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Kinky Kristmas 2017: Comment Kink Edition! 
3rd December 2017 12:00
Greetings and welcome to
Kinky Kristmas 2017: Comment Kink Edition!

Our members have made requests for stocking stuffers that would help make their holidays happy -- and kinky, of course! Now you all -- both members and watchers -- have the opportunity to play Santa and fulfill those requests. In the form of comment kink!

How to Stuff Our Stockings:

• Request fills must be a minimum of 200 words (if fic) or a sketch equivalent (if art).
• There is no maximum limit, but remember that long pieces are in no way required. Please don't hesitate to participate because you can "only" write a few words or do a simple sketch!
• Since fills may be short, we're not going to be strictly policing the rating of each piece. Just remember this is Daily Deviant and we want to see some sex!
• Each request may be filled twice -- once by a member and once by a watcher.
• When filling a request, leave it in a comment directly in a reply to the request you're filling.
• When filling a request, note whether you're filling it as a watcher or a member.
• If you are now or have ever been a posting member of Daily Deviant, you'll be filling the requests as a member.
• Prompt claiming is available but optional. What this means is that you need not claim a request in order to fill it, but if it's already claimed by someone else, it's off limits.
• In order to claim a request, comment directly in a reply to the request stating that you're claiming it. Be sure to note whether you're claiming it as a member or a watcher.
• Since we want as many goodies in our fishnet stockings as possible, there will be an expiration date on claims. One week after a claim is made (as per the time stamp on the comment), if the prompt has not been filled, the claim expires and the prompt is open for claiming or filling by someone else. (We'll try to keep track and delete the expired ones, but we may miss a few, so you can just keep an eye on the time stamps.) So if a prompt you really love appears to be taken, remember to check back.
• If you've made a claim that has expired, you may still post a fill in reply to the prompt as long as no one else fills it or claims it first.
• Participants may have a total of two outstanding claims at a time. I.e., you may claim two requests, then when you've filled one, you may claim a third, etc.
• Additional prompts could appear throughout the month depending upon participation levels and demand.
Commenting, interacting, and generally having fun is welcome and encouraged!! Fandom is all about interaction with like-minded perverts people. Let's enjoy some friendly, smutty holiday merry-making! ;D

Got all that? Okay, good! Now...

(Double entendre totally intended, naturally...)
4th December 2017 17:27 - FILL: "Corridor Quickie" - Charlie/Harry [1/2]
Title: Corridor Quickie
Pairing: Charlie/Harry
Rating: NC-17
Words: ~1,050

"Where're we going?" Harry asked as Charlie tugged him out of the bustling Burrow living room towards the stairs. He looked back towards the kitchen as they passed, gesturing towards Molly's frantic figure. "Dinner's starting soon, and you know how your mum gets if everybody's not there."

"Don't worry, we've got time," Charlie replied as he pulled Harry down the quiet, darkened corridor.

"Time for what?"

They rounded a corner, and suddenly Charlie spun Harry around and pushed him against the wall. All the air left Harry's lungs in a soft whoosh, and he barely had time to catch his breath before Charlie was plastered against him, his hands trailing down Harry's arms to grip his wrists.

"Time for this," Charlie whispered against Harry's mouth before leaning in to capture his lips in a kiss. He slid Harry's arms up the wall as he did so, cradling Harry's wrists in his hands, his thumbs pressed to Harry's palms.

Harry shuddered, blood rushing to his head and his groin so fast that he felt a bit dizzy. It was still all so new to Harry, sex and blokes and Charlie. The seeds of it had been planted that first summer after the war, when Charlie moved back to be closer to his family. Something had shifted inside Harry that summer, a new awareness about himself that he'd never fully had time to process before. But Charlie was Ginny's brother, so much older and cooler than Harry, and completely off limits. It had taken another two years for them to get to this point, and though Harry knew Charlie pretty well by now, the fact that he got to touch him whenever he wanted still made Harry's insides dance. Harry wanted nothing more than to drag Charlie back to his flat and spend the rest of the night rolling around in bed together, but they had other responsibilities.

"Charlie, we—we can't," Harry panted as Charlie began to suck at the sensitive skin behind Harry's ear.

"Why not?"

"Because...because we're right out in the open with two dozen Weasleys downstairs. Somebody might come up and see."

"No they won't," Charlie murmured as he ground his hips against Harry's. Harry swallowed a moan as their fabric-covered erections slid together. "We're out of sight of the stairwell. We'll hear them coming before they see. Besides, I don't think this will take long."

"No?" Harry asked dazedly as Charlie pressed his hips forward again, causing pleasure to spark across Harry's skin.

Charlie didn't bother answering. Instead, he took Harry's lips in a savage kiss as he rolled his hips against Harry with serious intent. Harry mewled into Charlie's mouth and did his best to arch into Charlie's thrusts, though, pinned as he was to the wall with Charlie's mouth and hips and hands, Harry didn't have much leverage. He quickly gave up trying to influence the situation, deciding instead to sit back and enjoy the ride.

Desperation clawed at his skin as Charlie's tongue licked into his mouth, his orgasm building already in his gut. He'd never realised how fucking hot it could be, just grinding together against a wall, how the hard, muscled lines of Charlie's body could wind Harry up so quickly. Charlie was going to make Harry come, going to make him come in his pants while his entire family was just a shout away. The thought made Harry's blood boil, made his wrists twist uselessly against Charlie's firm grip as Charlie continued to flex his hips forward with slow and steady precision.

"Dinner time," Molly's voice called out, surprisingly loud despite the fact that several floors and a corridor separated them. Harry's eyes shot open and he stared helplessly at Charlie. Charlie grinned...and didn't stop.
4th December 2017 17:27 - FILL: "Corridor Quickie" - Charlie/Harry [2/2]

"I'm going to need you to come, Harry."


"Come for me, sweetheart, just—"

It was the endearment that did it, setting Harry off like a rocket as Charlie's rock-hard cock nudged insistently against Harry's bollocks. He buried his face in Charlie's neck as he came, spurting into his pants as Charlie's rutting gentled. Slowly, Charlie brought his hands down, massaging Harry's wrists with his thumbs as he kissed Harry's cheek.

"All right, there?"

Harry nodded, feeling loose and sated. "Yeah, but what was that all about?'

Charlie looked a bit sheepish. "It was the bloody game of pick-up Quidditch. You beat me to the Snitch, and all I wanted was to fuck you right there out on the field."

Desire pooled in Harry's stomach at the thought, and he coughed as he looked away. "I don't think your family would have appreciated that much."

Charlie snorted. "Probably not. I was trying to wait until we got back home, but we've got another few hours left at least, and there was no way I was going to make it."

"So you thought you'd tide yourself over with a corridor quickie?"

Charlie grinned. "Pretty much. Though we should probably head back downstairs before—"

"Charlie Weasley it is time for dinner. Come out from wherever you are and bring Harry with you."

Charlie winced and looked apologetically at Harry. Harry sighed and cast a quick Cleaning Charm. He looked down at Charlie's still-hard cock.

"What happened to having enough time?"

"Err...I may have miscalculated."

"And on a scale from 1 to 'spending the whole dinner with every single one of the Weasleys taking the mickey out of me', how much do I look like you just shagged my brains out?" Harry asked as he followed Charlie down the hall.

Charlie flashed him another apologetic glance over his shoulder, though Harry personally thought he looked a little smug as he replied, "Well, your hair is always pretty messy so maybe they won't notice..."

Harry huffed a laugh. "That bad, huh?"

Charlie paused on the stairs and turned to give Harry a heated look. "I'll make it up to you later," he said lowly, the filthy promise in his words enough to send shivers across Harry's skin.

Harry swallowed as the sound of laughter drifted from the dining room. He squared his shoulders, mentally preparing himself for the master-class level of ribbing he was about to endure. He returned Charlie's heated look as he brushed past him, brushing his fingertips along his waistband, eyes lingering on the slight bulge of Charlie's cock. Harry smirked.

"I'm going to hold you to that."
4th December 2017 18:19 - Re: FILL: "Corridor Quickie" - Charlie/Harry [2/2]
Eeeeeeeeeeee, this is glorious! I love this friendly, Weasley relationship situation - both between Harry and Charlie, and Harry and the rest of the family (um, in very different fashions, obviously!). You managed to make it so hot and yet so - real. Gorgeous!
4th December 2017 22:16 - Re: FILL: "Corridor Quickie" - Charlie/Harry [2/2]
I'm so thrilled you enjoyed, lovely! I actually realized after I wrote this that the last time I wrote this pairing was for you during the last DD comment kink...LOL!
4th December 2017 18:27 - Re: FILL: "Corridor Quickie" - Charlie/Harry [2/2]
JESUS. I'm dead over here. This comment comes to you from beyond the veil.

This is exactly what I was hoping for with this prompt and I did a little dance of glee when I saw you were writing for it, because I always love your stuff and this was no exception. I LOVE Charlie/Harry (so here for it and have missed reading them) and I love it when Harry's less experienced, Charlie is confident and cocky (heh) but then Harry still retains his cheekiness (last line being the perfect case in point).

This was so hot and lovely. I want to read it all over again. Thank you so much, darling. Such a scorching hot, festive treat. Even tastier than a mince pie (and I love mince pies). YUM <3
4th December 2017 22:18 - Re: FILL: "Corridor Quickie" - Charlie/Harry [2/2]
Haha, YAY, I am so glad you enjoyed, my dear! I adore these two and you prompted the exact dynamic I love with them, so I had to write it! <3
4th December 2017 18:47 - Re: FILL: "Corridor Quickie" - Charlie/Harry [2/2]
This is so good!!! I love the relationship you set up between them in just a few words, and, god. Charlie calling Harry ‘sweetheart’ is such a thing for me. Both amusing and hot, I loved it!
4th December 2017 22:19 - Re: FILL: "Corridor Quickie" - Charlie/Harry [2/2]
Thanks a bunch, hon! I do have such a thing for Charlie and the occasional pet name, so I'm glad you liked that part. :D
4th December 2017 21:15 - Re: FILL: "Corridor Quickie" - Charlie/Harry [2/2]
Heheh, poor Harry knows just what will happen at dinner. The relationship between the two feels so honest and grown up. Very nicely done.
4th December 2017 22:05 - Re: FILL: "Corridor Quickie" - Charlie/Harry [2/2]
Thank you so much!
5th December 2017 22:54 - Re: FILL: "Corridor Quickie" - Charlie/Harry [2/2]
OMG! I loved this so much!

5th December 2017 23:40 - Re: FILL: "Corridor Quickie" - Charlie/Harry [2/2]
Thanks so much!
8th December 2017 06:55 - Re: FILL: "Corridor Quickie" - Charlie/Harry [2/2]
This is fabulous!!! Guh, Harry and Charlie in the hallway is the hottest image and you totally did it justice. I cannot tell you how much I love that it’s because Harry beat him to the Snitch. That’s perfect for my head-canon Charlie. The dynamic between them was wonderful as well. Hot as hell.
8th December 2017 17:04 - Re: FILL: "Corridor Quickie" - Charlie/Harry [2/2]
Awww, thank you so much, lovely! I'm thrilled you thought I did the prompt justice and that you liked that Harry beating Charlie to the Snitch was what set everything off. <3<3<3
9th December 2017 10:00 - Re: FILL: "Corridor Quickie" - Charlie/Harry [2/2]
AJHDJJSBJD this is so hotttt!!! OMG, just, all of this is incendiary. Charlie dragging Harry away, the rest of the Weasleys being right there, Charlie needing Harry to come (!!!!). Guh, so good!
9th December 2017 16:26 - Re: FILL: "Corridor Quickie" - Charlie/Harry [2/2]
Thanks so much!!! <3<3<3
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