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ART: Captive [DE/Luna/Bella - NC-17] 
23rd February 2010 15:48
Title: Captive
Artist: [info]thilia
Media: Photoshop, Tablet
Characters/Pairings: Bellatrix/Luna/Random Death Eater (maybe Travers?)
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Sexual harrassment, jewelry
Other Warnings: Anal, non-con/rape, uh... yeah.
Artist's Notes: Um... poor Luna? XD
Art Preview:

23rd February 2010 15:17
Fucking hell, I should not like this as much as I do!! Damn, look at the smug look on his face. Great position. Love Bellatrix's attention to that nipple. And Luna's face! Awesome work.
23rd February 2010 15:22
Haha, I know, right? The entire time I was working on this, I was like... Oh god, can I really post this? Should I add some more blood? Will people be squicked??? But hey, the theme's sexual harassment, so it's all good *grins*

Anyway, thank you! :D I'm glad you like it!
23rd February 2010 15:28
Holy shit that's hot! And I usually only enjoy slash :)

Oh, the look on Luna's face, somewhere between pain and pleasure...GUHH! Oh, and I just noticed the tears! Beautiful!
28th February 2010 18:35
Thank you! :D Well, I'm glad I could make you like het ;D I used to be slash only but now... I love het, too!
23rd February 2010 16:30
THIS IS TOO AWESOME. Mmmmm non!con anal --- so delish!

28th February 2010 18:35
Thank you! :D
23rd February 2010 18:14
wow. love it. bella's TONGUE!!! omgsquee! i love pain/pleasure look on luna's face too. it looks like she's trying really hard to hate it.
28th February 2010 18:35
Thank you! :D
23rd February 2010 19:21
OMG dear! Hot as hell!
I loved the guy, but Luna's too, and Bella... oh, Bella!
28th February 2010 18:36
23rd February 2010 21:53
Oh my, that's extremely hot! Well done!
28th February 2010 18:36
Thank you! :)
24th February 2010 01:51
*helpless whimper*
28th February 2010 18:36
LOL <3
24th February 2010 01:52
distubingly beautiful, thilia! all three of them are gorgeous, and have that lust-glazed look. the subtle things are lovely, Luna's tears, the blush on her inner thigh, her rumpled top, Bella's tooth touching her nipple, agh!
28th February 2010 18:37
Aw, thank you! :) I'm glad you like it ♥
24th February 2010 03:45
Poor Luna XD This should not be as hot as it is ...
Great Job, I like the soft luminous skintones and textures.
28th February 2010 18:38
Thanks! ;D
24th February 2010 04:28
mmm... just lovely. luna's tears are perfect.
28th February 2010 18:38
Thank you!
24th February 2010 13:16
GUUUUUHgiruhgdfiouhsdlfiuj He's GINGERRR and has ONE OF THOSE BEARDS!

28th February 2010 18:38
LOL! He does! :D And thanks *squishes*
25th February 2010 00:00
That's beautiful.
28th February 2010 18:38
25th February 2010 16:42

So much love for this, there aren't even words. Just happy squeeing :D

28th February 2010 18:38
Aw, thanks! :D

26th February 2010 14:09
This is amazing! I love the details, the tears on Luna's eyes, Bella's nails, and the smug look on Travers' face. And the background with the red spatter just makes the story more interesting. I love it!
28th February 2010 18:39
Thank you! :)
1st March 2010 00:42
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