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Art: A Most Intimate Kiss 
13th September 2017 09:59
Title: A Most Intimate Kiss
Author: Akatnamedeaster
Characters/Pairings: Severus Snape/Sirius Black
Rating: Hard NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen: Rimming
Other Warnings/Content: Explicit close-ups, bodily fluids(saliva, jizz)
Summary/Description: As it says on the tin.
Author's Notes:*sigh* I had meant for this to be my Magnum Opus of analingus but I ran out of steam. You can track where I was super gung-ho and where my motivation started to sputter. Meh. Hopefully it still gets across my erm, enthusiasm for this kink. (Personally, I really like how that third "panel" came out.) ;)

13th September 2017 14:32
Wow, Kat, that's amazing! I love the softness of the colors you used. The detail is incredible. It's so intimate and dirty both at once, which is one of my favorite things. Gorgeous!
18th September 2017 23:37
Thank you, bb, rimming is in my top 5 for kinks and I really wanted to portray it in a really detailed and intimate way. Glad you enjoyed it. :)
13th September 2017 14:48
UNF! Seriously hot! I love the softness of the colors and lines here, makes me think of early mornings and the sweet style is in glorious contrast to the debauchery of all that rimming goodness! :)
18th September 2017 23:38
Thank you, I love dirty/sweet things. Not all romance need be vanilla. :)
13th September 2017 16:02
Um, yeah, OK. Er.... *ahem* Yes, lovely. Love the softness and the shading and the composition and and the subject matter, and... yes. Definitely yes.
18th September 2017 23:38
Hehe, that sort of response is always gratifying! ;)

15th September 2017 15:38
I'm impressed. O_O I could stare at them for hours.

There is not only so much intimacy in this, you managed to show a wealth of tenderness and passion - and hot sexiness. ^^

Thank you, dear kat!
19th September 2017 00:19
Thank you, sweetness. I love smushing together the explicit and sweet. :)
15th September 2017 17:52
I am so bad at making sensible comments about art because I just tend to go "OMG that's hot" and I especially love the naked Sirius near the bottm. And his bottom. And left foot.
19th September 2017 00:28
Thank you, hon and never worry about making sensible comments. I remember a time when keyboard mashing was a thing! ;)
16th September 2017 00:29
*falls over* This is stunning -- seriously some of your best work. I love the soft textures and colors, and it's SO HOT.
19th September 2017 00:46
Thank you, after all those years of fairly cartoony art, I'm trying to develop a more painterly style that makes full use of color without taking forever.

Well, that and rimming, I really wanted some explicit rimming.
16th September 2017 01:13
Oh yeah I am SO glad you finished this. :D
19th September 2017 00:50
Thanks, me too! :)
16th September 2017 05:03
This is hot. The colouring here is just beautiful, as is the soft texture to it. And that first and third panel!!!!!!! I love it.

*IJ's being an ass with OpenID, but this is snax0.
19th September 2017 01:36
Thanks, boo! I was at pains to get the feel of soft flesh across. (The 1 and 3rd panels are my faves too. Who knew a bunghole could be so fun to paint?;)
16th September 2017 10:58
19th September 2017 02:00
17th September 2017 13:37
Holy shit, Kat!! This is so, so good. I absolutely love the contrast of the soft and almost dreamy colour palette and the explicit sex. It's a gorgeous juxtaposition and you've really captured the intimacy between them. I just love it. What a fabulous piece. Much kudos.
19th September 2017 02:01
Hee! Thanks so much, I'm a huge fan of the filthy coupled with the profane. They live very happily together.
19th September 2017 01:42
Oh wow, you DID warn me! Beautiful drawings, Kat! And I'm so happy to know that Sev takes a good long bath prior. Erm... Right? Although Sirius is kind of a doggy and they don't seem to have much discernment around crotches... LOL All my wobbling aside, this is really lovely work. <3
19th September 2017 02:00
Ya got the boys crossed there. In any case, that's what cleaning spells are for. Must be great being a wizard. ;)

19th September 2017 02:55
LOL - god - I didn't even look at their faces! Hahaha, all I could see is that little pink donut.
24th September 2017 18:37
Wow! That is amazing.
30th September 2017 22:31
Thanks! This one was a ball to work on. :)
6th October 2017 21:18
Gorgeous! I love the soft greys and the fleshtones are absolutely stunning. Great work - You excelled yourself, and that's saying something!
9th October 2017 16:46
Thank you, I find myself settling into a painterly style and this is a good example of that. :)
26th November 2017 18:15 - A Most Intimate Kiss
Wow, this is stunning. The soft tones work beautifully. I do not see where any talent began to sputtered out.

Severus' birthmark is perfection as always.
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