each panel individually, and the total effect. The way the largest panel sort of floats over parts of the others works perfectly.

Scorchingly hot.
26th May 2016 17:44
It wasn't easy to find the right layout for this and I had no idea how to arrange them but I found a lot of comic templates, and this one worked perfectly. :D Thank you!
11th May 2016 10:37
Absolutely beautiful! <3
26th May 2016 17:44
Thank you! :D
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