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Kinky Kristmas Art: One Down, Six To Go (Arthur/Bill) 
30th December 2011 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]lilmisblack
From: [info]thilia

Title: One Down, Six To Go
Characters/Pairings: Arthur/Bill
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Included: Incest, cross-gen, blowjobs
Other Warnings/Content: /
Artist's Notes: Arthur has a bit of a special kink... and plans on working his way through all his boys... and girl ;) It was really hard to pick a pairing because I love all the Weasleys. But in the end, I went with Bill because... well, I'm not really sure why. If I'd had more time, I might have drawn all the pairings you requested, but since this was a pinch-hit, it wasn't possible. Hope you like it! :)
Art Preview:

30th December 2011 19:24
Wow. With the way Bill is guiding Arthur's head and the expression on his face, it almost seems like Bill instigated the whole scene. Or, at least, is a wiling participant. :P

LOVE their hair. Bill's looks so invitingly silky and *pets Arthur's bald spot*

8th January 2012 20:09
Heh! I think Bill is definitely willing! ;)

Thank you!
30th December 2011 21:12
Oh my God, you win at FILTHY! :) And the title and notes... AHAHAHA SO DIRTYWRONG. love it!
8th January 2012 20:10
Haha! I know... I did feel a little dirty drawing this... Arthur is usually so sweet and innocent! LOL :D

Anyway - thank you! :D
30th December 2011 21:35
UNF!! I am lost in a delicious sea of freckles! This is so hot, especially the come dripping down Bill's cock, mmmf.
8th January 2012 20:11
Thank you! :D
30th December 2011 21:39
Guh, that's just so dirty/hot/wrong. Excellent work.
8th January 2012 20:11
Thanks! *g* :D
30th December 2011 22:30
Super hot -- *and* such gorgeous work with the freckles and hair, especially when you were pinch-hitting!
8th January 2012 20:11
Thank you! :D ♥
30th December 2011 23:20
Oh my that is just SO WRONG, I love it. The freckles...guh, I could just roll around in all those freckles. Love Bill's hair and lips too, IDK they are just doing something for me. And of course his cock. YUMMY. Love love love this.
8th January 2012 20:11
Thank you! :D
31st December 2011 00:27
OMG this just...it's too hot for words, I love every bit of it, the freckles, their hair (oh, that hair!!) the expression on their faces, and the come on Bill's cock is just perfect and so dirty, and damn!!!
Thank you so, so much!! And I loved the summary, gotta love me some kinky Arthur :D Canon Arthur never sits completely right with me, cause he did father those children of his, so there's gotta be some wild in him, and I love seeing that, and when I look at this I just think: This is what really happened! This is what JK should've written about! LOL
So thank you, mistery artist, for this lovely gift made of win, it's so damn hot, and dirty, and wrong, and perfect ♥ Wish my comment could be more coherent, but I keep watching this, and imagining Arthur crossing the rest of the names off his list, and I'm afraid it's enough to kill my brain ded.
*goes back to stare at it some more*
8th January 2012 20:14
Yay! I'm so glad you like it! :D

Before drawing this, I never thought I could think of Arthur as... well, dirty and wild, but now I do *g* :D

And who knows, maybe I will end up drawing him and the other six as well! :D

Anyway - thank you!! <333
31st December 2011 01:52 - One Down, Six To Go
Oh, this is just wonderfully hot. I love the cross-gen and look at all those freckles.The shading and Bill's fingers are awesome.

I wish there were more time too :)
8th January 2012 20:14 - Re: One Down, Six To Go
Thank you! :D
31st December 2011 09:12
Not a subject that I'd normally see, but I love the composition and the colours and hair textures.
8th January 2012 20:14
Thank you! <3
31st December 2011 12:32
Love the dirtiness of this. ;) And Bill has really gorgeous hair!
8th January 2012 20:15
Thank you! :D
1st January 2012 08:27
Arthur's bald spot. HIS BALD SPOT!!! This is super-hot, and I love how intently Bill is looking down at what his father is doing. Yum!
8th January 2012 20:15
Haha! I know... I was contemplating whether to do the bald spot or not, but then I thought... oh come on, why not *g* :D

Anyway, thank you! <3
1st January 2012 08:46
Nnnnnngggghhhh....so hot. So pretty. I'm not normally one for parent/child anything, but Bill is so beautiful here, it's no wonder Arthur can't resist him. This is gorgeous!
8th January 2012 20:16
Thank you! :D
1st January 2012 18:16
wrong-but-right. Wow!
8th January 2012 20:16
Haha, thank you! :)
1st January 2012 19:16
Dear Not Mystery Artist To Me,

I have already promised you a monument of some kind. I'm going to buy the materials to make that happen now.

Love and admiration,

P.S.: I love Bil's long hair ♥
8th January 2012 20:16
LOL! Awww, you're sweet. Can't wait to see the monument! ;)))

Thank you! :)
2nd January 2012 07:55
I love Bill's hair, and all the freckles.
8th January 2012 20:17
Thank you! :D
14th January 2012 20:03
Really well done - love the colouring you used, the way the green background pops against the skin tone, their hair, freckles <3 - gorgeous!
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