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FIC: Everything He Has to Give (Snape/Lupin, NC-17) 
22nd October 2009 00:28
Title: Everything He Has to Give
Author: [info]r_grayjoy
Characters/Pairings: Snape/Lupin
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: sperm banks (I've taken the "semen kink" interpretation here)
Other Warnings: masturbation
Word Count: 1,000
Summary/Description: Severus doesn't understand the nature of his relationship with Remus, or why he should be the one to inspire such passion in him. [Time period isn't specified, so place it in whatever era you like best!]
Author's Notes: I wasn't planning to write for d_d this month (too swamped!), but this just sort of happened. For [info]nehalenia, for no particular reason. Maybe this will help inspire your Snupin muse? ;) Thanks to [info]eeyore9990 and [info]ragdoll for the once-overs!

Everything He Has to Give

With an unrestrained moan, Remus arches up and digs his nails into Severus' back as Severus thrusts into him again. His head is thrown back, his hair splayed across the pillow, and Severus can see the pulse beating rapidly in his throat. Remus is like this -- all groans and grunts and sighs -- every time they're together, and it always amazes Severus. He doesn't understand why he should be the one to get past Remus' placid façade, to inspire such ardor in him.

They've not been seeing each other for long, Severus supposes. Only a few months. Far longer than any relationship Severus has had before, though. It's the only relationship he's ever had, truth be told, but he's certainly not going to say as much to Remus. Assuming that's even what this is. A relationship. They've never discussed it, and Severus won't ask for fear of what Remus' answer might be. Severus has come to depend upon their liaison more than he likes to admit, even to himself.

"More," Remus gasps, drawing Severus into the present. Severus growls and drives himself harder into Remus. He clenches his teeth and his long hair begins to swing forward and back with his motions. Remus pushes back, meeting him thrust for thrust, taking everything Severus has to give.

Remus' hands slide down to grip Severus' arse, and Remus pulls him closer, urging him on. Sweat gleams on Remus' skin, aiding the slide of flesh on flesh. Severus can feel Remus' cock trapped between them, hard and leaking. So hot. Remus is always so hot, Severus thinks; hot enough to burn. Sometimes Severus feels as though he's being consumed and reborn in Remus' fire.

Now Remus is chanting a litany of nonsense words, and Severus thinks he might be saying something in reply but he's not sure. He can't focus with his blood pounding in his ears. He's getting close. A part of him isn't ready for it to end, but he wants to come, needs to come, far too much to stop now. His eyes squeeze shut as his fingers curl and clench in the sheets.

"Sit up," Remus says.

The sudden, unexpected command is enough to delay Severus, but it confuses him.

"Sit up," Remus repeats. "Come on me. I want it all over me. Want to watch you come for me. Will you do that for me, Severus?"

If Severus hadn't been on the brink before, Remus' words would have surely sent him there. He doesn't think about Remus' request; he simply grants it. Clumsily, he kneels before Remus, barely managing to pull back in time. He grips himself and tugs roughly, once, twice. Heat wells up within him and surges forth. His hips jerk forward and Severus bites his lip to keep from crying out as he comes with such force that the first burst of his fluid reaches Remus' chest.

"Ah, god, yeah, yeah, so good, perfect," Remus says as Severus pours himself onto him. Remus' voice continues to guide Severus through his climax until the last drops have left him. Then, utterly empty, Severus slumps forward.

Raising his head, Severus sees the mess he's made on Remus. Streaks and dots of milky white decorate Remus' skin, crisscrossing old scars in an elaborate pattern. Something about it is strangely beautiful.

Severus is still catching his breath when Remus lifts his hand and runs the tips of his fingers through the spatters on his stomach, moaning softly. He brings his other hand up, and Severus looks on in awe and disbelief as Remus begins to rub the semen into his skin. Remus' palms slide over his chest and stomach and thighs as he absorbs Severus, takes him in, drinks him up greedily.

With his hand still wet, Remus reaches down and grasps himself firmly. He begins to stroke, hard and fast, unmindful of the rhythmic, slick sounds the motion makes. Severus' mouth feels dry. He swallows once. Licks his lips. His cock gives an interested throb even though he spent himself only moments before. A choked noise rises up from Severus' throat and escapes him unbidden.

Remus likely doesn't hear Severus over his own harsh breathing. He pants and gasps as his hips rock up from the surface of the bed, his free hand gripping the edge of the mattress so tightly his knuckles turn white. Abruptly, he freezes in place, every muscle taut, and for a moment he appears to be hanging suspended in time. Then Remus shouts as his body quakes and his spend pulses out of him to mingle with the remnants of Severus' own.

Apparently drained, Remus sinks back into the bed, limbs akimbo. His cock twitches as it softens. Severus stares transfixed at the pearls of fluid dotting Remus' stomach. They're so similar to, yet so different from, those which covered Remus before. Severus reaches out, touches a spot of moisture, rubs it between his thumb and fingers, marvels at the silkiness of it.

When Severus looks up, Remus is watching him. Embarrassed, Severus flushes.

"C'mere," Remus says, stretching out an arm towards Severus, and at last Severus allows himself to fall onto the bed beside his lover. Grabbing his wand from the nightstand, Remus vanishes most of the mess. He turns to face Severus, throws an arm over him, and sighs contentedly.

It's too hot, but Severus has no desire to push Remus away. The room smells of sweat and sex, Severus' skin is sticky, and his arms and legs feel weak. He thinks he should mind, but he doesn't. Tentatively, he raises a hand and traces his fingers along Remus' arm, skimming the fine hairs.

It's strange that, for once, Severus doesn't feel like asking what this all means. He still doesn't understand the nature of his relationship with Remus, or why Remus allows Severus to see this raw, passionate side of him again and again. But he thinks perhaps he's beginning to.
22nd October 2009 04:49
Wow, that was so hot and very well written. Fabulous work!
24th October 2009 13:38
Thanks! I'm a bit rusty, but I think I'm finding my writing groove again. ;)
22nd October 2009 05:14
Wow! O.O So hot! I second [info]sweetmelodykiss so well written I could feel what Severus was feeling and seeing. And I could feel what Remus was feeling even though it wasn't from Remus's POV. Definitely memming this ^_^
22nd October 2009 06:13
Quite sexy, my dear. Happy ending kind of marred by an advert for health insurance, but the actual story part was awesome. I am a big fan of semen, and am delighted to see the subject handled in a way that is more sensuous than 'spunky,' if you take my meaning.
22nd October 2009 06:45
so sexy and hot so so few words, well done
22nd October 2009 07:24
Oh, nice! For as hot as that was, it was also really tender and beautiful. I love the way you've portrayed Severus' uncertainty here, and also the way he starts to open up. The last bit is especially nice. You can totally feel that post-sex lassitude. (And I like your interpretation better than plain old 'sperm bank'.) ;)
22nd October 2009 11:26
Well.... you certainly packed a lot into merely 1000 words. Oh my! I agree with many others - I really 'felt' this, felt each pov. It was visual and sensual and this is really a crap comment because I can't even properly say how... just.. how GOOD it was. I particularly like how unfettered Remus is with Severus, and the way that Severus is still so reserved, almost as though he can't bring himself to be free the way Remus is. Lovely.
22nd October 2009 11:35
Nnnnnnnnnnnguh! Wow.
22nd October 2009 11:52
Oh, that was delicious! Sensual and sexy-I can practically smell it. ;) Great job, my dear.
22nd October 2009 12:39
That was just divine! Thank you so much. What vivid, gorgous imagery.

Whew. *fans self*
22nd October 2009 13:11
*fans self*

I approve of this pwp :D

Go Pron!
22nd October 2009 13:51
Guh. This is gorgeous! I love the confusion for Snape about Remus, and I adore how free Remus is with him. Yum!
22nd October 2009 14:39
wow, so nice, so hot. Severus' thoughts are wonderful.
22nd October 2009 16:31
Very hot!
Well done. :)
23rd October 2009 04:58
Oh, whoa. That was blazing hot! That's how to write a first line! I loved Snape's introspection in amongst all the thrusting. :D Remus was sexy as hell in this. And the sweetness was simply lovely. YAY!
23rd October 2009 07:04
DUDE. This is a pretty awesome take on the kink. And so hot! *rolls around in the hotness*
24th October 2009 02:01
Nnnnnnnnnnnrg! OMG so good to see you writing Snupin again!! *grabby hands* Love the electricity here, the come kink (;aklsdjf), and I really liked the vagueness of the setting! I tend to get so caught up in explaining the setting and how-they-got-there that I forget it can be refreshing to just fuck, and not have to worry about that. I've just slotted it into about five of my favourite canon-ish settings, lalala. :D
24th October 2009 04:37
Guhh. Hot and sensual and intimate.
24th October 2009 13:53
AH, this was so great! I like how Severus is wondering what it all means at the same time it's clear they're so intently focused on each other to the exclusion of many other things. Hotness, yay!
25th October 2009 04:50
thanks for letting me be the fly on the wall! I love the pattern of come spatter and scars, and the penultimate paragraph is really a perfect moment.
29th October 2009 22:45
Wonderful momentary glimpse into their world and relationship! I love how you managed to convey so much to us, without either of them speaking much. An instance where actions speak louder than words, for certain. Which, really, I think Severus would prefer.

Sexy, sweet, and wonderfully hopeful. ;)
1st November 2009 02:40
OMG. This is CRAZY hot. The tension, the touch of dominance, the hot and sticky ending... yum. It's so evocative, too -- all those sensory details make it the next best thing to actually inhabiting Snape's body.

(All that in 1K, and with a MID-COITUS opening, too. Damn.)

As for Remus and his come play...

I'll be in my bunk
4th November 2009 11:52
askdjfas. I always give myself one paragraph on pairings/characters I'm not fond of, because I think it's important to try new things. So I gave one paragraph for this.

Then two. Then three.

Then "dammit, it's OVER, nooooooo". *hrmph* Very good piece, far too short. :DD
25th November 2009 07:00
lore is not here when she should be finishing up something, but she wants to close the tab and the writer did such a good job, especially with the kink and the metaphors!

love, not really here lore
26th December 2009 23:09
Mmm, I like the way that you have both of them with this kink, without necessarily recognizing it!
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