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13th Birthday Bash: KLUE! 
13th March 2019 18:52

Welcome to our next pervy party game: Klue! It's like Clue, but with kink!

The objective is simple. Pick any sexual theme you like and combine it with a location and an object from the lists below the cut. Rather than person, place, and thing, it's practice, place, and thing! Any character(s), any kink(s), anything goes!

• Fic must be 200 words minimum; art must be a sketch equivalent.
• Share your pieces in comments to this post.
• In the subject line or at the start of the comment box, list the kink, location, and object used (e.g. "Spanking in the Locker Room with a Beater's Bat") so that we know which prompts you picked.

If we get a good number of entries, we'll have some quick voting for silly awards (best use of prompt and so forth) like we did for Wheel of Fornication last year. :)

An important note for those who don't have InsaneJournal accounts: We keep trying to enable anonymous commenting so that people without IJ accounts can participate, but every time we do, the comm gets hit with dozens of spam bots. Nonetheless, we want everyone to be able to play along!! If you don't have an IJ but want to play, drop us an email (dd.mods at gmail) and we'll enable anon commenting for a day so that you can post. OR email your piece to us so that we can post it for you. OR, if you're interested in starting an IJ, let us know that as well. We have a few spare invitation codes we can give out.

the Eiffel Tower at sunset edible arrangements
a celebration in Hogwarts' Great Hall love letter(s)
staff room surprise party magical re-gifts
Hogwarts' gardens/rose bushes anonymous and explicit greeting card(s)
masked ball/masquerade crudites/hors d'oeuvres
the Tower of London champagne
first Order of Merlin awards ceremony after the war a spool of gift ribbon
Quidditch pitch party horn AKA blowout AKA paper tongue
bonfire celebration Spello-tape
in the bathroom/closet/wardrobe at a fancy party magical party favors/swag bags
an (empty?) office at the Ministry of Magic dress robes
a gathering at the Burrow confetti
a celebration in the Hogwarts dorms (any House) birthday cake and (a lot of?) candles
the Hogwarts Express (party car??) pin the ___ on the ___ game
the Shrieking Shack third anniversary gifts (leather...?!)
Greenhouse 3 balloons

Klue will continue until Thursday, March 28. Be dirty, be creative, and celebrate!

18th March 2019 18:39 - A handjob (before) a bonfire celebration in dress robes (Draco/Albus Severus, R); [Part 1/2]
Title: Expert Tailoring
Pairing: Draco/Albus Severus
Rating: R
Word Count: ~770
Content/Warnings: established relationship, handjob
Notes: Using a random number generator I selected "bonfire celebration" for my place and "dress robes" as my thing. Unbeta'd

Albus suppressed twin sighs of admiration and exasperation the moment Draco walked into the room. There was no doubt his lover cut a fine figure in his expertly tailored dress robes, the midnight blue fabric showing off his trim body to mouth-watering effect. The cut and drape were impeccable, and the rich colour made his fair skin and hair glow like the polished silver buttons that cascaded down the front of the pristine fabric. The dress robes were every bit as gorgeous as the man they were wrapped around.

They were also overkill.

"You do know we're going to a bonfire, not a ball, right?" Albus asked as he stood from his chair, trying not to feel scrubby and under-dressed in his jeans and jumper. They were both designer afterall, and much more suited to an outdoor bonfire celebration.

Draco sniffed. "There's no such thing as being overdressed," he said as he turned to look himself over in the study's large gilded mirror. He ran his hands down the sides of the robes, smoothing out invisible wrinkles, and Albus's chest squeezed with affection. Draco was nervous.

"You don't have anything to be worried about tonight. My family's known about us for months, and it's not like you haven't met them all before."

Albus fought a grin at the scathing look Draco sent his way. "Yes, and that's always gone so well. Old school chums, your parents and I. I can't imagine why they'd object to me fucking their youngest son."

Albus couldn't stop his snort at that. Draco shot him an offended glare, and he hurried to Draco's side, wrapping his arms around Draco's waist. "Of course it took them some time to get used to it, but all they care about is that I'm happy, and they'd have to be idiots not to see how happy you've made me."

Draco made a dubious expression that clearly conveyed just how confident he was that the Potter-Weasley family wasn't filled with idiots. It probably shouldn't have amused Albus as much as it did.

"Oh, stop fussing. They've all promised to be on their best behaviour tonight; it's going to be fine." He gave Draco an innocent look beneath his lashed. "I mean, I can't promise none of them will make fun of your poncy dress robes, but…"

"There is nothing wrong with my robes, thank you very—"
18th March 2019 18:40 - A handjob (before) a bonfire celebration in dress robes (Draco/Albus Severus, R); [Part 2/2]
Albus pushed up onto his toes and cut off Draco's incoming tirade with a kiss. Draco grumbled against his mouth for a moment before throwing himself wholeheartedly into it, sliding a hand into Albus's hair as the other made its way down to squeeze Albus's arse. Albus shuddered.

"You're right," Albus said when the finally parted, looking up into Draco's dark eyes as he ran his palms under the silken fabric covering Draco's chest. "These robes are fantastic."

Draco smirked and then gave Albus's arse another proprietary squeeze that made Albus gasp. "I can't say I'm not partial to these jeans of yours, myself," Draco said on a growl. "Though my robes do offer one significant advantage."


Draco's wicked smile made Albus's heart race and his cock throb. He grabbed Albus's hand and with a tingle of silent, wandless magic, several of his fiddly buttons slid free, providing a hand-sized opening in the fabric right below his waist. Draco guided Albus's hand inside to meet the bare skin of Draco's thigh before moving up until his knuckles brushed against Draco's half-hard cock. Albus groaned as Draco murmured, "Convenient, isn't it?"

"You're not wearing any pants," Albus whispered, reaching out to run his fingers along the velvety shaft, looking down in fascination as the lines of Draco's robes remained unchanged desite the movement within.

"A traditional wizard never does," Dracos said smugly, and then, noticing Albus's preoccupation with the still-smooth drape of Draco's robes, continued, equally as smug, "There's very little an expert magical tailor can't accomplish. What do you think?"

Albus swallowed and licked his lips. "I think that I better get you off quickly before we're late to the bonfire celebration. And then…" He trailed off as he wrapped his hand around Draco's thick length, preoccupied with the weighty feel of it in his palm and the way Draco shuddered with pleasure as he began to move his fist.

"And then…?" Draco prompted with a gasp when Albus failed to finish his thought.

Albus grinned at him. "And then, you need to introduce me to your tailor. I think I'd like to try out some of these magical features for myself."
18th March 2019 20:02 - Re: A handjob (before) a bonfire celebration in dress robes (Draco/Albus Severus, R); [Part 2/2]
I loved this! Draco is so suave and charming, and Albus so cheeky and eager. They make a wonderful pair. Draco's tailor really does make things easier for Albus ;D
18th March 2019 20:55 - Re: A handjob (before) a bonfire celebration in dress robes (Draco/Albus Severus, R); [Part 2/2]
Thank you so much! :)
20th March 2019 20:03 - Re: A handjob (before) a bonfire celebration in dress robes (Draco/Albus Severus, R); [Part 2/2]
Oh, yum! I love how confident Draco is, despite his nerves. And the idea of magical tailors is an interesting concept! :D
21st March 2019 00:48 - Re: A handjob (before) a bonfire celebration in dress robes (Draco/Albus Severus, R); [Part 2/2]
Thank you! <3
18th March 2019 21:41 - Bondage at a Gathering at the Burrow with a Spool of Gift Ribbon (Fred/George/Harry - NC-17) Part 1
Harry knocked on the door to Fred and George’s room. The suspicious clanking coming from within stopped, and moments later the door opened.

“Harry!” George exclaimed delightedly at the sight of him. “What brings you to our humble abode?”

“Tired of sharing a room with Ron, hmm?” Fred asked. “I don’t blame you; you’re more than welcome to join us, although you’d have to share a bed with one of us. Or both of us. We’re easy like that.”

Harry blushed. Over the last few months, the twins had both got increasingly flirty with him, and Harry was too socially awkward to do much other than flush and stammer in response.

“No, Ron’s good. Fine,” he said. “Your mum sent me up to find some gift ribbon. She wants to wrap Victoire’s presents before the party starts, and is blaming the two of you for the ribbon disappearing.”

Fred grinned. “So distrusting, that woman.”

“Although in her favour, I think we did nick it,” George added. “Still, very rude of her to treat her favourite sons that way.”

Harry glanced around the room. The twins lived in their own flat now, but their bedroom at the Burrow had been kept the same way as when they’d moved out--a colourful mess of chaos--likely because Molly wouldn’t know where to start cleaning it.

He noticed a spool of bright pink gift ribbon sitting amongst an assortment of WWW products on the desk.

“Oh, there it is!”

“No, that’s not...no, you’re right, go ahead.”

Harry turned to eye George suspiciously, who was looking utterly innocent along with Fred.

“Is this going to do something to me?” he asked, narrowing his eyes.

Fred clutched his hand to his chest dramatically. “Harry! Have we ever done anything to hurt you? The others are fair game, but you and Hermione are strictly off limits.”

Though the angelic looks of the twins still struck Harry as highly suspect, he did have to admit that they’d never purposely tricked him.

He decided, moments later, he only had himself to blame for being so trusting.

The moment he touched the spool, the ribbons flew around him in a whirlwind, strapping around his wrists, his arms, his chest, his thighs, and ankles, impossibly strong for what was supposed to be gift ribbon.

He stumbled backwards, hitting one of the beds and falling down onto it.

Fred and George appeared over him, looking down with matching grins on their faces.

“Sorry, Harry, we couldn’t resist,” George said, not looking sorry at all.

“And aren’t our beds comfy?” Fred added. “Sure you don’t want to reconsider our offer of you joining us?”

Harry squirmed as he realised, with horror, that he was getting hard.

He’d long had fantasies of being tied up and at the mercy of a lover, but he’d never imagined it happening for real--until now.

Being bound and utterly helpless to two people who looked like they would gladly play with him mercilessly was too much for his poor dick to handle.

And of course, the thing about Fred and George was that they weren’t the kind of people to keep their thoughts to themselves.

“Look George! It appears our little victim is enjoying himself.”

“Shut up,” Harry grumbled, his cheek burning hot.

“There’s no need to be ashamed, Harry,” George said, with a wicked grin. “So you have a thing for bondage? So do we. Only we much prefer to be the ones doing the tying.”

“And after we’ve done the tying, we like to play with our victims,” Fred added. “With their permission, of course. Do you want to play with us, Harry?”

A jolt of thrill went through Harry’s stomach at the thought, and he already knew the answer.

“But your family-”

“Will all be too busy with the party,” Fred said wisely.

“And nobody ever dares to come up to our room, anyway,” George said. “We’ll have plenty of time to drive you mad with pleasure, then get ourselves down to the party like we’ve not been sexually deviant all this time.”
18th March 2019 21:42 - Bondage at a Gathering at the Burrow with a Spool of Gift Ribbon (Fred/George/Harry - NC-17) Part 2
Harry nodded. “Yes, let’s do this. God, why is this turning me on so much?”

“We find it best not to ask questions,” Fred said, waving his wand and ridding Harry of his clothes completely. He took on a startling serious look. “How far are you willing to go, Harry? Hand stuff? Oral? Anal?”

Harry’s stomach jolted again. “A-all of that. All of that sounds good, I mean.”

“Excellent,” Fred and George said together.

“Tell us red, or slap us on the thigh if you need to take a break,” George said, before tapping the ribbon with his wand.

Immediately the ribbon shifted so that Harry’s legs were spread apart, and his wrists were tied to the headboard.

“He makes such a pretty picture, doesn’t he, George?”

“I’ll say,” George agreed. “Do you want his arse or his mouth? Or are we sharing?”

Harry gulped at the thought of them sharing. The idea of them both fucking his arse at the same time was as exciting as it was daunting.

“I don’t think our little Harry is quite ready for that,” Fred mused, patting Harry’s thigh.

“I’m not opposed to the idea,” Harry spoke up.

“Shush, you,” Fred scolded gently, spanking the inside of Harry’s thigh as punishment. “You can take his arse, George, I’m feeling generous.”

“There’s plenty of him to go around,” George countered. “A sassy mouth like his must be brilliant at sucking cock.”

The way Fred and George spoke about him, like an object who wasn’t even in the room, somehow only turned Harry on even more. All he wanted to do was be used by them and please them.

“Oh, before we begin,” Fred said, tapping the ribbon to wrap around the base of Harry’s cock to keep him from coming.

“Fuck,” Harry hissed, eyes falling shut at the sensation. Never in his fantasies had he thought that submitting like this would feel so good.

“I thought we’d told you to be quiet,” George reprimanded teasingly. “Fred, I think you ought to put that mouth to better use.”

Fred came round the side of the bed, lowering his trousers and freeing his cock. It wasn’t especially long, but it was deliciously thick.

Harry opened his mouth, tongue swiping over the head and dipping into the slit. Fred pushed forwards just as George settled between Harry’s thighs and slid a slick finger inside of him.
18th March 2019 21:43 - Bondage at a Gathering at the Burrow with a Spool of Gift Ribbon (Fred/George/Harry - NC-17) Part 3
Harry groaned around Fred’s length at the dual sensation, of Fred’s cock thick and heavy on his tongue, and George’s finger moving inside him. George swiftly added a second finger, and Harry could scarcely concentrate on Fred at the same time.

“You’re distracting him, George,” Fred tutted.

When George added a third finger, and Harry had to stop sucking just to embrace the blissful stretch.

“Well, you know what to do,” George shot back. “Not my fault I’m so good with my hands.”

Fred wound his fingers through Harry’s hair. “Looks like you need a helping hand, hmm, Harry? Keep your mouth open for me like a good boy.”

Fred began to pump his hips forwards, just as George pulled out his fingers and replaced them with his cock.

Harry whimpered around Fred’s cock, the vibrations from the noise causing Fred to groan loudly.

His cock was positively aching now, but he was too helpless to do anything about it. He was too tightly bound, and was being too thoroughly used by Fred and George, to even think about trying to escape the bondage. It was absolute ecstasy.

Fred and George thrust into him over and over, his mouth and arse so full of them. Harry’s mind could scarcely handle the dual onslaught, and settled on simply making him feel like he was floating on cloud nine.

They came at the same time, both moaning as they released inside of him, and it was only then that they finally released the ribbon from his cock. One of them stroked his length, and that was all it took until he was spilling his own release with a cry on his lips.

The ribbon was untied from the rest of the body, but Harry felt too utterly spent to move. The world felt brighter, and he smiled widely as two identical faces looked down at him.

“Enjoying yourself?” Fred asked with a grin.

“I reckon we fucked him to oblivion,” George said. “You good, Harry?”

“Never better,” Harry said, and even his own voice sounded distant. “You definitely did something wonderful to my head.”

“Never would have took you for such a subslut, Harry,” Fred said. “But that’s exciting news for us.”

“Let’s get you some water and chocolate, and we’ll try and get to the party without it looking like you’re still lost in subspace,” George added. “Told you, Fred, we’re too good at what we do.”

Later, at the party, nobody was aware of what had transpired upstairs, and nobody noticed when Harry disappeared with Fred and George again at the end of the night.
20th March 2019 17:06 - Re: Bondage at a Gathering at the Burrow with a Spool of Gift Ribbon (Fred/George/Harry - NC-17) Par
Oh, UNF!!! This was so seriously hot, and I loved how you captured the twins here!
20th March 2019 20:10 - Re: Bondage at a Gathering at the Burrow with a Spool of Gift Ribbon (Fred/George/Harry - NC-17) Par
WOW! This is delicious! I love the little touch of aftercare right at the end, it's nice to see it in a BDSM fic. :)
27th March 2019 11:14 - Drunk sex at a celebration in the Hogwarts dorm rooms, with the champagne (Theo/Draco, R)
He didn’t know how it started. Stumbling along the corridor towards his dorm room, Draco took a deep swig from the bottle in his hand.


He was pulled to a stop, the bottle taken from him. He had enough time to blink blurrily a couple of times before a pair of warm lips connected with his in a sloppy kiss.


Draco’s skin buzzed with the heady combination of lust and alcohol that flowed through him. His head spun as he opened his mouth and pressed closer. Pleasure spiked through him as he felt something hard pressing against his erection.


“Want you, Draco.”

This was new. Theo was new. Draco hadn’t even suspected Theo had leanings his way until the end-of-year celebrations held in the Slytherin common room. ‘One last chance’ and all that rot. He watched as Theo gulped down a couple of mouthfuls of the expensive champagne Draco had provided for the celebration.

“You can have me.”

They staggered, giggling, along the corridor together, their hands grasping and pinching wherever they could manage to reach. Draco’s mind tingled with the knowledge of what he was about to do. And with who. They entered the first room they encountered, not caring whose it was. The bottle thunked down onto the floor, spilling its contents. Draco hardly noticed it. Falling onto the closest bed, he dragged Theo down with him.

They didn’t speak. Draco pulled Theo into a deep kiss as Theo aligned their hips and began thrusting. It wasn’t pretty, or long.

Pressure built rapidly inside of Draco. He spread his legs, allowing Theo to slip his thigh in-between them. His hips jerked as Theo moved on top of him. The friction warmed him as well as sending jolts of pleasure through him. Sweat broke out on his top lip. His nails dug deeply into Theo’s shoulders. His back arched. A loud whine escaped his throat as the world spun around him, tipping him over the edge.

Theo thrust wildly against his thigh a few more times before moaning his own release. He collapsed, completely boneless, atop of Draco. The sweet scent of the champagne flooded Draco’s overloaded senses. His fingers trailed lazily down Theo’s back towards his arse.

“Should’ve done that much sooner.”

“Haven’t had much to celebrate before now.”

Draco smiled as he felt sleep trying to claim him. “We’ll have to change that, then.”
28th March 2019 00:03 - Re: Drunk sex at a celebration in the Hogwarts dorm rooms, with the champagne (Theo/Draco, R)
Oooo, super hot! I have such a soft spot for this pairing and I loved how you captured them here.
28th March 2019 08:32 - Re: Drunk sex at a celebration in the Hogwarts dorm rooms, with the champagne (Theo/Draco, R)
Thanks so much! I don't tend to write them too often, but I really like them as well. :)
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