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Kinky Kristmas Fic: Welcome Home (Sirius/Draco) 
11th December 2010 12:00
Kristmas Wish Fulfilled for: [info]ceredwen
From: A Wonderful Watcher: [info]drachenmina

Title: Welcome Home
Characters/Pairings: Sirius/Draco
Rating: NC17
Kinks/Themes Included: Restraints, Spanking, Orgasm Denial, Wax Play, Blindfolding, Sex Toys, Magic
Other Warnings/Content:
Word Count: 2,000
Summary/Description:It's been nearly a year since Draco saw Sirius. Draco's not even sure if they still have a relationship. But when he unexpectedly gets back in the country just before Christmas, guess where Draco goes first?
Author's Notes:With thanks for the beta to the lovely [info]gin_tonic.

Draco stood at the front door of 12, Grimmauld Place. After all this time, it didn't seem right just to walk in—but damn it, he'd sent an owl. Sirius knew he was coming. And the wards were the same. Irritated, Draco quickly performed the charm that unlocked the door. Hadn't Sirius been listening to anything Draco had told him about security?

The door swung open with a loud creak Draco was quite sure was artificial. He was half surprised Sirius hadn't hung a notice on the door: "Abandon hope all ye who enter here." From what little he'd heard, Sirius hadn't become any less... eccentric in Draco's absence. His heart started to beat a little faster.

The hall was as gloomy as ever, and deserted. Draco frowned. "Kreacher?"

A young-looking house-elf appeared, wringing its hands. "Poppel is sorry you is having to call for him, Master Draco."

"I didn't," Draco snapped. "Where's Kreacher?"

"Kreacher is dead, Master Draco. Kreacher is dying six months ago."

"And your master?"

"Master Sirius is wanting you to go straight down to the basement, Master Draco."

The basement? Last time he'd been here there hadn't even been a basement. Apparently Sirius hadn't tired of that penchant for remodelling the house, dismantling one month what he'd installed the previous one. Draco sighed. He'd just completed a major investigation for the Unspeakables, he'd Apparated Merlin knew how many thousand miles—and on top of it all, he didn't have a bloody clue how things stood between him and Sirius. Suddenly Draco wondered why he hadn't just gone straight to the Manor. "I don't think—"

"Master Sirius is asking that you put this on before you is going down to the basement, Master Draco." The elf handed Draco a strip of black silk so fine that it almost slipped through his fingers.

"A... blindfold?" Astonishing, really. Such a simple thing, and yet Draco now no longer wondered what he was doing here. Letting his cloak fall to the floor—the elf would see to it, and if it didn't it'd be ironing its fingers come morning—Draco bound the cloth round his eyes.

Darkness was absolute; the silk was clearly charmed. Draco's cock stirred beneath his robes.

"You is to be following my voice, Master Draco," the elf said. Draco felt a slight draught as it moved away, and he stepped forward, his mouth dry. All his training screamed at him to tear off the blindfold, to protect himself. He was absurdly vulnerable, and of his own volition. He took another step, and his cock was now fully hard, the fabric of his robes tormenting it unmercifully.

"This way, Master Draco," the elf said.

"Where are the stairs?" Draco's voice was more of a croak.

"Poppel will be telling you when we is reaching them, Master Draco."

Sirius had used more magic on the hallway, Draco realised. He felt like he'd walked half a mile, each step an erotic torture, before Poppel warned him to stop. "You is to go through the door, Master Draco, and down twenty-seven steps. Then you is to stop."

The irony of following a house-elf's orders wasn't lost on Draco as he stepped blindly into the basement.

"Good boy." The merest whisper. It could have been anyone. Draco's cock begged him to touch it, to release some of the pressure. "Three steps forward."

Draco did as he was bid. "Sirius?"

"Take off your robes."

Draco's hands shook a little as he unclasped his robes. It could be anyone there—there might be dozens of people in the room, for all he knew, waiting for him to humiliate himself. His balls drew up, painfully tight, as he dropped his robes in a heap on the floor.

"Good boy. Now kneel."

As Draco dropped to his knees, the floor cold and hard beneath him, he felt the motion of air currents. His limbs tensed, even as he automatically clasped his hands in the small of his back. Strange, how it all came back without him even having to think about it. "S-Sirius?" He could have bitten his tongue.

"It's been a long time, Draco," the whisper continued. Draco thought it was behind him now, but the echoes of the cellar might be playing tricks on his ears. "Have you been a good boy?"

"Yes, Sirius." Damn his voice for making it sound like a question!

"LIAR!" Sirius' rough voice was jarringly loud—but no more so than the thwack of his hand across Draco's buttocks. Draco gasped in shock.

He felt a hand caressing the buttocks it had just assaulted. Knowing this didn't mean the chastisement was over, Draco remained tense.

"Think I don't hear about what you get up to?" No longer a whisper, Sirius' tone was almost conversational. "I hear all about it. Different bloke every night, that's what I hear. Giving it up to anyone who wants it."

"N-no," Draco gasped. "Only you. I swear it." He braced himself, but the slap that followed still made him cry out. Draco fought to remain still, not to tear off the blindfold. "Sirius, you know I don't want anyone but you."

"Liar!" The voice was quieter but the slap to Draco's arse just as hard. "Hands on your head."

That meant there would be more punishment. Draco swallowed a whimper. Merlin, it had been so long. Would he be able to take it?

Thwack . Draco cried out. That hadn't been Sirius' hand. It felt like a paddle. Thwack. He cried out again, the sound verging on a sob. Thwack. His thighs were starting to tremble. Thwack. His buttocks felt hot, and must be turning pink. Thwack. Was pre-come starting to form on the end of his cock? Thwack. Was it already dripping on the hard stone floor? Thwack. The pain was a constant burn now. Thwack. Something warm and wet splashed onto Draco's chest. Thwack. A tear, he realised. Thwack. He couldn't take it, it was too much—

"Filthy little boy," Sirius snarled in Draco's ear. A hand caressed Draco's chest, callused fingers delicately circling one nipple. They didn't pinch. Sirius had made Draco come that way once. He was more careful now.

"Only yours," Draco whispered, more tears falling. He fought the urge to buck forward, seeking contact. His arse was on fire, but his cock, oh, Merlin, his cock. "Please," he begged.

"Please, what?" Sirius taunted.

"Touch me. Fuck me. Make me yours. Please."

A flurry of air as Sirius moved away from him, and then Draco felt himself lifted by a spell. It turned him, until he was lying upon a cushion of air—and then he felt cold leather beneath his back. A sling. Sirius had acquired a sling. Draco shivered.

"Stretch out your arms."

Draco did so, expecting to find chains to grab hold of—but instead, he felt the slither of soft ropes around his wrists. Similar ropes secured his ankles, pulling his legs up in the air. He was helpless, splayed out and vulnerable. Sirius could do anything he wanted, now.

Rough hands parted Draco's throbbing buttocks, and he jerked involuntarily as cold, slippery fingers probed his anus. "How many cocks have you had up here since mine, then? Ten? Twenty? Or so many you lost count?"


"A greedy little arse like this?" Sirius' voice was mocking. "I bet it's had half the Unspeakables up it. Feels hungry enough."

"No one, Sirius, I swear it!"

"I bet it's loose enough to take my broomstick, all the action it's seen while you were away. Maybe I should check that out!"

A wave of something horribly close to nausea rippled over Draco. Sirius wouldn't—would he? He surely hadn't actually gone over the edge this time...

"Just look at that cock of yours, weeping at the very thought."

The tone was soft, amused, and Draco relaxed a little. "Don't want anyone else. Only you," he gasped out. "Give me Veritaserum, you'll know it's true—"

"You're telling me nothing's been up here—" Sirius punctuated the remark with a sharp thrust of a finger to Draco's prostate that had him jerking in his bonds "—since the last time my cock was in it?"

Even Sirius wouldn't expect that level of fidelity. "Only my fingers," Draco said, feeling safe enough now to essay a slight pout. "And that toy you gave me." Which, by the way, was bloody near worn out. Draco had had to Reparo it twice already.

"The one in the shape of my cock?" Sirius asked, sounding amused. "Maybe you don't need the real thing any more."

"Y-I need you!" Draco practically garbled the words in his haste to get them out. "Please, Sirius! Please fuck me!"

There was silence. Blind, bound, the lack of audible cues left Draco panicking. "Sirius?"

"You don't deserve my cock."

"Please, Sirius! I'll be good, I promise!"

"No, you won't. A filthy little boy like you? You'll come the minute I shove it in, won't you?"

The man quite possibly had a point, but it didn't stop Draco babbling denials.

Sirius tutted. "Yes, you will. Sluts like you can't be trusted."

"Please, Sirius!" Draco struggled in the sling, desperate for some contact. His cock was on fire and his balls were achingly tight.

Sirius laughed. "Constricto!"

Draco almost sobbed as he felt something slither around the base of his cock and encircle his balls. As the cock ring tightened, the relief Draco felt was almost an orgasm in itself. Sirius still cared, thank Merlin. Cared enough to stop him disgracing himself.

A muttered spell Draco didn't catch—and then pressure against his entrance. "Yes, yes, fuck me, Sirius, fuck me," he pleaded, the sling cruelly preventing him from pressing against Sirius' cockhead. He moaned in relief as strong hands grabbed his hips, the fingertips digging in painfully. "Yes!"

Bracing himself for a sudden, punishing invasion, Draco sobbed as Sirius pushed in torturously slowly. "More! Please, Sirius!"

The first touch of Sirius' cock to his prostate was almost Crucio-like in its intensity. Draco sobbed again, no longer knowing what he was saying. When Sirius pulled out, Draco wept for the loss—but then Sirius plunged back in with the same cruel lack of haste. He did it again and again, deaf to Draco's pleas of harder, faster, you're killing me.

And then he stopped altogether, only the head of his cock still in Draco's arse.

"SIRIUS!" Draco wailed, beyond dignity, beyond pride. Beyond everything but his desperate need for more.

"What do you want now?"

At least he'd asked. Dear Merlin, he'd asked. "T-to come?"

"Wrong!" It was accompanied by a hefty blow to Draco's sore buttocks. Draco cried out as the slap re-ignited the fire that had been smouldering there. "Try again."

Tears running down his face beneath the blindfold, Draco racked his brains. He didn't know the right answer, he didn't... "You, Sirius! Let me see you!"

"Right answer, babe," Sirius whispered, and suddenly Draco could see again. Sirius gave a vicious thrust that took him deep inside, and at the same time, the cock ring released. Sobbing, Draco convulsed, his arse clenching around Sirius' cock as his balls emptied themselves over his stomach and chest.

Dazed, wrung dry, Draco felt like he was flying as Sirius thrust into him with savage force once, twice, three times—and then stilled, grunting, his handsome, ravaged face contorted in ecstasy.

"Missed you, missed you so much," Draco babbled brokenly as Sirius helped him down from the sling and held him in his arms.

"Welcome home, babe," Sirius said softly, his stubble rasping Draco's cheek. "Merry Christmas."
11th December 2010 19:28
Oh, nice - the idea of Draco walking through the house, blindfolded, is rather tasty :).

I can't find the wax play in there, though?
11th December 2010 20:11
Draco's uncertainty about Sirius' intentions (and stability) was a lovely touch.

Very nicely done!
12th December 2010 07:30
Oh, what a fascinating pairing! I loved your descriptions of Sirius. And what an ending!
12th December 2010 10:23
that was delicious!
12th December 2010 18:34
Eeeeee! My pressie! I have such a soft spot for this pairing, I am so glad you went with Draco.I love seeing what Draco goes through and never being quite sure if this is a game or not.

Also, this made me literally LOL!
The door swung open with a loud creak Draco was quite sure was artificial. He was half surprised Sirius hadn't hung a notice on the door: "Abandon hope all ye who enter here."
That was hilarious!

THANK YOU SO MUCH! I loved the present!
12th December 2010 22:31
Wow, that hit kinks I didn't know I had. Smoking hot!
13th December 2010 02:42
Mmmmm, very hot! Makes me want to imagine all the backstory behind this too. :-)
13th December 2010 21:52
I liked Draco wandering blindfold through the house, and I loved the spanking. I agree with one of the above comments, that it made me want to know the backstory as well. The intimacy at the end was lovely.
15th December 2010 04:59
Very intriguing set up. Draco walking through the house was totally wonderful. And Sirius made a great Dom.
16th December 2010 09:31

And ohhhhhhh again.

So. Fucking. Hot.

Am quite unable to be coherent.

asadjklsdfa. Twice. Possibly three times.

Are you sure you didn't write this for me? ;)
17th December 2010 12:36
Draco's hands shook a little as he unclasped his robes. It could be anyone there—there might be dozens of people in the room, for all he knew, waiting for him to humiliate himself. His balls drew up, painfully tight, as he dropped his robes in a heap on the floor.

That encapsulates the tone of this entire piece, I think. The uncertainly, confusion, fear, arousal, and neediness all at once. Draco's POV is so complex and well done.

Which, by the way, was bloody near worn out. Draco had had to Reparo it twice already.

LOL!! Awesome. XD

Your Sirius is very much the Sirius we see in canon, especially during the OotP period. Commanding, unpredictable, a bit mischievous, intense. Fantastic.
30th December 2010 12:02
I hadn't really considered the brilliance of this pairing. But it was. And hot too.
10th January 2011 15:33
Oh, the uncertainty and the touch of danger here made everything that much hotter!
10th January 2011 20:59
That frisson of unease really made everything that much sharper. I can see Draco being attracted to the slightly-mad Sirius Black.
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